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  • The Fall of Us
    144K 4.5K 46

    It's been five years. Five years of amazing life here in Berk. It has been five years that Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the III changed the way they live now. Yet Hiccup hasn't completely changed everything. Since he was a gangly nobody, he has his eyes on a paticular girl. That girl too had her eyes on a boy. But when a...

  • hiccstrid moments~a hiccstrid fan fic
    1.3K 26 1

    This is a hiccstrid fan fic and the moments are quite tough when hiccup and astrid are married read the book if u wanna find out! also this is my first book!

  • Getting Up
    67.7K 2.3K 36

    Had they dated? Yes. Had they kissed? Yes. Had they said the three letter word to each other? No. The journey where they would learn what they feel for each other. Being seperated, Astrid needs to come out and find him. She needs to find Hiccup before it's too late. Because if he says the two letter word at the wrong...

  • Hiccstrid~one shots
    206K 4.4K 51

    This is just some dabbles of Hiccstrid. One shots only, not continuation. If you have a request for a one shot, tell me! Peace out!

    16K 598 15

    Pitch is back but with company. The guardians must defeat him once and for all! But the man in the moon has chosen 4 more guardians. Hiccup,Merida,Rapunzel and Elsa. Would they defeat Pitch and the others? Or would they fall apart? Join us and find out what is opposite of darkness without lights.

  • Dragons: The New Chief
    207K 4.9K 63

    Right after becoming chief, Hiccup faces a tough path ahead. From his walk through mourning, to relationships and much more, the new chief faces many hardships during his first year as chief. What will become of the sorrowful young man? Will he and Astrid become more than what they were? And what new things with the C...