Date night Pt 2

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Rayna's POV

   The heat immediately rushed to my face and I couldn't even imagine how I looked right now . 


As if my words challenged him he smirked against my skin . 

He placed soft kisses on my inner thigh getting dangerously close to my sex .

A certain spot making me take A deep breath . 

He sucked on the spot making me whimper my breathing getting ragid. 

The sound drawing his attention as he stopped his assault to look up at me through my thighs. 

"I can hear your heartbeat speeding up princess. Not to mention this sex of yours is practically begging for my attention." He said as his fingers grazed the fabric of my underwear. 

"Why dont you just tell me what you want princess? Though watching you try to hold out is quite amusing I must say ...Your eyes are telling me you want A bit more than just this ." He slipped his finger under my underwear slightly tugging at them . 

He's going to drive me insane 


"Please..." I said softly my breathing growing more ragid by the second 

His finger grazed my throbbing sex making me flinch

"You can do better than that right my love ? " His voice was slightly raspier than usual 

his lips moving as he spoke against my skin were sending all types of sensations up my body . 

"Please touch me ." 

I had barely gotten the words out when I felt the fabric of my underwear ripped . 

His tongue licked against my clit making my hands immediately shoot to his hair . 


He continued to tease and suck on my clit inserting A finger .

I gripped his hair in my hand my back arching slightly  as moans escaped my mouth . 

He moved his fingers slowly before hitting one spot that caused me to moan out loudly . 

He smirked against my sex before adding another finger in slowly. 

His fingers stretched me out slightly making me flinch . 

He looked up at me waiting for me to get adjusted . 

I looked down nodding , he continued to explore my sex with his tongue curling his fingers inside me at a steady pace . 

My body started tensing slightly as my legs shut themself with his head in between them . 

He forced my legs back open holding them on either side of his head.

"Al...Al.. Fuck ..Please .. Please.." A strange feeling coursed through my body as the once faint tingles  amplified begging me to somehow bring him impossibly closer. 

He continued going at a faster pace . 

My toes curled as tears of pleasure brimmed in the corner of my eyes .

"Thats it good girl , let it out ." He said his tone sending shivers down my body . 

He sped up slightly making me bite my finger softly in attempt to cover my moans. 

"Let me hear you princess, I want to hear how good you're feeling ." He said his voice never shaking . 

I shakingly moved my hand , he continued licking at my swollen clit making me cry out . 

Fuck if he keeps it up im going to end up Cumming on his face .

I need to thank my lucky stars for the darkness, because my face turned red at the thought. 

"A-Al move ." I managed to get out in between my broken moans

He smirked biting softly at my already throbbing clit 

"No. I don't think I will ." 

I tensed up from the pleasure gripping his hair tighter in my hand . 

I opened my mouth to rebuttal him but was cut off by his fingers curling deeper into me . 

"Your  body is so honest sweetheart, why don't you give it what it wants ." 

His words sent tingles down my spine and I couldn't help the thoughts that popped up as those words left his mouth. 

"Cum for me princess ." 

As If I had A choice 

His fingers and tongue were working in sync both moving at a dangerous pace .

I subconsiously wrapped my legs around his head pulling him closer . 

He laughed softly at my reaction , the vibrations sending a sensation over my body that overwhelmed me . 


I couldn't help how needy I sounded as the cum dripped from my twitching sex. 

My ragid breathing slowed into soft pants

As I opened my eyes I was met by soft grey eyes belonging to the man I was in love with . 

His breathing was harsh as he leaned down to the crook of my neck . 

"Rayna ... can I mark you ? "
The question caught me off guard , but of course the answer was clear. 

Marking would mean we'd be able to feel each others emotions as well as A strengthen in our scents . If I was A wolf I'd go into heat 2 weeks lat- 


If he marks me now ..I'd have to tell him about my changes before the 2 week mark...

Will we be okay ? 

"Yes." I said smiling weakly just loud enough for him to hear . 

Wasting no time he pinned my arms above my head 

His lips placing soft kisses on the crook of my neck before grazing his now sharpened canines against A spot that made me shiver . 

Nothing could have prepared me for the pain that hit me as his teeth sank into my neck. 

Thought it was quickly replaced with pleasure I couldn't help the tear that streamed down my cheek.

His tongue slid over the bite mark before gently kissing it.

Panting I closed my eyes , my surroundings seemed much more..vibrant 

I could hear clearer and my sense of smell had heightened more then usual . 

A feeling of happiness and pride suddenly overwhelmed me 

"It will stop hurting soon ." He said softly 

It was strange but not uncomfortable . 

I smiled softly realizing these were Al's emotions . 

Opening my eyes his lips immediately met mine a smile equally forming on his. 

He rolled over so I was on top of him and held me tightly.

His heart beat softly humming in my ear relaxing me as it paired with the sound of the oceans waves. 

I felt myself slowly drifiting to sleep. 

" I love you Rayna ." 

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