conflict with dad

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"One to be a murderer, the other to be martyred

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"One to be a murderer, the other to be martyred.
One to be a monarch, the other to go mad."

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They couldn't escape the elevator fast enough once it stopped at their designated floor, a light ding signalling their arrival, the siblings tumbling out of the cramped space for much-needed air.

They walked out into what looked like a bar; a circular room that descended lower in the middle by a few steps. Above the steps was a sign that was meant to look worn-out and made from wood that read, 'Tiki Lounge'.

Reginald Hargreeves – the same man who wore nothing but three-piece suits and a bloody monocle – wants to meet for a secret, important meeting in a goddamn tiki lounge?

"All right, when Dad gets here, I'll do the talking, got it?" Five said, taking charge and walking forward with confidence.

"S'fine with me," Thea muttered, looking towards the bar with interest. The less she had to speak to their father the better, in her mind.

"I've got a few questions for him myself," Diego butt in and Five sent him a glower.

"Well forget it. We don't want to scare him off, alright? He might be able to help us stop doomsday – to get us home."

Thea watched Klaus head straight to the bar and followed suit, ignoring Diego's argument behind her. She leant over to peek at what concoction her brother was making and blinked at just how...colourful it was. 

A blend intended to intoxicate, alright. Sign me up.

"Want anything, sis?"

She hummed, "Surprise me."

He nodded and began creating her own monstrosity of a drink, Thea watching his face closely for any signs of distress. She pursed her lips and came to a decision.

"Klausy..." she whispered, getting his attention. He paused in shaking the metallic cylinder and blinked up at her. 

"You know, if you wanted to get drunk...really drunk, just for today, I wouldn't mind. Maybe it would help to take your mind off of things, just for a while."

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