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  • Compromise Me (Book Two of the Kirkland Family)
    2.8M 92.4K 49

    Josie Kirkland loves music. She loves her family. And she loves her new job... Travis Fischer loves music. He loves his band. And he loves his son... She wants him, and he always thought of her as that pesky little girl who liked to tease him relentlessly. Playing and working together will take a little compromis...

  • Unable To Resist
    10.8K 212 1

    The story of Liam's struggle to resist the mouthwatering temptation that is a sleeping Polly.

    Completed   Mature
  • Burning Moon (Wattpad Version)
    8.9M 235K 53

    (#1 ChickLit) WARNING: Being left at the altar in front of 500 wedding guests may lead to irrational behavior, causing you to go on your honeymoon alone. Other side- effects may include very bad hair, getting arrested, setting yourself on fire, landing up on a "Missing Poster" with the same bad hair and unexpectedly f...

  • Truly
    5.8M 103K 48

    May Fredericks hates New York. Which is fair enough, since New York seems to hate her back. Just weeks after moving from Wisconsin to Manhattan, she receives the world's worst marriage proposal, stabs her boyfriend with a shrimp fork in a very public venue, and accidentally becomes notorious. And that’s before she get...

  • Rookie in Love [SYTYCW 2013]
    13.2M 283K 51

    Madeline Stone knows where her future is heading-her family has that part all figured out. On her twenty-first birthday she is stealing a few moments back from her own life before relinquishing every part of herself to their plan. Jackson Rider is a southern boy who grew up with a football in hand. He has seen a lot...

  • Invisible People
    722K 23K 27

    When Life makes you invisible and Love needs a little nudge...there's a Friend for that.

  • The DILF (18+ Only) [COMPLETED]
    14M 348K 20

    *This is a FREE book with PAID exclusive chapters* [The Dad I'd Like to F*ck] "You should be careful," Devin said calmly, bending over to scoop Rory into his arms. "This bathtub can get incredibly slippery." "So I noticed," she said dryly. Mortified, she noticed how erect her nipples were. They stabbed the air like ti...

    Completed   Mature
  • Strip me bare, Alpha
    3M 61.5K 30

    Donovan Moore is the Alpha of the Sirius Pack. He's dark, reserved, rather blunt and dangerous-looking, even for the members of his own pack, who demand a Luna to soothe his iron fist. The problem is he hadn't found his mate yet, and he is forced into a marriage he doesn't want, until he goes to a club for his Stag pa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Midsummer's Magic
    2.7M 28.9K 43

    Beth is always running from love, life and relationships and yet another disastrous break up finds her in a little village in Cornwall. She just wants to be left alone to enjoy the quiet country life and continue her work as a freelance artist. Liam was young free and single, enjoying the sun, surf and sex life to be...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dream Walkers
    6.6K 243 12

    What happens when an online environment, becomes more than just a game? What would you do if you could no longer exit the virtual reality of role playing? How much would you risk and how far would you go? Just to live another day. Dream Walkers is not your ordinary virtual role playing game. Once connected by a sin...

  • To Forgive & Hold Safe (The Broken Men Chronicles - #4)(SAMPLE ONLY)
    87.6K 1.2K 32

    Loss, pain, guilt... Those are the emotions Ben Carpenter feels as the lone survivor of a terrible night, three years before, where fate was so unkind. On a quest to forget, aware of only one thing-overwhelming misery-he submerses himself into running Fairfax, the pub he and his wife had once planned on opening togeth...

    Completed   Mature
  • Almost Forgotten (The Broken Men Chronicles - #2)(SAMPLE ONLY)
    110K 1.4K 32

    Jake had it all: women, money, great looks. For all intents and purposes, he was happy. A series of women and an unexpected appearance by a ghost from his past cause him to re-evaluate his life. She'd broken his heart, all those years ago, and Jake chose to live the life of a bachelor there on out. Along with his fast...

    Completed   Mature
  • Once Written, Twice Shy (The Broken Men Chronicles - #1) (SAMPLE ONLY)
    199K 1.6K 31

    After a bitter marriage, Paxton seeks respite from his loss. Rediscovering his writing, he never expected creating a piece worthy of reading nor for two unsuspecting paths to cross in the most unconventional of ways. Thousands of miles separated them, yet he'd never felt closer to anyone. Finding out that happiness an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Binding Ties
    121K 3.8K 14

    Third Instalment of the Tourniquet Series. GRAPHIC & EXPLICIT! Clarke's been sent into Tourniquet to save Sophie Montgomery from Sebastienne's twisted clutches. Only Sebastienne is hanging on a meat hook and they still won't let her go. He keeps telling himself that falling for her - the niece of a deranged Russian Dr...

  • The Wildcard
    944K 33.9K 34

    When Jodie moved to the big city with her best friend after years of sexual abuse from her older brother, she thinks things are looking up when she gets one of the best PR jobs in London. Deciding to celebrate, she goes out for one last wild night with her best friend Ryan to the biggest and most notorious casino in t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blood Rebel [COMPLETED]
    307K 9.5K 46

    Selene, one of London’s most famous women, has lived her entire life under Vampire rule. She dances at Bleedings, where human prisoners are bled to death by specially trained Vampires, and the blood barely moves her at all. She obeys and admires her owner, the rich and powerful Hector Stanley, who cares for her more...

  • The Innocent Life of Valerie Vale
    393K 8.4K 61

    Welcome to Lanton – a city of sinners, hell bent on power, pain and pleasure. Vampires and slayers, gangsters and billionaires are all out for blood. Living together in a careful balance of power, everything is about to change! Valerie Vale is a young girl from a broken home. Now a vampire, she’s thrown into their liv...

  • No Strings Attached
    1.4M 40.3K 36

    This is the sequel to Puppet Master, they might actually work as stand alone books though. GRAPHIC AND EXPLICIT!!! The secrets exposed didn't change a thing for Shannon, there was too much water under the bridge to turn back the clocks because a few words were misleading, and a few tears were shed for no reason at al...

    Completed   Mature
  • Puppet Master
    6.2M 129K 43

    GRAPHIC and EXPLICIT! Tori's been in love with Jayden since she was twelve years old, but he's pulled away at every turn. Doubts, insecurities, and certain, ahem, preferences have been convincing him that she's the kind of girl to totter about on pedestals, and definitely not the lady for him. Exce...

    Completed   Mature
  • Deserted Desire
    562K 16.5K 19

    *** Find a revised edition of this book on Amazon - now titled Delicate Negotiations *** When business tycoon Jack Steele enlists laywer Alec Grayson to negotiate a deal with his ex-wife, Alec figures it will be just another business transaction. Then he meets Desirée Steele.

  • His Revenge (Power Play #1)
    35.6M 647K 33

    Ethan Lachlan, wealthy businessman and CEO of a fortune 500 company had planned his revenge down to the very last detail...He would shake Erin Gosling's perfect little world till she came begging him for mercy. He would make her pay for taking what was supposed to be rightfully his. Five years ago, Erin Gosling saves...

  • My Wattpad Love✔️
    50.6M 1.6M 34

    Julie has always been the shy type. Her world changes when she finds wattpad, a very popular ebook community. She becomes addicted to it and even starts posting her own stories. But are friends, fans and votes all she will get from this site? Or is it possible to find love as well?

  • Bad Boy Isn't My Type... (Published as 'The Good Girl's Guide to Bad Boys)
    73.8M 1.8M 50

    "The good girl always falls for the bad boy," he sneered and I smirked. "Well, you're in luck because I'm not a good girl," I retorted, causing a small smile to appear on his face. "Prove it." When Andy Deeks moves away from home to attend university, she soon regrets not checking out the details on her new roommate...

  • Old Flames
    2.9M 31K 34

    Lainie Moon and Aaron Dozier have a history, a present, and a possible future. This story was the creation of many helpful suggestions by readers at the time of the writing. Thank you, everyone, who helped out!

  • Promise Me (Book One of the Kirkland Family)
    9.2M 169K 49

    Hannah Baker cannot stand to breathe the same air as Justin Kirkland...but she adores his daughter, and his parents, and she even dated his younger brother back in high school. So what will it take for those two to fall in love? A screwy family tree, a bitter ex-wife, and lots of long, hot, summer nights.

  • You Found Me
    2.3M 61.5K 28

    I’ve experienced one of the most horrific tragedies a 17 year old girl possibly can. I stayed strong, but there’s only so much a girl can take before she cracks. I was ripped away from everything familiar and abused by the one I was told to trust, honestly I was probably better off dead- it seemed there was no way out...

    58.4K 408 30

  • Finding Love in a Coffee Shop
    10.9M 172K 15

    Katie Holmes is a caffeine addict. Between college, and taking care of her brother, it's acceptable. Though, it doesn't help that the cafe down the street is full of handsome baristas, including one William Cerak in particular who has a mysterious scar on his wrist. Synopses will be the death of my publishing career.

  • Persuade Me (Student/Teacher Relationship)
    17.4M 123K 41

    'Standing up I looked straight at Professor Garrett, smirking evilly. "Hi, my name's Christy Evans and I'm an English major. Let's see," I said tapping my chin in concentration, all the while trying not to laugh out loud, "I'm the leader of a group of intergalactic beings who are here to terminate all those who are de...

  • Read My Lips: Restricted Version
    2M 37.8K 36

    The Restricted version of Read My Lips....IT IS NOT EROTICA in any way. It is just a slightly steamier version of the original, and the version I wanted for this story.

    Completed   Mature