I am thaqiftalip8 and I like a good story. A better story full of great plot, great characters and great story. 

I disliked bad writing and that includes my bad writing.

I am also someone who looks into lemon. (And no, it's not about a fruit)

My favourites are action packed movies, games and anime.

I think that a story, game or movie should be good if they were given more time and disliked executive meddling.

I hate bullies, idiots, corruption and senseless cruelty. Whether good or whether evil, the point is senseless idiocy and evil in all the world around us.

Senseless lying and acts of senseless violence is frown upon and acting like you are in the right when committing acts of violence means that you are retarded. At least be honest about it.

As said before, I love a good story. Drama, humour, action-packed, good handling and occasional fan service. I despise wasted potential in character and plot.

I want a story with very good writing. Those with no good writing are those who try to rush things. What's the rush anyway? Just take it nice and slow.

Look at the Unmentionables and see why. Overall, I am just a guy who wants to make a good story after finding out the existence of Wattpad.

After making characters on the WPS Office for my own leisure, I can finally make a story.

PS: Apologies for some acts of copying from other works. But the fun of a Fan Fiction is a Fan Service and if anyone gives me a story that has an interesting potential and fun to read, let me know.

PSS: Fuck of Mykan. You suck at everything. You give everyone a migraine. I hope you die for making that stupid story like 'The End To End' and 'My Brave Pony: Starfleet is Magic'. Fuck off you sorry excuse of an angsty little shit who is a hypocrite, a liar and fucking disgrace of a human.

PSSS: I might be in over my head about wanting to write something that I have no knowledge of. See that oh so commonly.
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Who's the guy that tells me of these requests about wanting to do a Power of the Azure where it has the ability to both destroy and create? If you hear this, I actually want you to give me an explana...
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