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  • A book of lemons
    8.6K 53 3

    Exactly what the title says

  • Busty Queens Lemon diaries
    9.9K 97 3

    It's just 18+ Lemon chapters of High school dxd but with just my three favorite characters Akeno, Grafiya and Yasaka. each story will continue upto 3 Chapters or end in a Single Chapter. Each different story will take place in a Different timeline and Genre Includes almost everything exception being Ugly basterd an...

  • Eostia's Beast
    353 6 1

    There once was a kingdom in the east filled with beings like beastkin but had access to special powers. These beings were known as Yokai and had animal appendages that made them look exotic. Their powers were tuned to the spiritual world around their environment which made them one of the most powerful kingdoms in all...

  • So I can use your ass to pass time
    269K 2.3K 67

    When Orion is mysteriously transmigrated into a primitive world where sex and other goods and services can be bartered for, he is determined to make the most of his second chance at life. A world where thick females are seen as not attractive and somewhat disgusting,imagine a world where your favorite type of ladies a...

  • Akame Ga Kill X Male Lich King Reader
    25.8K 315 13

    Hallo travelers come in and read about your self yes your self geting sent to the world of akame ga kill as the lich king.

  • I love Black Hair (Gamer Male Reader X RWBY X KLK X AGK Harem!)
    33.3K 499 16

    Hi! My name is (Y/N), and well, I'm a gamer, otaku, Straight-A Student, and I'm about to get myself a harem! Yeah, I can hardly believe it either! This sounds very very exciting, and I'm ready to accept all conditions of what it's going to take to keep it! LET'S DO IT!!!

  • The Tyranny of the French Empire
    17.3K 885 33

    Aether wasn't in a good situation. Being reborn as the Dauphin, the only son of the French King in another world, and inheriting from the throne of the Kingdom of France at the age of 16. Many would think "Lucky me". But not Aether, his Kingdom has been partitioned by the other nation of the continent, his army fragme...

  • Face my Blasphemous Machines!
    657 10 2

    Reader x Crossover

    Completed   Mature
  • The Anti-Hero Forgemaster // Redo of Healer x Male! Reader (18+)
    7.6K 122 4

    Warning: A variety of adult themes and violence will be on here. This is mainly 18+, but heed my only warning, DO NOT READ IF YOU'RE TOO FRAGILE WITH THESE TYPES OF ADULT CLICHES! When (Y/n), a Forgemaster, enters a different world, he has to protect himself. However, life took a turn when he became the Hero of Eosita...

  • The Corruption of the Innocent (Kuroinu)
    1.3K 7 1

    With Celestine and Olga at his mercy, Vult makes the two of them an offer they can't refuse. With no other choice, the orphans Celestine took in reveal their true nature and have their way with the two elf women, pushing them well beyond their normal limits.

    Completed   Mature
  • Prototype: Isekai'd
    18.5K 696 25

    After experiencing a strange, bizarre event back at his home, our MC must now face challenges that might lead to his demise. Gifted with powers that make him appear monstrous, he must explore an unfamiliar, magical world where fierce creatures roam the forests and ambitious individuals battle for supremacy in their ki...

  • Reality Warper x Multiverse
    12.7K 233 8

    Y/n was a well known for his high intelligence and curiosity. This led him into becoming a renowned scientist, but one question always plagued his mind. "What if there were different universes, different realities. What if we had the means to travel to these different worlds?" This led Y/n into creating the Gate, a do...

  • Minecraft in Orario [Danmachi x Minecraft OC]
    44.6K 1.5K 13

    A Teenager who love playing minecraft end up transfered to World of Danmachi as Steve with the ability of Minecraft such as crafting, enchanting, brewing and more! Not only that, he also has a Minecraft Instant Dungeon where he can go into the World of Minecraft to fight Minecraft Mob and Boss to level up and collect...

  • Reincarnated in a Dark Fantasy World as a perverted Demon Girl of Lust
    39.7K 833 16

    One can say that fate works differently for each individual. Still there are sometimes events that occur outside the reach of destiny. This happened to Sakurai Tomoki, a hard and honest office worker, who always does his fair share of good. Yes a gentle soul he is and for that he surely should have gained some sort o...

  • Everyone Is Looking At Me Strangely
    67.6K 1.7K 43

    Blake who got a second chance at life is trying his best to at least have a normal life in and out of school but it appears that people around him won't allow him or just keeps disturbing his attempts, As more days passed, Blake wonders, Why is everyone looking at me strangely?

  • Black rock shooter harem x male reader
    29.3K 425 7

    This story will take places after the events of the anime were you (the reader) are the new transfer student from America who moved to Japan as you where walking to the school you bump into a girl named mato with that will change your life as you have the ability to enter the color world of black rock shooter

  • MReader X Female One-Shots!
    570K 3K 44

    SirDoomGuy is back! With more Pervy adventures, heart touching romance, and edge of your seat action! I don't own any of the characters, photos, videos, or music used in this story!

    Completed   Mature
  • OP Reincarnated into taimanian asagi x harem
    11.3K 77 5

    After being killed by an unfortunate accident he been reincarnated into this world but now with a goal that strives him to be number one.

  • Just Imagine... (Ahri X Male Summoner 2) League Of Legends Fanfic
    124K 1.3K 35

    Life has certainly been different now that a fox-girl is living with you, and now there's a chance to see her world, but how will day to day run of the mill life go on when there's so much to do? And most of all- Will this relationship go further, or just crash and burn? I DONT OWN LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, GO DOWNLOAD AND P...

  • Happy Valentine's (*18+*) (Ahri x Male Summoner LoL)
    176K 1.3K 9

    It's not easy being the top LoL player in the world with his own ESports team...So Riot Games decided to send you a present. ....But it's not what you bargained for! I DONT OWN LEAGUE OF LEGENDS AND RIOT GAMES, NOR DO I OWN ESPORTS. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. I OWN JUST THE INTERPRETATIONS OF THE CONTENT IN THE S...

    Completed   Mature
  • (On Hold) The necromancer (necromancer male oc x fantasy world)
    829 15 4

    The remake of living with the dead

  • Welcome To The End of The World
    68.2K 1.3K 13

    after the outbreak of a virus, people started turning into undead freaks of nature with only one desire and that is to eat the warm flesh of those still alive

  • END: Progenitor of All Evil
    12.1K 287 5

    Y/n is the oldest daughter of Azathoth and possibly the most powerful entity to ever exist. Now she has decided to take the Omniverse for herself.

  • ~Pleasures And Desires~ | A Book Of "Cultured" Things
    68.8K 889 12

    Yeah, you read the title right. Welcome to this book of "cultured" stuff, am I right, my fellow degenerates? A bunch of male reader smut scenarios. Anywho, probably won't be doing a bunch of kinks and stuff as I prefer to do romantic type stuff as that's what I'm best at (I don't know, you be the judge of that). Let y...

  • Yuri Wedgie Oneshots (1st Series)
    33K 80 10

    First story, hope ya like it. And for the Original Characters, I'll put their Age, Race, Height, and Backstories. As for the others, just look them up if you don't know them. (Sorry in advance)

  • Yuri Wedgie Oneshots (2nd series)
    15K 19 30

    Second series of wedgie stories right here

  • A Gamer Thrown Into A Perverted World(Gamer OC X Monster Girl Quest)
    12K 257 6

    Uriel was reborn into MGQ as a gamer and he originally planned to sit back while the world fixed itself. Little did he know that he was the little brother of the Protagonist.

  • Fairy Tail x Reader (Lemons)
    227K 1K 15

    ❌❗️REQUESTS CLOSED❗️❌ ❗️WARNING THIS STORY CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT 18+ AUDIENCES ONLY❗️ (If you read it and you are not 18+ then that is your decision I can not control you but you have been warned so don't report my book) So basically this is the second version of the original Fairy Tail x Reader (Lemons) Book I mad...

    Completed   Mature
  • Just rants
    227 9 6

    As the title said it's just filled with rants

  • Offbrand Anime Story: NTR Justice
    14.3K 104 8

    "Yes. Yes. And Yes. This is a Story, if not a bunch of One-Shot stories long one. which contain a certain amount of NTR/Cheating in certain OffBrand, Doujin, and more." "My Anger inside was building up in a uncontrollable state. that i what heard in my mind is to "Stop" or the other side of my mind is basically becomi...

    Completed   Mature