The Morning After

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Rayna POV

       His face buried into my neck inhaling before dragging the tip of his nose across it making me shiver. 

He growled softly his arms wrapping themself firmly around my waist pulling me into him. 

"AHEM." Someone coughed making my head turn to the island where 2 of the 4 boys were sitting, the other two at the table.

"So Alois you just gone fuck her in front of my eggs like that ?" A now shirtless Louis says stabbing at his eggs his mouth wide open.

When did He lose his shirt ? 

I looked around noticing I was the only one  besides Demetri with A shirt on .

And judging by the death grip on my waist

 I wasn't the only one who noticed.

I felt my face heat up as A low growl made it's way up Al's body making the other 3 freeze Demi however continuing to Eat.

"Last person to put on A shirt has to buy groceries for the main packhouse." Alois calmly said though I could hear the smirk on his face 

Jax,Louis and Alex wasting no time running off assumingly to put on clothes.

Demi however continuing to shove A piece of waffle in his mouth. 

"Now Alois , You know no matter who loses Louis is still going to pay ." He says pouring more syrup on his plate

Al chuckles under his breath before picking me up and sitting me on the island and sitting in the chair under me .

I reached for his hair running my hands through it and scratching his head. 

His head leaned into my hand as his foot slightly tapped on the floor 

the gesture making a soft giggle come out 

He looked like thumper in that one scene from bambi 

He leaned back more so his eyes met mine .

"You're Adorable Angel." 

The words he spoke caught me off guard as he spoke with A wide smile .

I felt my face getting hot as Scar ran in circles in my subconscious and Chi gagged 

He pulled my face down giving me A quick peck before continuing to talk to Demitri .

As I found myself lost in my thoughts I found myself getting flood by the images of last night. 

How did Kyle's Necklace get here ?

Why was it here ?

Is Kyle Okay?

What was up with that voice from last night ? 

Unlike scar and Chí this voice sent chills down my spine .

I must've subconsciously shivered because soon I was picked up and pulled into Al's lap.

"Are you cold ? " He asked wrapping his arms around my body and pulling me into his chest.

I shook my head placing my hand on his chest tracing the symbol

 the feeling of his heart beat under my hand calming mine.

I took A deep breath looking at Alois who's eye's seemed to be glazed over.

"I need to tell you something." I started, fidgeting with my fingers

No response

I poked his cheek before looking towards Demi who also seemed to be out of it.

I sighed in frustration looking for something to hit Alois with

I finally get the will power to tell you something important without you having to ask  and you get caught up in Lala land.

I think bitterly to myself A slight pout making its way onto my lips 

My head turning to Demitri who seems to be in A similar state 

catching my eye however was A symbol similar to Alois's on his upper arm.

his having the symbol for 'Earth' 

Does that mean everyone on his "Team" has the symbol?

I'll Have to ask him about it later.

I sighed thinking about the necklace.

I wonder if it's still in the room ? 

I slowly got up .

Alois must've been deep into whatever he was thinking about because he went right back to how he was even though he knew I had left .

I walked up the stairs heading to his office. The slight smell of blood still lingering.

My nose scrunched up 

There was almost no trace of the broken glass from yesterday 

I sighed to myself

I shouldve known they wouldn't have just left it there, let me go back and ask Al where it is.

But first

I went into My room grabbing my phone off the dresser . 

No missed calls or text 

Not surprising though since my only friend besides Alois is Alex who's friends with Al and Kyland wh-

I unlocked my phone texting my brother.

Kyle are you okay ? 

I felt myself getting anxious as minutes passed and The text hadn't been opened .

Maybe he's busy Ray Calm down 

I thought to myself trying to calm down. 

Within minutes my phone buzzed immediately drawing my eyes to it .

An Unknown number?

" Im coming "

The words made me freeze

Whos is that ?

What do they mean they're coming ?

I bit my lip hard clenching the phone in my hand trying not to panic . 

It was probably just the wrong number. 

I sighed in content deciding to go with that conclusion. 

Before my phone buzzed again


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