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  • Jānakī Manoharā Ābhā : The Twins of Ramā
    1.6K 122 10

    "Jānakī Manoharā Ābhā : The Twins of Ramā" (Lit.) The radiance of the enchanter of Janaki : The Twins of the one who is close to Rama. The radiance of Rama : The Twins of Sita. Kusha and Lava, the twins of Rama and Sita who were born during the second exile of Sita. The boys were raised in the Ashrama of the sage, Va...

  • Bhava Vallari ~ A Retold Love Saga
    286 20 3

    With the banishment of Vanajakshi from Devipura, bitter rivalry began to fester between Devipura and its neighboring kingdom, Vasantagiri. It was in this world of conflicting ideologies that a love story unfolded. Two individuals, one from Devipura and the other from Vasantagiri, fell in love. Their love was like a se...

  • Cāndrēya Sahadharmiṇī~ Prēma Dharma{ ✔️}
    11.7K 541 24

    The Mahābhārata, an epic of unparalleled intrigue and profound mysteries, has revealed an untold tale of a couple that was lost to the pages of history. This enigmatic story revolves around an unsung heroine, whose life and transformation is the subject of this epic. Her heart's palpitations rose amidst the melancholy...

  • Ukiyo
    85 22 4

    I live in those days; When his eyes looked into mine, -lost in galaxies of my eyes, like I'm the only one.

  • Ryuga's Return
    14K 348 12

    AU where Ryuga survives Metal Fury but loses L-Drago. He reunites with Kenta and struggles to figure out what he's supposed to do without Beyblade, his purpose in life for so long.

  • Yashomate Kishorakam ✔
    793 94 3

    "How silly of him" A faint smile lifted the corner of Yashoda's lips up "You're everywhere Kanha, in this small statue, in the soil and air of Vrindavan, in every droplet of Yamuna, in the heart of every Gopi, in our very consciousness and-" "And in you, Maiya" An alien yet utterly familiar doux voice brought an abrup...

  • Swarajya Tarini
    404 30 8

    "न किञ्चित् शाश्वतम्।" Everything must end. Ranisaheb Tarini Bai Gaikwad of Nagpur knew that everything must end. Afterall, her näivet erased with time, her childhood died within when the weight of a dagger fell in her hands. Tarini pushed away her bitterness to fight. That was what she did as Ranisaheb Tarini Bai Gai...

  • 𝔎𝔬𝔱𝔥𝔞𝔦: The virtue of infinite love
    1.3K 117 8

    So easily they left me my lustre, my bangles, thought, sleep I am destroyed. Compassionate clouds I sing of Govinda's virtues lord of Venkatam, where cool waterfalls leap. How long can this alone guard my life? A fatigued sigh left the blushing pink lips of Thirumagal. She gazed tearfully towards the sky. Oh, how she...

  • Priya Vatsala : The Unsung love story of Abhimanyu [COMPLETED ✓]
    121K 5.5K 93

    This story is Fan fiction based on love story of Abhimanyu- son of Arjun , and Vatsala- daughter of Balraam and Revati.This story is one of the unsung love stories of Mahabharata. This story is based on a folklore Sasirekha parinayam which echoes to the marriage of Arjun and his dear Wife Subhadra. Sasirekha parinay...