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  • WE ARE LEGION (FemAnthro/MaleHuman)
    6.2K 43 2

    Two buddies are tossed into the Legion, an anthro division dedicated to training the next wave of regional armed forces. When it comes to surviving boot camp, the common advice is simple: "Keep your head down." "Do what you're told." "Shut up." Alexei Carter and Emmett Caldwell are terrible at all three. Luckily for...

  • Underharem(Fem Undertale x OP Male reader)
    618 39 1

    Y/N is a young man with a lot of potential he was an adventure seeker but was not really liked by most people for some reason and his travels lead him to a mountain said to be filled with monsters of the female variety what could this mean for our young friend

  • Fumeiyo Yori Shi (Death Before Dishonor)
    1.4K 43 3

    An Original Fiction. Set during the bloody conflicts of World War II, 1944. Courageous Japanese Kamikaze pilot Gunpei Hinode belonging to the Kamikaze (神風, "divine wind" or "spirit wind"), known officially as the Shinpū Tokubetsu Kōgekitai (神風特別攻撃隊, "Divine Wind Special Attack Unit") closes his eyes as he impacts the...

  • Grimm knight rpg
    1.2K 41 14

    this is a story about a mercenary group and a demon king

  • My Dog mom(Male child reader x Jeane mother)
    1.6K 89 3

    Y/N was a young boy who was out in an orphanage he was not liked by many Humans and furs alike they found him useless and wouldn't give him a chance that was until he met Jeane she was a kind and loving woman who just wanted a child to call her own.

  • Sent To Another World Rebirth
    75.7K 76 3

    YN was a shut-in NEET and decided to go outaide his house only to meet something unexpected.

  • I'M A DUDE, SHE'S A DUDE, HE'S A DUDE...(LGBTQ+÷!Anthro x Male!Human)
    941 21 4

    A collection of politically correct and safe space-affirming stories, each a powerful testament to the unyielding personal strength of the LGBTQIA commu...--*checks acronym*-- Good fuckin' goodness, Alphabet Gang. Numbers too?! Fine. This is a collection of stories about dudes and their best bros overcoming atypical...

  • Helluva Girlfriend (On Hold)
    35.9K 681 11

    (18+ Mature Content) After being killed during a failed robbery, Y/N believed that he would be sent off to heaven and play the harp, like some good little ol' angel. Wrong. Apparently, Y/N was sent to the worst place in the world, well, in hell actually. Imp City, a city full of one of the vilest psychos, morons, seri...

  • Butlers, Criminals, And Gangsters
    20.6K 502 14

    (18+ Mature Content) Y/N L/N is the easygoing and witty director of The Royal Department Of Special Civic Detective Agency (R.D.S.C.D.A) Which was formed by the United States Government and the city of 1273 Rockefeller City. It was formed to apprehend dangerous criminals, or as they began to be known, Supervillains. T...

    Completed   Mature
  • FNIA Story Part I
    50.3K 419 31

    I felt like making something instead of just reading everything... So here ya go my version of FNIA. Cover art credit for whoever drew this... You know who you are.

    Completed   Mature
  • A Demonic Visit (Vore)
    628 16 2

    After a night of exploring the Neiborhood with your friends, and enjoying the Halloween spirit, you settled down for the night only for you to wake up with Sleep Paralysis. However, you quicky found out that you weren't alone. (A Short Minor Horror Story)

  • A Human in a New World(Rewrite): A Hidden Secret
    52.6K 675 18

    For generations Humanity had been thriving but all that changed when a terrorist group unleashed a deadly toxin. During that scientists created the first anthropomorphic animal which survived the toxin along with a few of their companions. Centuries went by as this new race became the dominant species after humanity w...

  • The One they Call Breeder: A Human in a New World Side Story
    187 10 2

    Damien wished he never had the gift he had, wanting to live a normal life, but when his friend Natasha returns things seem to turn out for the better, though it seems his gift is going to be more useful than he thinks.

  • A Human in a New World 2(rewrite): The Start of a New Life
    6.6K 146 10

    Well seems things have gotten better since our hero Blake woke up, but that would change.....maybe......when he is introduced into society itself. It doesn't take long till the decision to go to school or not is placed on the table. Oh what will he do? Read to find out.

  • My Furry Roommate (Dire Ver.)
    34K 236 6

    Dun dun duuuun Credits to the owners of the art!

  • Part Time Love
    3.4K 125 14

    Stan decided to get a job at the Golden Arches of fast food since his mother Audrey is sick with Covid-19 and can't work while his Dad Rox has to work extra hours at the oil field to pay the bills but it wasn't easy to do it on his own. When Stan got hired and headed to McDonald's on his first day, he noticed that he'...

  • Poltergeist (Yandere FNIA 2)
    20.2K 520 8


    Completed   Mature
  • Cult of The Crimson Crown
    4.7K 116 8

    Cult of the Lamb is Owned By MASSIVE MONSTER

  • UNSHAKEN: a furry western story
    2.8K 30 8

    !WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAIN BLOOD AND GORE, SEXUAL THEMES, USE OF ALCOHAL, AND STRONG LANGUAGE. READER DESCREATION ADVICED¡ It's the year 1899, and the era of outlaws and gunslingers is coming to an end. Y/N L/N, a loyal member of the Damned Posse, tries to continue the outlaw life with his family of humans and furri...

  • Tyrants Love | Female Frieza X Saiyan Male
    10.6K 190 6

    None Descript for now

  • The tribe
    3.1K 99 8

    Phil, a fifthteen year old human male that was drafted into the marines and went to a another livable planet called Xena. The military encounterd a Furry Fox tribe and made a sharing agreement with them but the humans took advantage of it. Later Phil gets bullied and beaten by the general's son and his friends just be...

  • Not until they are saved (Furry x human)
    6.2K 175 5

    Humans and anthro's have been living together in peace ever since the earliest of civilization. Sure there have been hiccups in interactions between humans and anthro's but many humans were open to inter-species relationships with anthro's which only strengthen their relationship in society. It was only a matter of ti...

  • The Occult of The T.D.C/T.L.C Universe
    593 24 4

    Ever wondered just how vastly strange and odd the walls of the T.D.C Universe are? Well, in this book you'll know about every single occult and strange sort of phenomenon that occur in the T.D.C/T.L.C Universe.

  • One Human
    17.5K 368 21

    After the government falls by a riot. Humanty went into chaos and causing a purge. Lenny at the age of six and parents that are scientists puts him in a cryotube and survived a nuke that killed every human on the planet, only Lenny surived. 300 years later. Earth recovered and was repopulated by furries. Furries had i...

    Completed   Mature
  • A helping hand (dragon x human)
    1K 21 2

    You are being chased by a group of bandits that raided your hometown a killed everyone, including your mother, father, and two younger siblings who are no older than two years-old. While being chased, you managed to find a cave that was being blocked by a waterfall. While running into the cave, you ended up getting tr...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm Not Alone - A FNIA Fanfic
    4.9K 117 11

    You know how things go, right? You need a job, you go to an 18+ restaurant that need a nightguard, the animatronics want to kill you by sexual means, you try to survive. But, what if you didn't have to alone this time? What if there were five other entities assigned to help you through the night? What if... it was the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Five Nights in Anime: The Golden Gals
    1K 1 9

    Devin and his friend Cameron had heard about a boy who had gone missing at an anime convention not too far away. Devin somehow convinced Cameron to go with him. Inspired by detectives and wanting to be one, Devin found it as an opportunity to prove himself worthy of becoming the detective he'd always wanted to be. Aft...

    Completed   Mature
  • Five Nights In Anime: The Best Place On Earth
    72.8K 780 32

    (My very first book when I wrote when I was like 11. I love getting good criticism, but if you're gonna read this, don't expect an A+ story with good grammar or a lot of sense... or a good story lol.) When Andrew Garrett a 20 year old,who currently works at the new Anime Convention called Freddy's Anime Convention,he...

    Completed   Mature
  • FNIA - Working in Freya's Anime Convention
    10.4K 181 12

    Five Nights in Anime - Mairusu Five Nights in Anime: Reborn - SassyEX This story is based on SassyEX's upcoming FNIA: Reborn game, which is Mairusu's FNIA 1 remake Storyline: Alex was a normal kid. But eventually left his parents. He decided to start his life from the very start in USA. He was searching for a job th...

    Completed   Mature