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Reverse Hero by Zapz77
Reverse Heroby Zapz7
"...Gramps, How come the Villain never wins?" Bell Cranel from a very young age has always wondered this. In every book, story, or legend that he has seen the...
Danmachi: The Revenant by KneeOil
Danmachi: The Revenantby KneeOil
Nothing complex, just Bell with Hit's powers.
Mage of flowers working at the pub by Rox18xx5
Mage of flowers working at the pubby Roxx18
Transported into a mysterious word, the great mage!(troll) Merlin finds himself in the world of danmachi. He saw everything from beginning, from the rise of Argonaut to...
Adventures of a Pet Rabbit by LegandorZ
Adventures of a Pet Rabbitby LegandorZ
Loki decides Ais needs to relax a bit and gets her drunk. Bell Cranel is pulled into the middle of it all.
the rejected rabbit ( Hiatus ) by Silent_Lover671
the rejected rabbit ( Hiatus )by The Gaming/music crew
One day bell decided to confess his feelings to ais but when he saw her kissing someone. bell saddened by the sight bell ran awy with tears in his eyes. bell decided to...
Even After All these Years You Still Get Flustered by Corano-San
Even After All these Years You Corano-San
A one shot a certain famous couple in Orario. Let's take a peek at a version of their future, shall we?
Bell Liones the son of Meliodas  by gogeta_blu
Bell Liones the son of Meliodas by dripgogeta
You know what's going on because of the title so go read it also I don't own danmachi or the seven deadly sins they belong to the amazing people who made them I sometime...
The Rabbit of the Moon Goddess by SecondOnlyreader
The Rabbit of the Moon Goddessby SecondOnlyreader
Artemis a goddess known for hating men no matter it be a child or elderly, but what if our red eyed rabbit met this man hating goddess first before Hestia what will chan...
Alfia Lemon by VeldaNova
Alfia Lemonby SuRaTiiiK
Warning ⚠️ : This fanfic is not mine... it belong to an author from Called "Albionir" All I did, is only translate the story in English the be...
The crannel family by michaelhoyez
The crannel familyby michaelhoyez
Cross overs of several anime characters to make a collage that would look like they are blood related to bell. These characters will interact with one another as the fam...
Danmachi Truth or Dare [Request Open] by vanagardd
Danmachi Truth or Dare [Request Kion
Danmachi Truth or Dare, Request are now open. If you have any request, please do comment.
Setting Sun (Danmachi x OC) by J0awd_
Setting Sun (Danmachi x OC)by J0awd
Story inspired by: @HirukoEmiyo Traditional oc story What else can i put here
Dragon's Sin in the World of Danmachi by DrDedot
Dragon's Sin in the World of DrDedot
(A crossover between the Seven Deadly Sins and Danmachi) Meliodas got sent into the world of Danmachi by the Supreme Deity during his time as the King of Liones, as he s...
||Danmachi|| The Betrayed Light by Drano_Kin
||Danmachi|| The Betrayed Lightby Drano_Kin
Bell Cranel is a 14 year old boy who is an adventurer and apart of the Hestia Familia, But one day he was betrayed by his Friends and Familia. But let's see where this s...
The legend of Orario by Kaizar58
The legend of Orarioby Kaizar58
Bell Cranel after being betrayed by everyone, returns two years later by accident to become the legend of Orario
Danmachi x MHA: Reincarnation by SenjuUzamaki
Danmachi x MHA: Reincarnationby Dragoon 0720
10,000 Years Ago the Age of Gods ended after the defeat of the One-Eyed Black Dragon, by the hands of Bell Cranel. As time went on Mortals and Monsters lived together in...
Immortal Rabbit by All-Fiction
Immortal Rabbitby Kumagawa~desu
"Immortality isn't living forever, that's not what it feels like. Immortality is everybody else dying." "A life this long, is like a battlefield, because...
Is it wrong for a God of Calamity to be an Adventurer? by ZdattyGames
Is it wrong for a God of ZdaTTy
"Minor Gods." This is what the Gods that were born out of people's desires were called. Bell Cranel was a normal adventurer in the eyes of all adventurers. How...
The Perfect Human in a Fantasy World by ZdattyGames
The Perfect Human in a Fantasy ZdaTTy
Torn from his everyday world by an enigmatic entity, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka is transported to a reality where gods and humans coexist. In search of his longed-for peaceful...
Red Dead Redemption II Preferences and Oneshots by we_all_have_secrets_
Red Dead Redemption II Daxton Winchester
Red Dead Redemption 2 preferences and Oneshots (Female Reader) Preferences include: Arthur Dutch Micah Charles Javier Sean Hosea Kieran John Lenny Bill Strauss Sadie T...