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  • Legacy [Flair x Roode]
    3.3K 320 16

    "If your dad wants to destroy me, why are you helping me?" "I love you, that's why." ||||||||||||||||||||| Charlotte Flair was on the top of her game, she was running her dad's hotel, while he was in the hospital. She promised herself to not let any business decisions be based on her personal life. Between herself a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sound Of Madness ⏩JeriBella ⏩WWE
    1.8K 384 23

    Completed Brianna went to the gym on the fateful day of July 17. Chris Jericho, stalking Brie, because his boss said so, developed real, pure feelings for her. .... ××× "I'm getting addicted to the person my boss...... " Chris thought to himself.... Brianna contemplated whether or not she's ready, ready for another...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sext You • book one (complete)
    222K 9.2K 45

    'You won't do shit' I text back quickly and turn my phone back off. I honestly enjoyed messing with this weasel. I could imagine him glaring at the screen right now. 'Shut the hell up Ambrose' he sent back to me and I laughed, enjoying the fact that I got a slight rise out of him. 'Make me Rollins' I respond with a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lust and Love {aj lee & nikki bella}
    19.3K 254 5

    "I'm not like you AJ." Nikki sighed, pulling at her hair. "You mean gay?" I scoffed. "I like men, AJ. I love John. Period." "Are you trying to convince me or yourself?" Nikki remained silent, biting her lip. "I told you not to bite your lip." I groaned, smashing her lips against Nikki's.

  • you don't remember me? {nikki bella & john cena}
    61.4K 1.7K 44

    "You don't remember me?" "I'm sorry, no." *first p.o.v. starts on chapter 37*

  • It's Called Crime || Brie Bella & Dean Ambrose
    7.4K 435 14

    It started off as the end. It started off as her hating him and wanting to get away. He had a plan. But nothing goes as planned.

  • Super Psycho Love | Nikki & Brock |
    6.3K 348 12

    It's been four years since Nicole decided to end things with the Beast. Will a new man step up to the plate or will she be caught in Brock's Super Psycho Love?

  • No One's Hero (Completed)
    11.7K 832 22

    I'm tired. I'm tired of being the face of the company. It's sickening. It's too much pressure. I will no longer be laughed at, made fun of, and all out hated for who I am. You will see a different side of me. Guaranteed.

  • My Time Is Now
    4.8K 383 14

    I'm going to expose the lie that is John Cena. Because his time is way up and my time? Is now.

  • Constellations » Charlotte Flair & Seth Rollins
    11.9K 743 14

    "It's often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars." in which an architect does everything he can to get a queen to fall head over heels in love with him Cover inspired by @wwetheshield