You can do what ?

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Rayna's POV


I was knocked down by Layla for the 7th time today. 

We were training again and she'd said I had gotten better but I was still pretty weak .

She had brought us frozen water bottles saying that by the time it was time for A water break it should be melted.


Neither of us expected the sun would be behind clouds for the whole day

I groaned laying back on the ground my eyes fixated On a small patch of white flowers near my head . I picked one twisting it in between my fingers.

"Note to self : don't leave water to Layla." I said holding the almost completely frozen water in my hand 

Wait , cant I just melt it ?

I had gotten better at controlling my powers , so as Long as I was careful not to get caught I could do it.

Cold water here I come !

I thought to myself slowly heating the bottle in my hand. 

I have to be careful or I might melt the bottle

I took A sip of my water sighing in relief. 

I turned my head towards Layla who stared at me intently 

"Hey Rayna?"

There's no way she saw me .

"What's up ?" I responded before downing the rest of my water.

She put down her bottled water before speaking 

"You're an elementalist aren't you ?" 




I choked on my water spilling it down my shirt .

"What are yo- why do you say that ?" I asked gripping the bottle in my hand 

She couldn't have seen what I just did , so how does she know ? What gave it away?

"Based on your immediate defensiveness I must've hit the nail right on the head ."  She continued with a light laugh. 

"Well for starters you noticed that patch of flowers near you? Those are enchanted ,  I can tell you're fairly new to this as well because you weren't able to sense the magic covering them , so assuming you were trying to hide your powers , that gave you away." She continued looking at me .

I was shocked and I didnt know what to say , should I still try to deny it ? 

Layla isn't dumb by A long shot  so denying it would be pointless but maybe I could still give it a try ?

"Don't tell Alois." I stated looking her in the eyes. 

I wanted to tell him everything on my own accord . 

She looked at me confused for A second before sighing and saying yes. 

"So do you guys have anymore random enchanted things I should know about ?" I asked facepalming

She laughed before saying something that shocked me

"That should be the only thing . The only reason this was was because I was curious about you ." She said with A playful smirk on her face 

"What do you mean ?" I asked 

"Well, My brother is definitely your mate, but humans and supernaturals can't be mates , thats something that only happens in those human teen fictional novels ." She starts making me giggle at her expression of discomfort . 

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