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  • Two Halves of a Heart (Thorin Oakenshield love story: sequel to The Quiet One)
    7K 364 4

    A heart needs both halves to work properly and live peacefully. While Thorin and Violet lie a world away from each-other, desperately trying to regain the other. When Violet become worried and anxious when hearing news of Thorin during a party being held in the shire, she sets out to find him, while Thorin himself has...

  • The Golden Hunter (Thorin Oakensheild Story) {UNDER MAJOR EDITING}
    71.2K 1.6K 15

    The Golden Hunter. That is what Alix is know as. She is a skin-chager, A white lioness. A hunter with a thirst for orc blood. When a dear friend of hers with a pointed grey hat comes along and she accepts to go on a quest, what will happen when she starts to fall for a certain king. Will he return the feelings, Or lea...

  • Daenerys's Unexpected Journey (A Thorin Oakenshield Story)
    16K 304 14

    Daenerys is Bilbo's adopted niece who lives in the shire with Bilbo. Daenerys goes on an adventure with Bilbo to help the dwarves of Erebor to take back the lonely mountain. She never thought she would fall for him yet it happened and something else happens with the dwarf king. Also Daenerys has a secret something tha...

  • 2Girls with an unexpected adventure
    805 24 5

    Life's just normal for the two girls, both happy bestfriends! But one day while they are in Peterbrough in one sudden tiny arguemt they turn up in Middle Earth with, 13 dwarves, 1wizard and 1hobbit. what will happen? Authors note: Disclaimer for all chapters as I do not own the book of Hobbit. This is my version of th...

  • Where Demons Hide [A Hobbit Fan Fiction]
    5.1K 163 21

    hobbit fanfiction read on and enjoy TheDarkAvenger

  • Nothing More
    12.1K 485 16

    When Gelli (half dwarf, half high elf) finds herself in the company of Thorin Oakenshield. Will she be accepted by the group? and will He accept her? Gelli lived along side her father and mother in Erebor until smaug arrived destroying everything she holds dear. What will come of her? Will she find what she lost?

  • DragoWings
    9.3K 365 13

    Her story continues! Emerald Fire has been found by her friends in the house of Beorn the last Shifter, but their journey is far from done. She is expecting death, and bravery, but not family long thought dead, not new friends, and definatley

  • Thorin Oakenshield Stole My Heart 2
    3K 91 16

    The second Fanficton book for the Hobbit movies!! (This one follows the second Hobbit movie. Please leave me comments if you find any errors.) Eminork and Thorin begin their official journey as a couple but it will soon be ended by a visit to Lake-town. Eminork is carrying Thorin's child but Bard will come in between...

  • A Dwarf King's Star
    75 10 1

    A Thorin Love Story Elentiya or Elendil, the North Star, is a princess in her own kingdom which has been taken over by the Darklings. Elentiya's mother and father see only one option, to send their only child and heir to live among mortals. Bilbo is just a simple Hobbit from the Shire when everyone sees the North Sta...

  • Mermaid In The Mountain
    3K 138 2

  • MINX (The Hobbit fanfic)
    14.7K 498 10

    Scared and alone, Minx needs to find out who she is and get her powers under control. She finds help and is challenged by a certain wizard to join him on her first quest. Unsure of what her companions will think of her, she decides to hide her powers until the time is right. NOTICE: This Hobbit fanfic will contain som...

  • Thorin's Lost Love(Thorin Oakenshield love story)
    164K 3.2K 44

    Katharine Miller is the fiance of none other than Thorin Oakenshield,King of under the mountain.Both thought each other was dead but still wanted to look for their love's body, so they can bury in a special place.What happens when a certain wizard brings them together again?

  • The King and The Baker
    26.3K 774 36

    (Set after the Battle of Five Armies) Dwarves flock back to Erebor in full force, excited about their new home. Thorin Oakenshield was King Under the Mountain and although he'd never planned to take a wife many eager, haughty Dwarrowdams pursued him anyway. But then there was Ora, a mellow minded Dwarrowdam and a simp...

  • An unexpected family (the hobbit/thorin Oakenshield love story)
    301K 8.5K 35

    Katiea is nothing but a mere Hobbit. She is 30 years old and neighbor to Bilbo Baggins. Her life she finds boring, wanting nothing more than to see what is beyond the Shire. When she is sent to Bilbos house one night to deliver some muffins made by her mother...she's pulled into something she would have never expected.

  • by my oath [oakenshield] [spin-off]
    20.8K 777 15

    Everything happened so quickly: from the first time they met, the quest, the dragon, and now the sickness. Anne didn't want him to fall; she wouldn't let him fall. She swore to herself that she would do everything in her power to keep him from succumbing to the Dragon Sickness like Thror. But can she save him, or will...

  • Fly (A Thorin love story)
    34.6K 993 20

    I live in Middle Earth. My home is the Village of Light. We are all from the race of fairies. When you first hear the word fairy or pixie you think tiny creature that flies around making plants grow. That is nothing but a fairy tale. We are small, yes, but we are about the size of a dwarf. Some of us live amongst the...

  • The quiet one (Thorin Oakenshield love story)
    527K 15.2K 54

    Dwarves are known to be loud and rambunctious...however Violet is timid, shy and quiet, Bilbos neighbor with a thick shell, however she has one skill the dwarves intensely admire...she is an astonishing fighter. This is something they could use on their journey. Also, the skill that happens to catch the eye of a certa...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Dragons' Daughter (Thorin Oakenshield/OFC)
    129K 4.9K 40

    When Clarrei, daughter of Smaug came to the Shire, she had nothing but her father's tyranny to bear. However, that all changed the day she met Thorin Oakenshield and his Company. Can Clarrei wash her hands of her fathers legacy, and can she find her own happy ending?

  • Unexpected Love
    23.2K 775 30

    A story about dwarf lord Thorin Oakenshield and an elf from Mirkwood called Fehlina. Size and background doesn't matter, all is fair in love and war. PS! I do not own the cover photo! Credit to owner Rodrigo Gonzáles T.

  • 'Lost Without You'- A Thorin Oakenshield Fanfic
    48.9K 1.9K 15

    ~SEQUEL TO "INTO YOUR ARMS"~ Thorin Oakenshield, son of Thraín, son of Thrôr, King Under the Mountain. Trekking across Middle Earth with his kinsmen, a wizard and a hobbit to reclaim Erebor, with the addition of someone dear from his past. Battling marauding enemies, inner turmoil and the struggle of reconciliation, t...

  • Maybe...I love you (Thorin Oakenshield love story)
    40.1K 1.5K 18

    Melody is just a tiny hobbit who is a good friend of Bilbos. Though she is small she goes through big changes and....she manages to leave a big mark on Thorin oakenshields heart.

  • Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Unexpected Love (thorin love story)
    40.6K 891 17

    I do not own Lord of the rings or the hobbit those belong to JRR Tolkien, Newline Cinema, and Warner brothers and Peter Jackson for his wonderful films---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adrianna is a half dwarf half human, her hu...

  • Blood of the Dragon (Thorin Oakenshield)
    2K 79 3

    Kalaera is by all means the model example of a dwarf; master of multiple weapons and their many styles, can proudly hold her own in any smithy, and she might have even trained a prince or two when she stops by the Blue Mountains. She’s just missing the beard that any proud dwarf would have. Thorin has never met the my...

  • Not just a Hobbit- Thorin Oakenshield
    630 22 5

    Sunny. Niece to Biblo Baggins. One who can never have adventure but craves it none the less. Could Thorin be the one to bring it to her?

  • Where Light Once Shined (A Thorin Oakenshield Love Story)
    2.1K 87 5

    Ballineth of Mirkwood had befriended Thorin Oakenshield when the great kingdom of Erebor still existed. They had been friends, and maybe even more. But the two are separated after Thranduil, King Of The Woodland Realm's, last visit. When they reunite on a quest to reclaim a homeland, will they be able to find the fri...

  • Does he really hate me that much? (a Thorin Oakenshield love story!)
    777 38 2

    My name is Syrena and I am the granddaughter of Gandalf, the grey Wizard. My parents are dead, so he took me in. There is something different about me though.....Im an elf unlike my Grandfather or my family. Was there something he wasn't telling me? One day, Gandalf says that he needed to go on a quest...Will I follow...

  • More Than Your King (Thorin Oakenshield love story)
    103K 2.5K 31

    My name is Marina. I and half Elf and half Dwarf. I have been summoned to join the company of Thorin Oakenshield on a quest to reclaim Erebor. Through many dangers love seems to seep its way into my heart again, only this time in the form of a stubborn dwarf king.

    Completed   Mature
  • I am loyalty (Thorin / OC )
    299K 9.4K 44

    I am loyalty. I am fire made flesh. I am yours. Pain.Fear.Sadness.Guilt. This is all she feels. After decades of torment , Adrianna (one of the last shifters in Middle-earth) starts to go crazy. She slaughters any Orc she finds , but never mind how much blood she spills , it's never enough. An old friend comes to Ad...

  • My love ( Thorin Oakensheild love story) (On Hold)
    9.7K 232 17

    Thorin Oakensheild has never liked elves ever since the day that Smaug the fire breathing dragon came and destroyed his home. When Gandalf went to get the 15th member of the company he brought an elf. Thorin shows all of his hate and anger to that on elf Ash. Who new that the mighty Thorin Oakensheild would fall in lo...

  • Dragoscales (EDITING!)
    27.3K 923 13

    Emerald Fire was born thinking her parents were dead. Raised by elves, she learns of her power to Shapeshift into a dragon. Gandalf the Grey shows up unexpectedly, and invites her on a quest with thirteen dwarves and a hobbit. How could she decline? It was something to do rather than sit around in Rivendel any longer...