Call A Meeting

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Rayna's POV

    "Theres someone I want you to meet." 

Someone I want you to meet 


Nope, No matter how many times I replay it in my head he definitely said Someone .

So who the hell are all these people. 

In front of me were A gathering of people , their was at least 75 people here . 

Wearing matching black fitted tee's and cargo khaki pants , A black belt around their waist snuggly except for a few in the front row who's belts were grey . They had on Black combat boots and they stood with their hands behind their backs. 

"Saundi !" Jax who was dressed in regular clothing yelled as all of the people behind him moved their hand to where it was placed over their chest.

"Welcome Luna ." They spoke in unison . 

Their voices ringing throughout the hall. 

I stood shocked as Alois gripped my hand in his for support.

I began to turn to look towards Alois when he leaned towards my ear . 

"They're our packs 'Special Forces' , Jax is their Colonal , He's ahead of their training and organizes as well as supervises almost all of their missions ." He explains. 

"Since Im their Alpha Im so to speak the 'General' Which means the final says come from me , since your my mate . They now also fall under your command ." He finishes standing back up straight. 

Under my command ? I can barely lead myself but here he is telling me I have the life of all of these people in my hand . 

"Will the Commanding officers of each division please step forward." Jax speaks as the 3 people with grey belts step forward.  

There were 2 Guys and 1 Girl . 

" Canden Barnwell , Age 32 , Commander of Unit Division 3." The first guy started . He was shorter than Al , maybe 5'10 . He had Darkskin and his head was mostly shaved . He didnt look his age at all , I would have probably guessed maybe 24 . 

"Damien Goulding , Age 26 , Commanding Officer of Unit Division 2." The next guy states . 

He had silver hair and dark brown eyes . He was around the same height as Canden . He had A sleeve tattoo of A dragon that wrapped around his left arm . He looked his age definitely but something about him felt kind of off. 

"Layla Black , Age 19 , Commanding Officer of Unit Division 1. " The girl says , she says looking back and forth between me and Alois. 

She was shorter than the others but definitely not tiny, maybe about 5'6 . She had short dark hair that stopped at her shoulders as if she had cut it and brown eyes . She was really pretty and the youngest of the officers , but disregarding that, what caught my attention the most was her last name . 

I looked at At Al who was practically glaring at the girl who despite the scorning face stuck her tongue out at him . 

Yup.. they have to be siblings 

I looked out into the sea of people as they all looked at me expectingly and Its like all the weight in the room had suddenly fell on my shoulders.

I took A step forward trying to think of what I should say. 

Come on Rayna , get it together 

 I gave A small wave to the group in front of me . 

"My name is Rayna Artegío , I may be your Luna now but please feel free to drop the formalities . I hope I can live up to you all's expectation of me and I swear to do my best by Alpha Blacks side to continue to lead the Silver Knights pack in the right direction." As I spoke it was like the weight pressed onto me more and more .

The silence carried on after my mini speech and I begun to get worried until A voice broke the silence .

Did I do okay ? 

"YEAHHHH WE LOVE YOU LUNA ." Jax yelled from the front as everyone joined him with cheers and wide smiles on their face . 

It was like A weight was lifted from my shoulders , A small smile coming to my face .

Alois squeezed my hand comfortingly as he looked down at me , feelings of pride swimming in his eyes. 

I could do this . It felt like With him at my side I could do anything ..

Chi and Scarlett who were having the time of their life in my subconscious ushered their congratulations as Alois turned his head to me . 

"They're waiting on you ." He whispered nudging his head towards the group in front of me

What does he mean ? 

I tilted my head slightly before  he started again . 

"You have to dismiss them ." He said with A playful grin on his face . 


Dismiss them ? 

I cleared my throat looking out at all the faces, 

I hope that one day I can meet them all 

"You all are dismissed . " I said as slowly the crowd began to disperse . Talks of their new Luna spreading throughout them . 

Jax and the girl I now knew as Layla making their way over to us . 

"You did so good Ray!" Jax said throwing his arm over my shoulder which earned A low growl from Alois. 

"Ill kill you ." He said with A straight face staring down Jax

"Ah Luna , The big scary beast is threatening me again." Jax said bending down and hiding behind me making me laugh .

Al who was about to say something backhanded I'm sure, was interrupted by a smack on the back of his head as The dark haired girl layla grabbed his ponytail stepping on his foot consistently . 

"You dumbass , would you PLEASE explain to me why I had to meet my sister in-law through this fucking ceremony when me and mom have been trying to meet her for the longest , you've just been keeping her hidden away from the world like you don't have to share her ." Al growled at her his Alpha side clearly making an appearance however his sister not budging . 

"Growl at me again and I promise the next time you wake up it'll be with Charm in your bed." She said glaring back at him 

Charm ?

Like if that name were taboo all the color drained from Al's face as if he had seen A ghost .

"I'll never understand how you can defeat 100 S level wolves by yourself but you're afraid of A snake thats half your size ." Jax adds in from behind me .

Al quickly gets defensive and begins bickering with Jax who looked like he was about to get A head start on running .

I turned my attention from the two fighting children to Alois's sister who was smiling at me with her hand out . 

"Now that that's out the way , Hi ! Im Layla ." she said , as I reached out to shake her hand

Instead I was pulled into A hug. 

I was A bit shocked at first but quickly returned the favor . 

"Rayna , but you can call me Ray or Isa ." I said as we pulled away . 

I thought back to A few seconds ago when she was practically about to spar with Al .

"Im not sure if its too soon but if you don't mind could I ask you something ?" I started 

She grabbed both of my hands in hers smiling widely . 

"Of course I don't mind, Whats going on ?" 

I leaned closer to her being careful not to talk too loud. 

"Well if we're being honest I was wondering....

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