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excuse any mistakes.

I promised an update for today😣

school been kicking my ass literally

these bum ass teachers gonna make me black on them

wyd this weekend?

⚠️lemme pyo: Watch 'Ratched'

if you haven't read Trust go handle that miss ma'am.

BEFORE WE START: Thank you to my frennnn versace-draco for writing half of this😤!! much love. better not change her name again

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Dimoni Walker🗽Harlem, New York

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Dimoni Walker🗽
Harlem, New York.

I looked in the mirror, staring at my face, seeing the bruise that was starting to form. I looked at him, seeing he showed no sympathy nor emotion for what he just did to me

"yo, what's ya problem?" I asked, feeling tears start to stream down my face

"nothing," he said chuckling.

I was getting an urge to hit him back, but I was scared

"you mine, you steady texting that nigga" he said, looking at me.

I scooted closer to the door, attempting to feel
for my phone

I just stood there, quiet. I was unsure what to do in this situation

"now you ain't got shit to say. see bitches like you be needing a lil beating to straighten yall out word 2." he said

I wasn't listening to him, I was too busy focused on my face

there was a dark purple circle forming around my face. this wasn't just a small bruise, he gave me a black eye.

"yo listen to me when I'm talking to you!" he yelled, grabbing my face.

I never saw this side of Pierre

I looked at him, with tears in my eyes, hoping he was just going through something right now.

he pulled my face to him, kissing me sloppily, and as much as I wanted to pull back, I couldn't

I kissed him back, feeling his tongue exit my mouth and attach to my neck

he was sucking on my neck, I'm sure there were hickeys

his hand left my face trailing down to my legs, before I felt him rubbing my clit through my pants

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