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Healing, Magic, And Unexpected Adventures by Bobster06
Healing, Magic, And Unexpected Adv...by Bobster06
Bouvardia Delphini Baggins is a hobbit of the Shire who has failed to be as respectable as her uncle is since she was first found. Now she spends her time as an underage...
Bloodstained (Thorin x OC) by StarryNight2202
Bloodstained (Thorin x OC)by StarryNight2202
After wandering Middle Earth for almost three centuries, Agarwaen, an elven outcast, gets roped into accompanying a dwarven company on a quest to reclaim their homeland...
Lost and Found (A Once Upon a Time/The Hobbit fanfic.) by MegLPie
Lost and Found (A Once Upon a Time...by Meg
The life of a pirate's daughter is exciting, but what do you do when a villain is hunting you down and your father has abandoned you? You find yourself a new realm, meet...
The Dragons' Daughter (Thorin Oakenshield/OFC) by MDeas1998
The Dragons' Daughter (Thorin Oake...by WitchyOne98
When Clarrei, daughter of Smaug came to the Shire, she had nothing but her father's tyranny to bear. However, that all changed the day she met Thorin Oakenshield and his...
Lost Princess of Gondolin by bulbasaur_gyal
Lost Princess of Gondolinby bulbasaur_gyal.0123
I don't own any of the Hobbit characters only Colwen and other that are not in the movies or books
The Journey Of Eleanor Baggins (Dwalin LS) by AngelWings00
The Journey Of Eleanor Baggins (Dw...by AngelWings00
Eleanor Baggins is the adopted sister of Bilbo Baggins. She was saved by Belladonna after running from a raid upon her tribe, she was the only survivor. What happens wh...
The King's Heir by KylieHopper0
The King's Heirby Kylie
Thalia Oakenshield is the daughter of Thorin Oakenshield, The Last King Under the Mountain. This her story of growing up with dwarves and going on adventures with them...
The Rebel (Thorin x OC) by iAltoSax
The Rebel (Thorin x OC)by iAltoSax
Bellethiel is a she-elf who has lived a long life. Along with this life has come many trials and suffering. She has a dark and mysterious past that is some how linked to...
What Actually Happened With Thorin in Mirkwood by dreamescape07
What Actually Happened With Thorin...by I need a wok for Christmas
Thorin Oakenshield and Co. show up in Mirkwood. But after being arrested, the sassy Elvenking and his son have a few words for them.
Queen Under The Mountain [#Wattys2017] [Complete] by Sarah-The-Fan
Queen Under The Mountain [#Wattys2...by Sairz
What if Thorin never died? How did he survive?
Lone Survivor (Thorin x OC) by iAltoSax
Lone Survivor (Thorin x OC)by iAltoSax
[TEMPORARILY DISCONTINUED] Sophitia is a woman who lived in a world of monsters for what felt like forever. She's a survivor who's seen the world around her fall apart t...
The Hobbit: A Mistaken Home by Majosharch
The Hobbit: A Mistaken Homeby Majosharch
What if you were transported to a world that you thought only exists in a book? What if you bore the knowledge of Middle-Earth's future? Would it be a gift, or a curse...
The Truth Beneath the Rose by csparks06
The Truth Beneath the Roseby C. Sparks
"But roses can be quite troublesome. They are beautiful and alluring on the surface, but their true nature lies hidden in the shadows. For underneath their delicate...
Thorin Oakenshield fanfic by 3DGA7X
Thorin Oakenshield fanficby Kenna Lou :)
*Will have spoilers!!!! read at your own risk!!**I saw The Hobbit, and instantly fell in love with Thorin!!!! I have been thinking of this story ALL DAY so I decided to...
Illegal love ~ the skinchanger book 1 *under construction* by LordOfHobbits
Illegal love ~ the skinchanger boo...by Happy Hufflepuff
Hi!! I am working my way through this book, updating the chapters! (the chapters WITHOUT special titles are new) Hope you all enjoy it xx ~~~~~ The Company of Thorin Oa...
A Treasure Beyond Compare (ThorinxOC) by ValinorsTwilight
A Treasure Beyond Compare (Thorinx...by DragonQueen
A down on her luck adjunct professor living through the pandemic has a strange encounter with a wizard and finds herself transported to Middle Earth. Alone and penniless...
The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Imagines by kryptonite_clouds
The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings I...by Alaska
Just little imagines for the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.
The Fifteenth Member (Thorin Oakenshield/OFC) by Lady-Gisborne
The Fifteenth Member (Thorin Oaken...by Lady Sharpe
When Mereniver Hador, a girl in her late teens, is discovered to be a memaid, she has to run. She flees into the forest in hopes that she will never be found but of cou...
Endotherm {Thorin/Hobbit} by Patagonian
Endotherm {Thorin/Hobbit}by Fletcher
"The world was young, the mountains green, No stain yet on the Moon was seen, No words were laid on stream or stone When Durin woke and walked alone. He named the n...
Fool for u by LisaMuller5
Fool for uby Lisa Muller
The Hobbit Fanfiction Bofur x OC It was hard to imagine Bofur taking anything seriously. He was the optimistic one of the Company, the one always joking around, the one...