If you have rp requests i do not mind whatever is just pm for that tho 

"My brothers well hes/they are busy in the on going war rn sorry if you were expecting them and not me :( and sorry that comes to disappoint you that they are quite busy "

Shelly: look i maybe a sssserpentine but I want humans and serpentine to co-exsist show them we can change and that we have itsss not our fault all the time -

Kaia: your speaking to a airomancer a wielder of the ancient magic and knowledge and my faction is the nether horde, what's the nether you ask well if ask lucifer in hell, he'll tell you it's exactly like it but more different from what'd you expect it to be -evilish giggle -

Shell-storm: humans are some what annoying at times well besides a few of them of course which side of autobot and Decepticon war I'm on? Isn't it obvious enough human? Decepticon of course my father is the same of course -)

"I am not that bad i may be a tv but I can give you a great time~...but not in that way I mean in a friendship you silly human, but then again either way i don't think that works out as too much none of us here bite unless you well provoke us to or if your someone we don't like but yes we are different people we're not the same, same account but not the same character " "wait did I just break the 4th wall?" Me: yes, yes you did -)
  • why would I tell you my location that is classified and only my fello Decepticon sisters and brothers know where i am well i did visit shelly but that's besides the point!
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Shelly-P-chumsworth Shelly-P-chumsworth Dec 23, 2023 10:53PM
Shelly: soo yeah..... Totally didn't have to deal with a weeping angel...... What am I saying? of course i did... It wasn't very fun....Tv woman: how unfortunate.... Did you managed to get rid of it...
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