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History Altered by IHateHeroes
History Alteredby I Hate Heroes
Naruto wasn't supposed to end the way it did. What happens when Naruto gets a sensei who can really teach him things worth while. After all, It's not everyday a Shinobi...
Kaguya's daughter by Nofe0419
Kaguya's daughterby Nofe0419
Nanami Ōtsutsuki is the daughter of Kaguya. But unlike her brothers she has nothing human. In fact, she is the Jūbi's daughter. But Hagoromo and Hamura will never know...
The White Room Dropout by TheHuntsman1001
The White Room Dropoutby TheHuntsman1001
Kaguya Shinomiya was the beloved student council Vice President during her time at Shuuchin Academy. Her friends and fellow student council member all knew about her fam...
The Fate of a Neglected Child by mcity322
The Fate of a Neglected Childby mcity322
The Child of the prophecy, was the child who would either save the world or ruin it. When Minato Namikaze sealed the Kyubi, he was informed of a prophecy. A prophecy tha...
A Hope Filled Light (A Naruto Timetravel Fanfic) by Astin707
A Hope Filled Light (A Naruto Time...by Astin707
*Disclaimer: I don't own the cover photo and naruto. All rights to their owners. A devestating war that ended the world leading three survivors to be sent to the past to...
Abandoned Dragon | Rewrite by Lisa_Knisenko
Abandoned Dragon | Rewriteby Liza_Knisenko
(Rewrite) At a young age, Naruko was abandoned by her parents. Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze. Ever since she was born. The reason was with her look. Her skin was...
Being the Traveler, literally (Date a Live x Destiny 2 fanfiction) by UppaUppaNo
Being the Traveler, literally (Dat...by UppaUppaWOAH
(Two Week Updates) Shut-in lazy(Hard-Working sometimes) Y/N who still lives with his parents, dies of extreme body fatigue but gets reincarnated as The Traveler into a w...
naruto son of kaguya by kthornto79972
naruto son of kaguyaby Kong Thornton
naruto kidnap as a baby by kaguya is raise as the heir of the otsutsuki clan
Chosen by the Goddess by Volerious
Chosen by the Goddessby Volerious
Naruto is Madara's Grandson. Madara will start to train him at the age of 5. But a Certain Goddess has set her Eyes on the Kid and wants him to be hers.
Experiment by Lisa_Knisenko
Experimentby Liza_Knisenko
Naruko been kiddnapped since she was five by Orochimaru. And after 7 years of tutors, she get's free by one failed experiment what turned out right. She wake's up in the...
Class S: Last Elites Standing (COTE x Anime crossover reaction fic) by 0megalOl
Class S: Last Elites Standing (COT...by Shino-chan
My first reaction fic based on my 1st fic. I'm just doing this for fun to ease my boredom. This reaction features mostly the COTE students as well as the main crossover...
Come back to live, but in the past! by Lisa_Knisenko
Come back to live, but in the past!by Liza_Knisenko
After the fourth war shinobi, and before Kaguya Otsutsuki came. Naruto began to caught blood. And for a shock to eryone that Naruto is not he but she! And that real name...
Date a Live: Date a God  by Karl_Krafft_
Date a Live: Date a God by Mercurius
After protecting the world from Hajun for 8000+ years, Tenma Yato, knowed also as Ren Fujii found his death by the hand of the Eastern Expedition. However, instead of di...
Playing Matchmaker (Ai Hayasaka X Male OC) by Deshkaradya
Playing Matchmaker (Ai Hayasaka X...by ACD
Ryota Sagami is the historian of the student council and is the best friend of Miyuki Shirogane. He known about Miyuki secret crush on Kaguya Shinomiya and is determined...
Male Reader x Boruto:Naruto Next Generations by Lowfli
Male Reader x Boruto:Naruto Next G...by Lowfli
The younger twin brother of Boruto Uzumaki enters the scene,talented and hardworking he will have to surf through the difficulties of being a shinobi in this New Era. ==...
Spirit Friend (Date A Live x Male Reader) by undertalecharisk
Spirit Friend (Date A Live x Male...by 星が輝く夜 🌌
(Y/N) (L/N) is a normal highschool boy living his life peacefully in tengu city with his best friend itsuka shido. (Y/N) peaceful life fade as he get involve with supern...
Danmachi: Reincarnation of Talent by KneeOil
Danmachi: Reincarnation of Talentby KneeOil
Talent found its next host, a boy who looked as weak as they come. However, hidden by his rabbit like appearance was an adventurer like no other.
(Shin Godzilla x Kuroinu Crossover) A Kaiju's Redemption  by Omnigoji
(Shin Godzilla x Kuroinu Crossover...by omni godzilla 9000
(warning: contains 18+content, encourage not to read if uncomfortable by this) "I'm sick and tired of this, when will all these humans stop, when will this pain st...
Date A Live X Male Reader (Date A One Punch Man) by DiamondHunt61
Date A Live X Male Reader (Date A...by Diamond Hunt
Y/N, the son of the one punch hero Saitama, has teleported to another world after being sucked in by a mysterious portal that appeared. He ended up in a world of Spirits...
Narrator here, Shinomiya and Shirogane are getting their game onn!! But on the other side This brown hair man arrives at the scene with his head held high and a heart t...