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Tylil Reed Moore🏙Harlem, New York

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Tylil Reed Moore🏙
Harlem, New York .

I stood by the door watching Demon arguing with Pissy boy as she got out his car

she was being mad shady about some shit that I had nothing to do with

I'm about to fight everyone no cap

respectfully I haven't been worried about anyone except for Zahnay for the last week

"move Tylil," she sucked her teeth trying to walk past me

I didn't even respond I just pulled her to the side of the building walking toward the park

"you do too much why you acting so dayroom, that's ya boyfriend now?" I asked scrunching up my face

"it's not even like that"

"so what it's like because I'm not Siah"

she sat there looking the other way trying to get her words together

"I don't want to be around him and he's mad at some shit we both contributed to!" she began to rant

"whatever bro. I haven't seen you in a minute so come chill wit me for they, I got some shit to take care of," I told her pulling her off the seat

she pushed me off laughing as we went to get my car connecting her phone to the Bluetooth

I turned my head putting my hand on her chin

"you gotta stop hiding shit from us we ya people's now"

"Okay what are we doing?" she asked getting to the point

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