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if bell was a saiyan by gogeta_blu
if bell was a saiyanby dripgogeta
this will be a what if bell was saiyan (that's all your getting from me) I am going to off the anime only Danmachi and the characters of danmachi are not my characters a...
Is it wrong to be spartans? by Vbalint0414
Is it wrong to be spartans?by Vbalint0414
What if Bell was a spartan and a half-spirit? Watch his adventure with his brother. Sparta has fallen, but in a small village near the mountains the last spartans live t...
Heavenly Rabbit (Danmachi) by AshanaEmiyo
Heavenly Rabbit (Danmachi)by AshanaEmiyo
Bell was watching the sunset with his Grandfather, His Grandfather asked Bell about "what makes a Hero", Zeus told Bell that if he wants to be a Hero, He needs...
Danmachi: The Revenant by KneeOil
Danmachi: The Revenantby KneeOil
Nothing complex, just Bell with Hit's powers.
Danmachi: Reincarnation of Talent by KneeOil
Danmachi: Reincarnation of Talentby KneeOil
Talent found its next host, a boy who looked as weak as they come. However, hidden by his rabbit like appearance was an adventurer like no other.
Dragon's Sin in the World of Danmachi by DrDedot
Dragon's Sin in the World of DrDedot
(A crossover between the Seven Deadly Sins and Danmachi) Meliodas got sent into the world of Danmachi by the Supreme Deity during his time as the King of Liones, as he s...
Is it wrong for an esper to raid a dungeon? by Accelaratorlevel5
Is it wrong for an esper to raid Albedo
The now currently boared chairman Accelerator one day suddenly wakes up in an strange place filled with different tipes of monsters and people called adventures.
The Demi-God Of Love by SenjuUzamaki
The Demi-God Of Loveby Dragoon 0720
Bell is the son of the Goddess of Love, Kama. Although a god and a mortal, normally can't have a child, similar to Aria, Kama found a way to bypass this restriction.
Bell the Kenpachi of DanMachi (discounted) by spawn999
Bell the Kenpachi of DanMachi ( Yato
In this story Bell will be more stronger and battle hungry will also love and be very over protective of Hestia. Bell will also be more powerful than the gods. I don't o...
[Welcome, Argonaut!] by SenjuUzamaki
[Welcome, Argonaut!]by Dragoon 0720
During the battle against the Red Minotaur, Bell hears an unknown voice telling him to allow the monster to kill him. Bell was hesitant, but decided to try it. Allowing...
Mage of flowers working at the pub by Rox18xx5
Mage of flowers working at the pubby Roxx18
Transported into a mysterious word, the great mage!(troll) Merlin finds himself in the world of danmachi. He saw everything from beginning, from the rise of Argonaut to...
Bell Liones the son of Meliodas  by gogeta_blu
Bell Liones the son of Meliodas by dripgogeta
You know what's going on because of the title so go read it also I don't own danmachi or the seven deadly sins they belong to the amazing people who made them I sometime...
Danmachi Grand Order by SenjuUzamaki
Danmachi Grand Orderby Dragoon 0720
This Story is a Danmachi and Fate crossover. More will be explained in the first chapter. *I took inspiration from the stories.* - The Fated Meeting from @TheWolfsFury14...
Is it Wrong For a Child to be an Adventurer? (Male child reader X mother Hestia) by ChrisReiniger
Is it Wrong For a Child to be an Shadow Nexus
For some the common life is preferable, for others a life full of danger and life-threatening monsters around every new corner is ideal. But (y/n) never got the choice...
Just A Wandering Hero(Danmachi x Izuku Midoriya) by Russelkier
Just A Wandering Hero(Danmachi x Tired Boi
In a world where a phenomenon of human beings possessing supernatural powers called "Quirks". Izuku Midoriya who is a quirkless young boy that dreamed of becom...
The saiyan warrior of orario (Danmachi x op saiyan reader) (RE-WRITE) by Son_Azuki1201
The saiyan warrior of orario ( Azuki the saiyan
Hey everyone, it's me SonAzuki3000, the author of this book, well I accidentally lost my account. So I'm rewriting this using my new account instead. I don't wanna leave...
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The God of Heroes by Lillyoin
The God of Heroesby Maxlilly games
Watch as Bell finally is unsealed and will suprise the world with his powers!
Half-elf reader x danmachi(ON HOLD) by Rox18xx5
Half-elf reader x danmachi(ON HOLD)by Roxx18
Hello i decided to write my first fanfic and the story will be danmachi. The story begins with one young half elf with light green hair arrives in orario. While in orari...
The adventures of the white and crimson rabbit by Vidalsoloko
The adventures of the white and Vidalsoloko
Bell Cranel arrives in Orario after leaving his hometown to become an adventurer, there he saves a crimson red haired goddess, how will his story develop? I do not own t...
Bell in freya familia by BellCranel1234
Bell in freya familiaby Pranav Jarhad
Bell will join the freya familia. He will meet freya before hestia. There will be no Syr. Anya is still in freya familia and ryuu will meet freya instead of syr and also...