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The Christmas Clause : Bernard and OC by Teetrower
The Christmas Clause : Bernard and...by EmmaGoff
Mother died when I was young and I was left in the care of my uncle, Scott Calvin. He was a toy maker, however this was going to change. 6 years later and another Christ...
Sauron's Adopted Daughter by l-e-g-o-l-a-s
Sauron's Adopted Daughterby Legolas Greenleaf
Caladwen was a baby elf who lost her family. She was all alone when Sauron, Lord of Mordor found her. He took her back to Mordor with him and raised her as his own. She...
runando ~ A Thranduil Story by petrovina
runando ~ A Thranduil Storyby alessandra
Laineth is quite the abnormal Elleth, unique in her own way. Admittedly, you could say that about anyone, but Laineth is different, something no one in King Thranduil's...
My Brother Is The Tyrant Emperor (Complete) by arandomsecret
My Brother Is The Tyrant Emperor (...by ~KITSUNE~
She was an actress killed by a fan... Waking up into a novel she read and her brother is the male lead, the tyrant emperor... Luna Vanessa De Alphaesial, the only prince...
Love the little one OLD VERSION by joanneblackheart
Love the little one OLD VERSIONby Joanne Blackheart
We had been searching for our mate for over two years now. But we weren't going to lose hope. Me and my brother both knew that she was somewhere out there, we just had t...
Bloodstained (Thorin x OC) by StarryNight2202
Bloodstained (Thorin x OC)by StarryNight2202
After wandering Middle Earth for almost three centuries, Agarwaen, an elven outcast, gets roped into accompanying a dwarven company on a quest to reclaim their homeland...
Of The Sun (The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings/LOTR) by jinx1996
Of The Sun (The Hobbit/The Lord of...by Jinx
Anariel (Ahn-na-re-el) is the youngest daughter of Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel. Like her mother she posses great power, but unlike most elves she seeks adventure an...
A Kiss Before Dying(Legolas/Hobbit Fanfic) by kingsimba404
A Kiss Before Dying(Legolas/Hobbit...by Victoria Gold
A thousand years before Biblo baggins ever found the one ring, before Smaug was even born, a beautiful elleth was suppose to marry the Prince of Mirkwood to make sure th...
World of Leadale Plus OC by saka157
World of Leadale Plus OCby saka157
Quswan is retired soldier who just want to play game after his retirement from the army, but after his friend Cayna dead while playing the game, the game would be out of...
A Veela's Mate || Draco Malfoy by Foxandpanther
A Veela's Mate || Draco Malfoyby Remi
Draco Malfoy has always known he was a Veela. His father had been preparing him for years for his sixteenth birthday, for him to finally come into his inheritance. Right...
Protect & Serve LotR-Lord of the Rings Fanfiction - Fan Fiction -WattyAwards2012 by Lasarina
Protect & Serve LotR-Lord of the R...by Lasarina
She was a cop in her world, cursed and banished, she ends up in Middle-earth. Now she finds herself traveling with the Fellowship and struggling to adapt to a strange wo...
The Elf, the Hobbit and the Dwarf - Book 1 NEW VERSION by Nmalik11
The Elf, the Hobbit and the Dwarf...by Nmalik11
Once there was a Hobbit who set out on a quest to reclaim the homeland of the Erebor Dwarves of old. Never did he know where his journey would take him or what friendshi...
The King's Jewel (Thranduil Fanfiction) by eminems97
The King's Jewel (Thranduil Fanfic...by Emily
Thranduil's face loomed closer as he leaned down. Their eyes were locked, and Alina saw his darken almost imperceptibly with unknown emotions. Noses brushing again, he...
The Mob Character Shouldn't Have A Yandere Harem?! by UnknownFate25
The Mob Character Shouldn't Have A...by UnknownFate25
The Mob Character Shouldn't Have A Yandere Harem?! 50 years ago, rifts started to open around the world. Portals to other dimensions. And with their appearance, so did t...
The Dragon Prince//Male reader by IronDragon19
The Dragon Prince//Male readerby
The world was once peace between two races but war destroyed it and to make worst, humans wielded dark magic destroyed the dragon egg without mercy. The only egg that wa...
A Clause Journey (The Santa Clause story) 🎅🏻  by GH_stories
A Clause Journey (The Santa Clause...by GH_stories
When Y/n Calvin (17) spends christmas with her uncle Scott Calvin and her Cousin Charlie (9). Their Christmas becomes chaos as they start a new life in ......The North P...
The Ideal Holiday (Bernard x Reader) by WillowTheElf
The Ideal Holiday (Bernard x Reade...by Stan Marsh
Christmas isn't Y/N Calvin'S favourite thing ever, but things change after awhile, Y/N is a 18 year old girl that soon finds her christmas spirit...read on to find out.
A Tale of Time by Jelly_Legs
A Tale of Timeby Jelly_Legs
Bilbo Baggins isn't the only unexpected member of Thorin Oakenshield's company. Another is recruited by the Grey Wizard who believes that she may hold the key to the com...
Rimuru x Danmachi {The Crossover} by StaciaPLE
Rimuru x Danmachi {The Crossover}by Krul
With his revival, Rimuru travels worldwide to search for survivors of his country. Nothing stopped him from giving up hope that his friends had somehow survived. After h...
All Of My Life🧚‍♂️[Full] by DaryaVkook
All Of My Life🧚‍♂️[Full]by دریا
[کامل شده] کاپل: تهکوک [تهیونگ تاپ] ژانر: رومنس، فلاف، فانتزی، اِلف[پری بالدار]، اسمات، سوییت، هپی اند. جئون جونگکوک یه پسره که به شدت عاشق پری هاست و یه زندگی روزمره دا...