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Her Authority  by hxllandaze
Her Authority by kt
Marina Barnes and the Authority. You either love them together or are like a dad and his oldest daughter. If you see them together, you want them separated immediately...
Run Bitches! |UFCxWWE| {2016} #Wattys2015 by -thornsamongroses
Run Bitches! |UFCxWWE| {2016} Reaper Wilde🥀
Voted for: 🌟Best Original Character🌟 🌟Best Wrestlemania Moment🌟 🌟Highest Rank in Fanfiction: #247🌟 (I'M SOOOO THANKFUL FOR THOSE WHO VOTED! YOU GUYS WON!) *** &quo...
Be my Shield (Roman Reigns) by JadeLahote
Be my Shield (Roman Reigns)by JadeLahote
A damning betrayal by her best friend and fiance lead Mia-Rose right into her new role as the fourth member of The Shield. What she wasn't expecting was for that betraya...
The Shield's Recruitment by Lunatic_Princess_66
The Shield's Recruitmentby Lᴇx𝗒.ఌ
The Shield has just been attacked by Evolution. They need help. A diva that can keep Evolution from getting any help from the divas to help them. The Shield's powerhou...
Me and the hounds  by courtn3y_orton
Me and the hounds by Paris
Lucy is a 20 year old girl. Her dad is the WWE legend stone cold Steve Austin. She has been in the WWE for 1 year and now the shield is around. What happens when Lucy ha...
Limitless Love by Rkmna97
Limitless Loveby Rkmna97
A love story between a merman Seth Rollins and a massage specialist, Dean Ambrose.
The Hounds of Justice  by Kwaini1206
The Hounds of Justice by Kwaini1206
What happens when a girl joins the Shield? They dominate. Everywhere. The Shield is an unstoppable force of three until Roman's little sister joins them and they become...
Addiction | Seth Rollins by KxAmbrose
Addiction | Seth Rollinsby K
Katherine Garcia who is the youngest out of the four siblings also related to WWE Superstars the Bella Twins suffers from addiction. After her father sends her abroad to...
the heartbreaker || dean ambrose love story by idk_shelby
the heartbreaker || dean ambrose ELI (EE-LYE)
her father is one of the history books greatest, known as the heartbreak kid. he made the girls swoon and the mothers weak at the knees, now it's his dau...
The Shield's sister (REWRITTING!) by munbebe
The Shield's sister (REWRITTING!)by Viva la Raza!
Savanna Borden, better known by the ring name "Sistine", is the daughter of WWE Icon, Sting. Growing up watching her father wrestle on TV helped influence her...
Never Threaten A Man's Family by Lunatic_Princess_66
Never Threaten A Man's Familyby Lᴇx𝗒.ఌ
Leila Uso is the youngest of her triplets. Her two older twin brothers being Jimmy and Jey Uso. She's very close to them both and at one point was very close to their co...
Warrior// WWE FanFic by courtn3y_orton
Warrior// WWE FanFicby Paris
She's an Orton, She a fighter, With her brother injured.... 3 boys fighting for her attention Nobody realised how much of a warrior she would be. Previously called: Ra...
- Living With A Lunatic | Dean Ambrose. by Kayy-Mariee
- Living With A Lunatic | Dean Stay Gold.💛
- Taylor is the little sister of Seth Rollins. She travels with The Shield on the road. Which means she lives with the rest of The Shield, but what happens when unexpect...
Black Widow | Roman Reigns  by hayesrayne7
Black Widow | Roman Reigns by Hayes Rayne
{We are going to pretend that AJ Lee does not exist in this book!}
Two Broken Hearts Become One by Lunatic_Princess_66
Two Broken Hearts Become Oneby Lᴇx𝗒.ఌ
It's been 2 years since his fiancé passed away in a car accident. He's been raising his daughter alone with the help of his family and friends. It's been two years sinc...
Forced Love (Roman Reigns Fanfiction) by _hedwigsrevenge
Forced Love (Roman Reigns Hello and Whats Up
[B O O K O N E] "I love you for all that you are. All that you have been, and all that you will be." ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (This was written when I was in midd...
Welcome to the Queendom by ShieldBeliever13
Welcome to the Queendomby ShieldBeliever13
Chelsea was what you could say a rebel. She did what she wanted, when she wanted, how she wanted. After seven long years of wrestling in the Indies, she was finally call...
𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐄𝐑𝐀𝐋 𝐌𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐆𝐄𝐑 ✦ 𝐑 ➥ ❀ moony₊✧
Shay McMahon-Levesque, Hunter and Stephanie's daughter starts with the family business becoming the general manager of both Raw and SmackDown. She's a worthy boss but w...
Personal by bibliotic
Personalby lil’ red
-EXTENDED SUMMARY INSIDE- "I'm tired of being the good girl, I'm tired of putting everyone else first, and I'm tired of working so damn hard just to be given absolu...
At the end of the day... We're still family  by Lunatic_Princess_66
At the end of the day... We're Lᴇx𝗒.ఌ
2 years ago, ago, Skylar Jade made a mistake. A huge one. But it was a tough decision. TNA invaded WWE and targeted everyone Skylar loved. Including her father. Skylar...