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Little burgalar (Thorin Oakenshield x reader) by Lohikaarmemestari
Little burgalar (Thorin Ronja 🐉🦖
What if Bilbo wasn't the only Hobbit who go whit the dwarves? What if Bilbo had a sister? Can Y/N Baggins melt the heart of Thorin Oakshield? I don't own The Hobbit, thi...
A Hobbits Tale by FaithLinn
A Hobbits Taleby Gabrielle Faith Linn
A Bofur X You romance following The Hobbit. I will try and update as much as I can. ^_^ please Read, Vote, Comment! Thank you!!!! I will try to keep it PG13 but if you w...
Dwarven Denouement by LuthienCalaelen
Dwarven Denouementby Annelise Hairt
Neana Zirak was bullied and has never had any friends. But that changed when she met Fili and Kili by chance. They know everything about each other. Each other's favorit...
Fool for u by LisaMuller5
Fool for uby Lisa Muller
The Hobbit Fanfiction Bofur x OC It was hard to imagine Bofur taking anything seriously. He was the optimistic one of the Company, the one always joking around, the one...
Extra Company (Hobbit various x reader) by Lunawolf34
Extra Company (Hobbit various x J. E. Collins
Gandalf searches for someone who could prove useful to the Thorin's quest to reclaim the mountain. Specifically a dragon killer. *art and characters are no mine except f...
Healing, Magic, And Unexpected Adventures by Bobster06
Healing, Magic, And Unexpected Bobster06
Bouvardia Delphini Baggins is a hobbit of the Shire who has failed to be as respectable as her uncle is since she was first found. Now she spends her time as an underage...
Jeweled dolls of Durin by lunawolf8074
Jeweled dolls of Durinby lunawolf8074
Bofur meets a young dwarf girl who will not only change his life but the line of Durin permanently ..for good or for bad will be decided along the way. Warning: there w...
Treasured Love | Thorin Oakenshield. by _CrystalFox_
Treasured Love | Thorin CrystalFox
[COMPLETED] One fateful day, Keena Gredan never would have thought to meet 13 dwarves and a Grey Wizard in her hobbit hole where she lives with Bilbo Baggins. They had...
Eiki the Blacksmith by trackher
Eiki the Blacksmithby TrackHer
A female black Smith in middle Earth. How will the company of Thorin Oakenshield handle a Dwarrowdam such as this! This is what you get for putting Balin in charge of r...
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The Hobbit - Reader One Shots by BackwardsMagic
The Hobbit - Reader One Shotsby BackwardsMagic
A series of one shots with the characters in the movie version of the Hobbit. I hope you enjoy :)
Insanity | A Hobbit Fanfiction by Fandom_obsessed
Insanity | A Hobbit Fanfictionby Fandom_obsessed
While at his cousin Dains, Thorin finds a Broken witch in his dungeons. She tells him that he needs her for his journey to be successful. She joins the company, adding p...
The Hobbit &The Lord of The Rings Imagines by TMNT221BHobbit
The Hobbit &The Lord of The Rhea Alberad
Your dear lover of Middle-Earth can show his love for you in this Imagine story. I will write about ANY character in the Hobbit and Lord of The Rings to YOUR liking. Whe...
Balara, Girl of The Forest//Fili by d1sco-ballz
Balara, Girl of The Forest//Filiby Sarah-Anne
Balara. When only in her tweens, as hobbits call it, was forced out of her home in the forest realm by her father Thranduil. She carried all seven sins, and with that, h...
Lotr One Shots!!! by turtlelizard
Lotr One Shots!!!by Aid
This is a oneshots book... Yes I will write smut Yes I will write death Yes I will write angst I will not write rape thanks Tamm
A Twist of Fate by CatsTheEnd
A Twist of Fateby Wren
𝕭𝖎𝖑𝖇𝖔 𝕭𝖆𝖌𝖌𝖎𝖓𝖘 ❝By the blood of my people, I will protect you.❞ [An Unexpected Journey-Battle of the Five Armies]
A One-Shot Collection: "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" by Patagonian
A One-Shot Collection: "The Lord Fletcher
For your own imaginative purposes, as well as my own, I present "A One-Shot Collection." By request, I will write and post imagines or preferences for any and...
Tolkien reader inserts/one shots by MegLPie
Tolkien reader inserts/one shotsby Meg
So here begins my collection of Tolkien one shots! Feel free to send in requests! I will write for: *Thorin Oakenshield *Thranduil *Fili *Kili *Bofur *Dwalin *Bard *Lin...
The Other Baggins by Whovian1320
The Other Bagginsby Queen_Mercury
"Gandalf. I thought you said this place would be easy to find. I lost my way, twice. Wouldn't have found it at all had it not been for that mark on the door,"...
Hobbit and Lord of the Rings oneshots, Book 1 by confused_typewriter
Hobbit and Lord of the Rings June 3, 2023 💍
Requests are open!! !!!!!!NEW!!!!!! You can request oneshots, quickshots, preferences, AND imagines!! MOSTLY 'THE HOBBIT' CHARACTERS I ALSO INCLUDE BOROMIR, FARAMIR, ARA...
The Shire's Deadly Flower by AmericanPopsicle
The Shire's Deadly Flowerby AmericanPopsicle
"He looked rugged and dangerous. He looked like a king." The sister of Bilbo Baggins has been raised to be a high society hobbit woman all her life. However...