Date night

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Rayna's POV 

    "Now you have to kiss it better ." I could hear the mischief in his voice as the words left his lips. 

I leaned forward placing my lips against his ice cream that was now melting turning around . 

"Hey I said you wounded me not the ice cream !" He whined behind me 

I fought the urge to laugh 

 He's like A child sometimes I swear.

"Oh? Then where should I kiss ?" I turned back to him tilting my head.

He pulled me to him, his arm snaking around my waist . 

"How about here ." He smiled playfully puckering his lips . 

I rolled my eyes giving him A quick peck on the lips . 

"Nope , for all the damage you did to poor ole me I deserve more than that ." He said matter-of-factly 

I turned my attention back to my icecream continuing to lick it as I walked towards the edge of the water Al trailing behind me .

"Hey ?" Alois said making me turn around . 

His lips crashed onto mine his arms steadying me from falling . 

I felt myself getting lost in the kiss as the hunger he poured into it swallowed me whole. 

I deepend the kiss as we both fought for dominance . 

A low growl escaped his lips as he bit on my lower one. 

He won , taking that time to use his tongue to explore my mouth .

He pulled away and kissed my cheek us both slightly out of breath. 

"Ha.. you're right yours is pretty good." He said his face wearing A goofy grin . 

I looked at his now swollen lips , mine im sure equally swollen if not more .

I felt the heat rising on my face as I looked away from Al who's gaze seemed to see into the deepest parts of me no matter how hard I tried to resist. 

He grabbed my hand to stop me from walking and used his finger to tilt my head up . 

"Come on princess,  don't go getting all shy on me when you just seemed to be enjoying yourself so much." His thumb trailing over my lip  as he spoke .

I looked over his face , those eyes that I cared for  so much filled with love, adoration , pride and hunger. 

As much as I tried to deny it , I'm sure my eyes shared some of those same emotions 

I searched his face for any form of malice, resentment, anything to show their was underlying feelings but I came up short handed.

I teared up, his once relaxed face turning into one of worry .

"Angel Im sorry did I scare you ? You don't have to feel forced into anything , we can stop now ,you don't have to do anymore , Im so-." 

I pulled him to me, dropping the cone in my hand onto the sand as I pressed my lips to his gently to end his ranting . 

I couldn't help the smile that came onto my face as I kissed him . 

He's all mine. 

I wrapped my arms around his neck as he picked me up deepening the kiss . 

My legs wrapped themself around his waist as he slowly walked us towards the blanket we had set down . 

Laying me down he leaned down placing gentle kisses down my neck and shoulders. 

My breath caught in my throat and I felt him smirk against my skin .

He sucked and continued the assault on the sensitive spot on my neck. 

Kissing down to my cleavage , he looked up at me as if asking for permission but I couldn't bring myself to speak with my current state. 

I nodded as he slipped my dress straps down pulling the dress over my head. 

I nervously looked away from him , not wanting to see his negative reaction to my body . 

He leaned down to my ear his breathing slightly ragged. 

" Angel...why are you hiding from me ?" He asked , I couldn't look at him right now

"Not budging ? Maybe this will change your mind A bit ." He stated smugly . 

I wasn't sure what he meant . 

Until I felt him . 

He put my leg on his shoulder ,leaving soft kisses up my thigh . 

Feeling him getting dangerously close to my lower half my breath caught in my throat . 

He smirked against my inner thigh leaving bite marks all over my legs . 

His fingers trailed up my waist making their way to my chest , he put his had into the bralette twirling my nipple between his fingers. 

I whined trying my hardest to hold back my moans .

"You're usually so vocal angel , what happened ? Is something distracting you?" He asked mockingly . 

I arched my back slightly as he left soft kisses along the line of my panties . 

How can it feel so good when he's barely touching me ?

I bit my lip reluctantly 

"Oh ? Not budging ? I won't do anymore until I hear you say it." He licked over my panties making A soft moan slip 

He laughed lightly teasing me by tugging at the hem of my panties with his teeth. 

"That was cute angel. Could you make that sound for me again ?" He growled against me his lips slightly vibrating against the thin fabric that separated his lips and my lower . 

He moved up flicking and sucking on my nipples with his tongue .

I couldn't help the shiver that went through my body , soon my soft moans drowning out the sound of the ocean that was only A few feet away. 

He smiled against my skin , his fingers trailing down to my panties playing with the fabric. 

"Look at you Angel, you're listening so well. I think that deserves A reward , don't you ?" He asked continuing to leave hickeys all over my chest. 

Unable to respond I weakly nodded as he pulled away moving back to my lower half. 

His tongue drew circles on my inner thigh as my toes threatened to curl 

He's driving me Insane . 

He looked up at me , A look In his eyes I had never seen before . 

"Now Angel.... why don't you beg for what you want ."

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