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Siah Amari Miller🌅
Harlem,New York.

I knocked on Tylil's door waiting for him to open it. the door soon opened up revealing him with low eyes. I sighed dapping him up, I could tell he was doing bad

"you in here smoking while Zah here?" I questioned him

he didn't answer just instead lead me to his room

"she with Demon...getting breakfast, "

"bro I don't like seeing you like this. clean up this room and get your shit together. this not even you, "

Tylil light another blunt chuckling

"you don't know me Siah. stop coming in here tryna preach to me like you a fucking preacher. you don't know how I feel!" he started to get angry bumping past me

I kept myself cool picking up the shit that was on his floor

he smacked it out of my hand as I scrunched my face up

"get out, " he told me

"bro what? I came over here to help my best friend and you acting like a ass!"

"get out before I do something I regret. I'm not in the fucking mood, "

I walked up on him face to face looking at his red eyes

I could hear the girls walking down the hallway with bags

with no hesitation, Tylil punched me using full force. we started to go at it throwing hits at the same time knocking everything down

"TYLIL!" Dimoni yelled separating us from each other

"y'all are acting like kids!"

wiping my mouth I fixed my jacket sucking my bottom lip

"the fuck is wrong with y'all?" she asked shaking her head

"that's your best friend!"

I shook my head leaving out his room

"nah he got it. get ya' shit together, " I laughed slamming the door behind me

I couldn't believe him right now. we never done no shit like that and everyone just started turning. I get he was going through something right now but still. If Dimoni didn't break it up we would've done worse

before I could sit in my car Moni got inside holding her bag

we didn't say anything we just sat there waiting

"whats going on with you?" she asked quietly taking ahold of my hand

I sighed squeezing it

"i was trying to help him out I know it's rough right now. he's hurt but it doesn't take that shit out on me, " I told her honestly

"that's my best friend and I treat him like my brother. I want what's best for him, " I shrugged looking ahead

she opened a water bottle turning it upside down so the napkin could get damp

applying it to my lip and dapping it a couple of times

I took it from her hands setting the towel down to kiss her

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