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  • The Unusual Ways of Erwin Gregory
    8.6K 240 5

    Bring her flowers, spoil her with gifts, and shower her with compliments. That’s how you get the girl. However, Erwin Gregory will do much more. Upon seeing Margoth Manson in the crime scene with the sheriff who happened to be her father, Erwin Gregory went to the extent of stepping out as a witness in a murder he...

  • Chasing Troublemaker
    124 11 1

    “She looks kind, she looks innocent, her face can make you fall in just a second! But looks can be deceiving, they say. She’s not kind, she’s definitely not innocent! And damn, her face may look beautiful, but she’s the baddest girl I’ve ever met in my entire life!”

  • Takishima Book Cover Shop
    61.4K 1.8K 110


  • Labyrinth; SM Entertainment's New Mixed Gender Group
    3.7K 211 22

    SM Entertainment,one of the biggest money maker company in Korea,decided to form a mixed gender group after Red Velvet's debut success. A one of a kind group with 12 members,overflowing with charisma not just to satisfy the fans but to rule and reign the entire world with their brand new singing,rapping,and dancing sk...

  • Super Bad (Completed 2013)
    2.1M 86.7K 41

    Ranked #1 in Action, #1 Adventure, #2 in Sci Fi "Whatever you do, don't let your blood run cold." "And if it does?" "Run. Run like hell. Run away from everyone you ever cared about." +++++++++++++ Jessie Daniels is just like you. She uses reading as an escape from her average, bookworm life. She envies and wi...

  • My Probinsyana Girl (Published Book)
    3.1M 41.8K 36

    My Probinsyana Girl is now a published book under Life is Beautiful (LIB) for only 129.75 PhP. Available on different bookstores nationwide. Visit my Facebook page for more updates and info: Please do grab an copy and keep supporting! Thank you so much! Book cover illustrated by: its...

  • My Jealous Stepbrother (Book 2)
    4.4M 91.3K 58

    [MJS BOOK 2] After 3 years, JD is back...with a vengeance to make Rina's life a living hell. He wants to hurt her the same way she did to him. He'll make his stepsister regret what she have done to a warlord like him. That no one mess up with some JD Villafuerte...and make him foolishly in love with his greatest obses...

  • Bestfriend | Taehyung
    5.8K 347 6

    ↻ whereine ianne cliche-ly falls in love with her bestfriend who hadn't had the chance to love her back // kim taehyung fanfiction.⟩ "a bestfriend's love is all I need, is that too much to ask?"

  • Bagito
    230 17 1

    putangina ako'y nabagito

  • Demigoddess - Daughter of Hades
    282K 9.8K 17

    Demigoddess Trilogy - 3/3 ☠ Papa rules the Underworld. The only thing you need to know about that place? No wifi. Yep, worse than hell. I'm a teenage demigod and uhmmm, I feel things?

  • Bangtan Sitter [ON-HOLD]
    7.4K 247 4

    Dahil sa sadyang sakim ang kanyang tatay, ginawang chimay si Myka ng Bangtan.

  • Kpop Lyrics
    193K 537 210

    {COMPLETED} BUT YOU CAN STILL REQUEST. Just go to my profile and find KPOP LYRICS 2

  • Who Killed Jeon Jungkook?
    190K 9.8K 41

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION || "The sweetest smile hides the darkest secrets"

  • Stellar Shop
    691 9 4

    graphic & trailer shop { OPEN // temp. closed // closed // hiatus // busy }

  • How to Break a Heart (To be published by LIB)
    2.5M 56.5K 50

    Allie De Guzman decided to break-up with her two-year long boyfriend. The only problem is, ayaw siyang pakawalan ng boyfriend niya. That-and she just don't have the guts to break his heart. And that's when Arron Gene Valencia, the well-known heart breaker comes in. With Arron's help, will Allie learn How to Break a He...

  • The girl who cried murder
    4M 167K 39

    Ripper series #1: Envied for her almost perfect life, Tamara Consulacion has everything a girl could ever ask for. But what happens when the good girl gets tangled to a serial killer's game? Time is ticking as the body count rises, with riddles to solve and loved ones to protect, can the good girl live long enough to...

  • Baby Don't Cry (One Shot)
    36.7K 697 1

    Make her feel very special and loved because you don't know when she will be gone in this world forever.

    35.8K 652 23

    Random tutorials incoming! Add to your RL to be updated! [Slow Updates] Sharing little knowledge since: 09/01/13

  • Hi, I'm Google.
    229K 4K 18

    "Believe me, you don't want to challenge me." -Google Pleigh {discontinued}

  • Welcome to the Block
    417K 13.7K 27

    "Whatever you do, don't cross the border. Don't ever go to Block B."

  • Anti-HunHan
    263K 7.8K 21

    { Anti-HunHan } Hindi ka pumunta ng Korea para sa EXO (well isang dahilan lang 'yun), pumunta ka ng Korea para manira ng relasyon. Teka, saglit--ibahin natin 'yung term baka magwala ka. Pumunta ka ng Korea para manghuli ng baklitang pokemon na lumalandi sa bias mo. Good luck na lang sa'yo. { Anti-HunHan 2: Anti-HanRa...

  • Vampire City: Not Your Ordinary Vampire Story
    9M 212K 60

    [Vampire City Series #1] Ingrid Sy belongs to a very wealthy family. When her father forced her to marry the man she doesn't love, escape is the only thing that came to her mind. Out of curiosity, she went to a city. A city where no one can enter. Will she be brave enough to face all the consequences that...