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LOTR & Hobbit Imagines by Melodys_Wings
LOTR & Hobbit Imaginesby Livy
Just a bunch of Tolkien stuff :) Please comment any Imagine ideas you have!
Forgive Me (Legolas fanfic) (COMPLETED) by randomness_fanfic
Forgive Me (Legolas fanfic) (COMPL...by YOLO
Nothing will change her mind. She hates me. Forgive me. Please. Author's notes: Hey guys! So, this is my first ever Legolas fanfiction and if you simply dislike it ple...
The Hobbit : One Shots by ElainaHart
The Hobbit : One Shotsby Elaina Hart
Recently changed this to regular one shot, so it can a modern reader or someone who was born and raised in middle earth. The only reason I made it a modern reader only w...
Heiress of Isildur (Legolas Love Story) by WrenRue
Heiress of Isildur (Legolas Love S...by Wren
Farren and her brother Aragorn have wandered Middle Earth for the best part of a century, however with the discovery of the One Ring Farren is thrown into an epic journe...
Delicate by Wtfauthor
Delicateby ✨
Legolas had just arrived back in Mirkwood, only to find out that he was to be wed. The elleth being (y/n) Aredhel, daughter to Lord and Lady Aredhel-two of the most str...
Stone Blind (Legolas x reader) by Wtfauthor
Stone Blind (Legolas x reader)by ✨
(y/n) was an elleth who carried a very peculiar charm, if you could call it that. She wasn't like all the other elves, no, she didn't like to read, ride horses or go on...
The Half Breed Ranger by wolfandphoenix
The Half Breed Rangerby Wolf and Phoenix
Amanda, a Ranger of the North was asked by Gandalf to join a quest to reclaim the lonely mountain from a Dragon. At first, Thorin was sceptical about her joining their q...
Book 3: Remember Me [Thorin Oakenshield] by Animemadness101
Book 3: Remember Me [Thorin Oakens...by Animemadness101
They have reclaimed their homeland after battling the mighty beast that dared to take it from them sixty years ago. And now an even greater threat marches upon their doo...
Legends (Hobbit/Percy Jackson Crossover) by catalan_andrea
Legends (Hobbit/Percy Jackson Cros...by Andrea Montes
Malia Rose Carter is a demigod, the daughter of Neptune and the half sister of Percy Jackson. Years after the Roman and Greek demigods defeated Gaea, Malia leaves Camp J...
Return to Me (Kili) by emmaofthe9fingers
Return to Me (Kili)by Emmaofthe9fingers
Priscilla Baggins has always wondered what life outside the Shire was like, but never dared to leave it. Living with her brother Bilbo in Bag End, she's content to live...
The Three Women Of Durin by Mango-quotev
The Three Women Of Durinby MANG0
Three girls: Rosie, Frankie and Cece find themselves rolling off the side of a road and crashing in a thicket of trees. It's a tumble downhill, full of bumps, bruises bu...
An Unexpected Fanfiction: The Hobbit & LOTR One Shots by howunexpectedlyso
An Unexpected Fanfiction: The Hobb...by howunexpectedlyso
Hello there! This is a Hobbit and LOTR one shots book. Any and all stories about here, from fluff to super depressing to tears-inducing funny (well, at least I try for t...
Storm Of Arrows ➝ The Lord of the Rings ✓ by _imagine_fantasy_
Storm Of Arrows ➝ The Lord of the...by inactive
Storm Of Arrows ➝ Lord of the Rings [Legolas] ✓ 2014 Hunting Spiders in the forest of Mirkwood, Legolas, Prince of the Woodland Realm, comes across a injured young woma...
LOTR/Hobbit imagines and one-shots by LightTheNight23
LOTR/Hobbit imagines and one-shotsby LightTheNight23
Multiple one-shots dedicated to Tolkien's wonderful characters. Requests are open and so on (just like my other works, so request whenever). P.S. you can also find the o...
Hobbit/Lotr One Shots by tartaqlia
Hobbit/Lotr One Shotsby kai
Just a collection of Hobbit and Lotr One Shots
Little Hobbit Imagines by bettythedwarfqueen
Little Hobbit Imaginesby BETH
Guess who's back in the game guys~ We have fluff, a sprinkle of angst, and all the innuendos. We also have an unseemly amount of Ori fics if you hadn't noticed. Triggers...
Scarlet Wish by Piccolo178
Scarlet Wishby Piccolo178
Harry and Draco never believed the fact that they were going to change the life of people until they get their inheritance. Will they be able to accept the fact that the...
Daughter of Starlight by alena_shatalova
Daughter of Starlightby Alena
The epic tale of the company of Thorin Oakenshield has been recounted time and time again, an adventure unlike any other Middle-earth has seen. The story of how thirteen...
The Hobbit imagines/Preferences ( requests open) by Sangsterslove
The Hobbit imagines/Preferences (...by Sangsterslove
Writing this story with a friend We're doing: Thorin Fili Kili Legolas Bard But if requested anybody else of the hobbit trilogy as well :))
The Hobbit - Across Worlds by TheDregs763
The Hobbit - Across Worldsby TheDregs763
Ailleth. Odd name for a modern day girl, maybe that's because not everything about her life is as it seems. Parentless and knowing nothing about herself she was left on...