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  • the Great Hero Papyrus
    4.6K 141 8

    with the constant of the resets, Papyrus knows his lines. He plays his role perfectly. Now he's on a brand new and strange stage on the surface where the humans have these abilities known as quirks where he befriended a young boy known as Izuku Midoriya and planning to become the hero this allows Papyrus to become a h...

  • Murder Drones x Skibidi Toilet
    12.3K 227 8

    Graphic design and story-telling are my passion :3 Why not combine my favourite web series into one stupid story? Prepare to lose your mind as I form the most brain rotting story ever made in human history! Murder drones by Liam Vickers and produced by GLITCH productions Skibidi Toilet by Dafuq?Boom!

  • skibidi toilet Ocs
    1K 25 45

    Contains Skibidi toilet ocs

  • Skibidi Drones
    5.7K 129 6

    Pov-Cameraman was in the middle of a battle between the Titan Tvman and (Infected) Titan Speakerman, until suddenly a ray of light suddenly appeared, and the finds himself in a dense frozen wasteland. Murder Drones is owned and created by Glitch Productions Skibidi Toilet is owned and created by DaFuq!? B00m!

  • Skibidi Toilet Trio Titan
    9.5K 173 12

    After the events of Episode 1-43, The Cameramen, Speakermen and Tvmen need a bigger, stronger work force to aid them in their battles and flip the coin of the war between men and toilet to their side.

  • Skibidi War X Rwby
    35.7K 650 37

    The skibidi toilet under attack different worlds, camera man, speaker man and tv man to save earth fight against the toilet.

  • TvWoman
    461 1 1

    ;) >:( c: >w< ÙwÚ

  • Cyn x Reader (Discontinued)
    4.9K 90 3

    Insert description

  • The Meaning of family
    120 3 1

    the meaning of family is about Char and Duhvassa finds a little orphan and adopted him to raise as their own. And please credit my good friend Acidicus132. He's a really good friend and helper for this book! So happy reading darlings!

  • Things I make for my followers and friends
    761 65 38

    This is a book where I show off Hero Forge Art that I make Also I'm open to Hero Forge Character (Mostly Naga's) Requests

  • A dire Mistake
    3.3K 34 4

    ADVENT has been gone for ten years. In that time, the commander had gotten married, had three kids, and got things as close to what they were before the invasion as possible. But what happens when a new foe appears and tries to destroy it all? Thus, XCOM fought. (port of my story)

  • Scaled Mind Games
    7.8K 101 21

    In the year 2025, Aliens have invaded Earth and have taken control of most of the human civilization for 20 years through the Advent administration, reorganizing them into controlled Mega Cities. Chris, an individual who joined the XCOM organization in hopes to fight back the alien has provoked more than what he barga...

  • Mother J
    119K 2K 24

    What if the disassembly crew had found Khan with baby Uzi. Khan being the ever so loving father decides to yeet baby Uzi at J. Now with a baby in her hands, J feels a strange instinct in the back of her CPU and it isn't a murderous one.

  • ~Io x reader~(Moonhidora x Lightninghidora)
    1.9K 23 3

    you are a lightninghidora,you have sisters,There names are sky And sea,You are yn,But one day after fighting a muto,you get separated from them and are alone,That's till you become friends with Io Moonhidora Io(right head) Callist(middle head) Eura(left head) Lightninghidora Yn(left head) Sky(middle head) Sea(right h...

  • my random things
    46 2 2


  • The Indominus Rex and A Girl ✔️
    710K 22K 27

    [Edited] ------ Isabella Evans is a 19-year-old girl who loves animals, especially reptiles. She always had a certain skill with such animals, small as a lizard or big as an alligator. Because of her skills, she is called by Masrani Global to work in Jurassic World, a park full of dinosaurs on Isla Nublar. What she d...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Snake king's niece
    4.6K 82 18

    Duhvassa is a beautiful female anacondrai who lost her mother but found out that she has an existing uncle Pythor, then move to Ninjago to find him and be a part of his family! Duhvassa is my Oc, Pythor, serpentine, ninja, and Bakugan belong to their rightful owners. but this is my 1st book y'all! enjoy! ☺️

  • Of Drones and Logic
    70.3K 1K 29

    After he threw himself off the Nemisis when he sustained a fatal injury, Shockwave awakens in a new body on a new planet but he isn't alone. He makes peace with the disassembly drones that live on the planet as well as take an angsty worker drone under his wing and soon discovers the existence of the Absolute Solver...

  • Transformers Prime: Lost Spark [BOOK ONE]
    50.9K 1.2K 8

    At the end of Halo: 3, the Master Chief managed to save the Universe from total annihilation by eliminating the Ark. Unfortunately, the success of this mission came with the price of the Spartan-II's life, leaving humanity to mourn the loss of their greatest hero. However, this was not the end of the Master Chief's st...

  • the shadow guardian (owl house)
    9.5K 138 14

    Luz has a slightly older brother, of sorts. (not literally, still only child) the best of friends. But when they go to the boiling isles, will he be able to keep his promise to Camila to protect Luz? 8/22/2022 #4- owlhouse

  • the cybertronian of earth
    57.8K 1.1K 25

    what if mech succeded on making a cybertronian? how this would would go?

  • A King And His Queen: OP Godzilla OC X Susan
    44.8K 681 18

    Tom Magnus and Susan Murphy were best friends when they were kids. But when a speeding car charges towards Susan, Tom saves her but tragically sacrifices himself. Tom was given a second chance of life by the legendary king of the monsters, Gojira. He granted him his power to become the new king of the monsters. Howeve...

  • The fallen, has risen
    81.1K 1.6K 20

    Instead of being completely annihilated by Unicron, starscream somehow was transported to an alternate universe. Unfortunately he is badly damaged, but a teenage human woman cmae across him. She decided to help the fallen starscream and soon they became close. And now they will have to be involved in a war between the...

  • Grim Fear | TFP x Male Reader
    3.1K 52 3

    Silas had successfully created his cybertronian army. It was sooner than expected, but he was forging his army to fight 'off' the Autobots & Decepticons. At the same time, he was making more of his cybertronian soldiers, but he was missing a key component, One that would give him an advantage. An advantage that would...

  • Son of Airachnid (Transformers prime)
    283K 6.1K 28

    Megatron and Airachnid Have a sparkling who was raised on earth by humans. do I really need to say more

  • Starscream's Little Vermin
    3.3K 205 12

    Young inventor Wendilyn Jenson is about to have her world flipped in ways never thought possible when she encounters ex-Commander Starscream. What was first a pitiful excuse for a shield, soon becomes a trusted friend. But when Starscream is given the opportunity to be Commander again, will he choose friendship over g...

  • the rogue vehicon
    47.4K 1.1K 10

    a vehicon that decided to leave the decepticons having no reason to keep fighting for them

  • Transformers Lemon
    126K 1.3K 9

    Different Transformers Lemons ~ Requests CLOSED: any Universe, HumanXCyber, T-OrganicXCyber, CyberXCyber, HumanXHuman Transformers is owned by Hasbro, not me. I only own the Storyline and the 'reader'. Currently on Hiatus and big rewrite!

    Completed   Mature
  • TFP Decepticons x Female Human Reader
    186K 4K 52

    Comicmaker12 from Wattpad First thing first, hi am Comicmaker12 and you my friend are going to save the planet by being brave and super. Ready for some drama?. . This also contains funny mood and fluff . Life changes pretty weird when you see that one race car. The funny thing is that the real allspark is in your han...