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Alois POV

"Alpha ?" The voice of one of my warrior captains interrupted my very appropriate thoughts of the girl in front of me.

"What now ? " The annoyance clearly seeping into my words. I couldve sworn I mindlinked EVERYONE not to interrupt me unless the packhouse is burning down or someones died .

"My apologies for interrupting you its just theres someone here to see you sir ..." He interrupted me for THIS they could have waited

"This late ? They could have waited, Have Demetri Set up A meeting for tomorrow morning . Don't interrupt me aga-."

" Its the Alpha of the Crimson Rose Pack sir." He interrupts

Under normal circumstances his tongue would have been ripped out of his mouth for interrupting me twice, however given the situation...

I stood up properly looking around the room ,

Where is it ?

I felt my blood boil as that wretched name was said.

My eyes fell onto the bookshelf carefully to scanning for any slight changes .

None, So its still there..

"Where ."

"Don't leave this room please." I told A confused looking Rayna before leaving the room.

I open the door seeing Alex and Louis Standing with there ears at the wall.

I shook my head "Perverts." They jumped caught red handed

"Alpha Hudson is here and I have no idea why , Take Louis and guard my office door, Rayna is inside. If anything at all happens you are to link me immediately ." I told Alex before heading down the stairs.

It'd be faster if I went in my wolf form instead of driving I Thought to myself before shifting and heading towards the packhouse. I had been running for about 5 minutes when the pack house had come into view.

The familiar scent of Alpha Hudson hit me like A truck as I resisted the urge to bust in wolf and all and just tear him to shreds.

I took A deep breath before shifting back, two of my warriors already having clothes for me to throw on.

I walked in putting my hair into a rubberband.

"You better have A good fucking reason for coming here when you know you're not welcome, not only have you showed up unannounced but it's also almost the middle of the night . " I spat out glaring at the man In front of me .

He cheekily grinned tilting his head

"What an awful way to treat your guest Alpha Black , but then again I guess not just anyone can earn the title of the Steel Alpha." He spat out the last part throwing his head back on the couch.

Alpha Ron Hudson.

He was my height with Dark brown hair Green eyes and A scar across his left cheek , He was 26 only 4 years older than me

For years growing up it was always me ,him and Demetri. We were inseperable.

At least we were until that happened...

"Cut the cr-"

'A...ois Ple..se '

I froze, my blood running cold as the sound of my mates distorted voice filled my head.

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