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Saiki in Classroom of the elite. by galexywolfdragon
Saiki in Classroom of the galexy wolf dragon
Saiki wakes up in a strange world with no idea how he got there .He realises that the only school left to apply for is the advanced nurturing high school. When he goes t...
ScaryKouji [Discontinued]  by urat1o
ScaryKouji [Discontinued] by Kabane -kun
What if Ayanokoji always has his scary eyes and dark aura around him. Also he's in Class A cause why not? Author is quite lazy and busy so the updates won't be consisten...
Classroom Of The Elite x Oc by alexkuhar360
Classroom Of The Elite x Ocby Alex
What happens when an American boy who has a passion for reading gets transported to a anime world he knows pretty well. Who knows? All that is for certain is that a new...
Classroom Of The Elite (Cote Reactions Random) by CoteXOverlord
Classroom Of The Elite (Cote DEATHRUN
Random Reactions Give Me Some Ideas In The Comments Please!!! Hope You Like It By The Way - Deja Vu July 11 , 2021 - i just wanna say that this reaction fanfic is f...
He Will Be Mine | Ayanokouji x Fem!OC [Reincarnated in COTE] by Kiyone-Chan
He Will Be Mine | Ayanokouji x AyanoChibi
Miura Yumiko is a girl who never was a able to fall in love with anyone. No one ever excited her. She's a girl capable of great feats and very intellectual. She read the...
AmnesiaKouji Kiyotaka [Classroom Of The Elite] by AnanoDeprituse
AmnesiaKouji Kiyotaka [Classroom
Who am I? Am I a normal High School student? Am I special? Tell me... What is my name?
Ayanokoji's son [Classroom Of The Elite: After Story] by AnanoDeprituse
Ayanokoji's son [Classroom Of
[KAWAII ALERT] Ayanokoji raises up his own son! Living through the struggles of fatherhood, he promises his wife that he will raise up Takeo into a normal person with im...
The True Elites by Rhymar84
The True Elitesby Rhymar
Seven once-in-a-generation talents all apply to ANHS in the same year - rather than placing them all in Class A and having an extremely one-sided year of students, the s...
Gun in COTE by Goosolos
Gun in COTEby Out
Gun from Lookism in Classroom of The Elite
White room : The Reaction by Aisuru_Hana13
White room : The Reactionby 𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓪~ 𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓷
The students of Advance Nurturing High school are suddenly teleported into an unknown location,sort of like a theater, where they see an unknown person in front of them...
Little Demon in ANHS by Azhir__
Little Demon in ANHSby Azhir
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka goes to ANHS at 8 years old under his father orders. I do not own Classroom of the Elite. This is a fan fiction.
COTE REACTS! ReZero: The Mastermind and the Simp by ihatepotatos377
COTE REACTS! ReZero: The potatohater
The COTE cast is reacting the the fanfic: ReZero: The Mastermind and the Simp by: @angle99999. This is happening after the second island exam after they returned to sch...
Narrator here, Shinomiya and Shirogane are getting their game onn!! But on the other side This brown hair man arrives at the scene with his head held high and a heart t...
COTE react to Elite Minus by MCPELuisTuican
COTE react to Elite Minusby MCPELuis Tuican
It was just another day in ANHS. But suddenly everyone was transported in a theater room and before them was a mischevious god who wanted to show them the acts of the mo...
Classroom Of the Elite: Kiyotaka's Class Transfer  by Ren-Kun534
Classroom Of the Elite: Kiyotaka' Ren Kun
It's after the unanimous special class. And also each class S-Points are from That exam. Ayanokouji takes his first step in an all out battle before he will do it he wou...
Kiyopon Can't Communicate! by SadisticPaimon
Kiyopon Can't Communicate!by Writer~Paimon♡
Basically a Kiyopon that refuses to talk unless he deems it necessary. Scenes from the LN altered to fit how I want this story to progress. Will also add my own scenes...
Classroom of the Elite: Prepared by derpycote
Classroom of the Elite: Preparedby derp
After sucessfully passing the first year of his peaceful high school life, a new challenge arose, the second year. After dealing with Hosen and his plan to expel him, hi...
Volume 1 - Top-Tier Character Ayanokōji-kun by juli0os
Volume 1 - Top-Tier Character juli0os
Ayanokōji Kiyotaka, finally wanting to experience a "normal life", decided to escape the White Room with the help of a certain friend. Now free, he attends a r...
Survivor's Oath (COTE x OC) by Mkz274
Survivor's Oath (COTE x OC)by Mts
What would happen if Kiyotaka had an older brother? How would things change if that young man decided that his younger brother should be free? This is the story of Ayan...
Kiyo x Honami by Alex_the_grt
Kiyo x Honamiby HaveDeezNuts
A story(lemon) between Ayanokouji and Ichinose after they got back from the cruise ship.