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  • Moonrise(Rising Of The Shield Hero x Great One Male Reader)
    286K 7.3K 27

    A Great One is a superior being, above all levels of existence a human could even hope to achieve. Merely learning the eldritch truth around these great beasts could drive a man mad, so that his mind could be used to help another begin to learn that same truth. Insight is a measure of knowledge of the unknown. The m...

  • My Hero Academia X Male Gamer Reader
    52K 1.4K 10

    Who shall remember me? A soldier, dying in another man's war. Another son to join the fields of bodies. Who shall remember? My commanders...see me as a pawn. My comrades...I can no longer feel their presence. My friends...Grieve, and move on. My family...their hearts shall forget the pain. My lover...deserved better...

  • Reborn - A RWBY fanfic
    3.5K 42 5

    Image not owned by me. RWBY doesn't belong to me. Only the story belongs to me.

  • RWBY: Predator (Velvet Scarlatina x Male Grimm Reader)
    4.6K 45 5

    I only own the story. I own nothing else. RWBY belongs to RoosterTeeth. Warning!!!!: Gory and lots of bloodshed.

  • Trouble on the Horizon ((Book One in the "Forgotten History" Trilogy))
    67 4 4

    A ancient species long at peace, but on the brink of a terrible war. Out of all of them, two are the most important. The first brimming with magic, the second with barely any. The beginning of their relationship triggers the end of their kind.

  • Black0taku's Mind
    29.4K 239 46

    Theorys, stupid questions, and other random shit. WELCOME TO MY MIND BICTHES!!!

  • Harmonic Heart (RWBY Cheater Story) (Complete)
    195K 2.3K 42

    (F/n) was a teen that ran away from the orphanage that he grew up in and lived a carefree live in a ruined parts of Vale. But he started to change when he experience his first heartbreak, and learns from his origins. This will be my first cheater story, and it may not be the best, but I'll try my best. Also, this stor...

    Completed   Mature
  • Combat dialogue with anime and male reader
    16.2K 198 15

    What if there was a game just like MKX with anime and other games and you the reader and having your own dialog when fight a certain opponent. Let see!

  • Dragon ball Abridged x Male Rayquaza Reader [Male Reader insert]
    433K 6.1K 119

    you were a man with a special ability to turn into the legendary Pokémon, Rayquaza. but when the world is in danger of destruction from threats like the saiyans, frieza, cella, Majin buu and other troubles to come. it's up to you and the z warriors to defend it.