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Siah Amari Miller🌉Harlem, New York

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Siah Amari Miller🌉
Harlem, New York.

"so y'all think that quick I'll let you off that easy remember the night ya' lil niggas stole from me," Q ranted hitting the table

how could we forget... dickhead

Tylil held his laugh in clearing his throat before speaking up

"that ain't have shit to do with us," he responded

"I caught y'all on the VIDEOTAPE. dancing in front of the camera you just don't give a fuck, should've killed y'all!"

I rolled my eyes getting a text as I shrugged it off

"aigh bro so what the fuck we here for," I interrupted him sitting up

"because of that attitude shut the fuck up. lemme ask you sum, what's your lil girlfriend's name?" he chucked sitting down

I gritted my teeth knowing who he was talking about

"she got nothing to do with the shit that goes on in here," I mumbled

"I been seeing her around with that Pierre nigga, lil nigga an opp he working for some niggas I used to fuck wit," he told us

"the fuck you mean?"

"exactly what I told you Siah I'm trying to help you out. last girlfriend he had shit didn't go well he might just be tryna get back for his mans"

I knew something was off about him

I huffed taking my phone out hearing something slide across the table

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