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Dimoni Walker🌉
Harlem, New York

"you heard from Ty?" I asked Siah hoping he had forgotten about the fight

"no," he mumbled pressing the buttons on the game

I sucked my teeth snatching the cord out the wall standing in front of him

"don't play with me Siah,"

he stood up pushing me back

"why the fuck you care so much about what's going on wit him?!"

"bro what? that's our friend. you being so damn selfish!" I shook my head slipping a hoodie on

"shut the fuck up,"

before I could lift my hand I calmed down...

I put the rest of my clothes on and grabbed my jacket. for the past two days, he has been stuck in his ass and Tylil hasn't answered the phone. the fact that I'm trying to keep everyone together is killing me

Siah glared at me as I rolled my eyes

"where you going?"

"don't worry about it, " I shut the door behind me going down the stairs


apartment 8c

knocking on the door I sighed finally hearing the door open

Tylil's mom opened it in her robe looking at me

"he is not here, nor will he be living here, "

"wait- I'm confused?"

"have a nice day Dimoni," with that she slammed the door in my face

I turned my phone on ringing Ty again hoping he'd answer this time

the elevator came and I held the phone to my ear getting impatient

seeing that he didn't answer I put my phone in my bag ignoring

I walked out of the building fixing my boots and went down the stairs going past the boys.

I was so worried about Tylil and Zahnay especially because I know she's with him

going into the store I purchased my stuff and ran into a little girl

"aye, Sasha! watch out," her mom, I guess told her excusing her

"no it's fine," I told her honestly leaving out

Siah continued to text me so I turned my phone off not caring

once I got down the block I could hear yelling making me sigh

I was already done with the day.

waiting for a cab I directed him back to Siah's crib leaning my head on the door

his mom was never this mean... I guess to us but I could always tell he was going through things. bringing it up was not my job

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