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"Sato, give me my school bag!" I jump up to fetch my bag from him but barely miss it.

"Well grab it! Oh wait, you're too small.." he smirks at me and I stick out my tongue.


"Ow! What was that for?!" My brother whines as mother sets down the pan to cook breakfast.

"Be nice to your sister...." she gives him a glare and he immediately gives me my bag. When mom talks it's usually you pissed her off or it's important.

"This early in the morning and you guys are fighting?" Dad yawns as he comes down the stairs and ruffles his white hair. He gives a kiss on moms cheek and starts to get ready as well.

This is my family. My mom is Isuzu and my father is Hastuharu. My brother is Sato, he has white hair like my fathers and is annoying. I, Ayaka, am his short sister and I resemble my mother, but with long black hair. We are apart of the Sohma family and zodiacs. Mom was the horse which was passed down to me, Ayaka Sohma. Dad was the ox which was passed down to my brother, Sato Sohma. This is a secret of the Sohma family and also a curse. If we were to be hugged by the opposite sex, that is not a zodiac, then we would turn into our zodiac animal. Which is difficult to do since we go to school with opposite sexes.

"Here you go Ayaka... Breakfast." My brother passes me an omelet on toast.

"Thanks!" Eating the food I take my things for school and go out. "I'm leaving for school."

"Have a safe trip," My father calls back. I slide on my shoes and slide open the door. Sato pushes me from behind as a cool autumn breeze flows through my hair.

"Sato!" I hit him with my bag underneath his chin and drag him by his ear.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" He whines and I let him go.

"Just because I'm small doesn't mean you can push me around. Baka!" I cross my arms and walk faster so we aren't late.

"Yo Ayaka, Sato..." I hear a unamused voice behind me and see a orange haired boy walking towards is.

"Good morning, Taro!" I reply with a smile. Taro is the son of Kyo and Tohru Sohma. He acts just like his father, cranky and moody. He is also considered to be apart of the zodiac, because he is the cat but he isn't really welcomed by the others. He is the outcast as you might call it, but we still talk with him and he is invited to events.

"Hey Taro!" Sato puts his arm around Taro's neck and gives a choking hug.

"You damn idiot! Get off me!" He squirms in Sato's hold and I laugh. As they bicker on I hear a calm voice beside me.

"The cat is noisy as always...."

"Yuu! Good morning!" I quickly blurt out.

The silver haired boy nods his head, "Good Morning Miss Ayaka."

"Would you two stop messing around or I will leave you behind! We are almost late to class!" We enter the school gates and I head to my locker. some students are still getting ready at their lockers.

"Good morning Ayaka-chan!" A cheerful voice rings softly behind me and I quickly shut my locker.

"G-Good morning Alastor!" I bow my head quickly. A deep laugh comes from the boy and I look up. "Why are you here? I thought Akito hated you going to school." I look at him confused. Alastor is the head of the Sohma family and son of Akito. Unlike his cold hearted mother he is kind and treats everyone fair. That has been a struggle for the zodiacs though since Akito hates this and rampages.

"Just had the feeling today." he smiles brightly and runs his hand through his black, long, spiky hair. "C'mon or else we'll be late!" He takes my wrist and drags me along.

We barely make it as the bell rings and we sit in our desks. I let out a sigh of relief.

"That's was close."

We did our morning greeting and sat down. As class begins a piece of paper hits my head and I see its a note. I open it and see it's from Alastor.

"Meet me and the others on the roof during lunch. Important!"
-Alastor (•w•)

I look at him and then out the window, drifting off into a daydream.
Hello minna!!😄✌️ So I hope you liked the first chapter! ~(^w^)~ Tried to introduce some of the characters without making it sound terrible😁 I will try and update as soon as I can with chapters❤️ Byez! 😜

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