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Narrator here, Shinomiya and Shirogane are getting their game onn!! But on the other side This brown hair man arrives at the scene with his head held high and a heart t...
Chosen by the Goddess by Volerious
Chosen by the Goddessby Volerious
Naruto is Madara's Grandson. Madara will start to train him at the age of 5. But a Certain Goddess has set her Eyes on the Kid and wants him to be hers.
The Greek Shinobi Legacy: The Lightning Thief by NarutoWhatIfs576
The Greek Shinobi Legacy: The Ligh...by MadaraRinneganBoi
Naruto is instructed by the Sage of Six Paths to jump to the world of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. How will the gods react to such a powerful new entity? As someone...
Naruto In Marvel Universe {AU} (Completed) by AngelicDemon01
Naruto In Marvel Universe {AU} (Co...by Shweta Shaw
While trying to defeat Kaguya, Naruto is suddenly transported to another world where no one knows Chakra. What would happen if he joins the Avengers? Fanfiction based...
The Faker Spirit (Genderbent Reader x Date a Live) by TrapMaster20
The Faker Spirit (Genderbent Reade...by TrapMaster20
Story Inspired by @Ezkuchan. Y/n L/n is a young man who has enjoyed Fate/Kalied Prisma Illya, but his favorite character was Kuro, Illya's dark doppelgänger. When he get...
Naruto reacts to the multiverse by khaneoshikki
Naruto reacts to the multiverseby Yirai
one night while Naruto and his friends along with others are doing nothing a mysterious and powerful deity appears and takes them to what can only be described as a anci...
Naruto and The Goddess of Chakra by Gamer_Ladd
Naruto and The Goddess of Chakraby Gamer Ladd
What if when Naruto and Sasuke were fighting Kaguya Naruto was sent to a different dimension instead of Sasuke and Kaguya followed. Once Naruto returned from that dimens...
BORUTO -Naruto : Next Generation- x Reader  by BlackJack940
BORUTO -Naruto : Next Generation...by Black Jack
After Kaguya Ootsutsuki was sealed in the time of the Great Ninja war by Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke,in the cave of Kaguya a ball of light came out of the huge flow...
Ayanokouji-kun- What is love? by shadowmonarch325
Ayanokouji-kun- What is love?by 綾小路清隆
Ayanokouji in Shuuchiin, guys. Credits to @Omoshiroi12 for the cover
sakura's three lives  by ArianneAngelJavison
sakura's three lives by Angel Javison
"sakuya my daughter in-law" kaguya spoke. "WHAT!! DAUGHTER IN-LAW ME!!" "HUHHHH!!!????" "SAKURA-CHAN IS YOUR WHAT!!!" what happ...
Class S: Last Elites Standing (COTE x Anime crossover reaction fic) by 0megalOl
Class S: Last Elites Standing (COT...by 200 years
My first reaction fic based on my 1st fic. I'm just doing this for fun to ease my boredom. This reaction features mostly the COTE students as well as the main crossover...
Only a game ⥤Hiatus⥢ by Rui013S
Only a game ⥤Hiatus⥢by Lazyass
[Only a game] [Would you like to open file?] [Yes/No] . . . . . . . . [Yes] --- On hiatus. For how long? Idfk.
Date A Live X Male Reader (Date A One Punch Man) by DiamondHunt61
Date A Live X Male Reader (Date A...by Diamond Hunt
Y/N, the son of the one punch hero Saitama, has teleported to another world after being sucked in by a mysterious portal that appeared. He ended up in a world of Spirits...
Spirit Friend (Date A Live x Male Reader) by undertalecharisk
Spirit Friend (Date A Live x Male...by 星が輝く夜 🌌
(Y/N) (L/N) is a normal highschool boy living his life peacefully in tengu city with his best friend itsuka shido. (Y/N) peaceful life fade as he get involve with supern...
(Shin Godzilla x Kuroinu Crossover) A Kaiju's Redemption  by Omnigoji
(Shin Godzilla x Kuroinu Crossover...by omni godzilla 9000
(warning: contains 18+content, encourage not to read if uncomfortable by this) "I'm sick and tired of this, when will all these humans stop, when will this pain st...
Maybe Ai isn't war (Hayasaka X reader) by obosaeriye
Maybe Ai isn't war (Hayasaka X rea...by obosaeriye
Shirou Tatsuo met Ai Hayasaka ten years ago. Hayasaka promised him that she'll make him confess to her one day. Ten years later the two met for the first time in ten yea...
Shinegan: The Secret is in the Past (Naruto Fanfiction) - ON HOLD by Meara1
Shinegan: The Secret is in the Pas...by MeAra
Sasuke had gone to Orochimaru and Naruto had left Konoha to train. Aira found herself in the possession of Orochimaru where she was the subject to his experiments. It w...
Naruto : Naruto Time Travel Story by Lomon1998
Naruto : Naruto Time Travel Storyby Lomon_RY™
"Aku mengerti, jika ini membantu semua orang, aku akan merasa terhormat untuk mengambil peran itu." kata Naruto sambil tersenyum. Semua Bijuu mendesah mengetah...
Date-a-live: ーSpiritual Kinshipー by Red-woodstorm
Date-a-live: ーSpiritual Kinshipーby Red-and-Storm
Syouji- Shidou's twin brother, has been living with the Itsuka family together after being abandoned by their birth mother. In this world, disasters known as Spatial qu...
For now and Forever by BellaRe11a
For now and Foreverby BellaRe11a
Being put in a team with an arrogant emo, classicist jinchuriki, and a lazy pervert, not to forget that they are overprotective. Sakura always felt like she is being a b...