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COTE- The best detective has to study??? by MaoO0983
COTE- The best detective has to st...by ZzzzzZ
COTE X BS Ranpo in Cote Ranpo best Character 2- #Classroomoftheelite
Pragmatism | Classroom of the Elite X OC by arottenegg
Pragmatism | Classroom of the Elit...by egg
Kira has always been good at masking his true intentions - a skill he learned and honed to avoid prying eyes. Vengeance is a bitter, bitter thing. A thing society frowne...
Kiyotaka in Class B by _ktaka_
Kiyotaka in Class Bby _ktaka_
I'm not good at story descriptions so let's make it quick! Basically it's classroom of the elite but kiyotaka is in class B, same characters different plot and story, an...
COTE: Class Apollyon by OpiumKoji
COTE: Class Apollyonby Opium-san
14 survivors of the 4th generation of the white room have escaped to Advanced Nurturing High School to take upon the challenges they have to face. Will they rise up to...
Schrodinger's Kiyotaka by Teoyaomicqui
Schrodinger's Kiyotakaby CC
One-Shot Book (Mainly dabbles in crossovers) Been around the COTE community for a year or two, reading and lurking within the shadows, and now, I have decided to try my...
To Unfold A Mystery (Hiyori x Kiyotaka Fanfic) by bronoob8998
To Unfold A Mystery (Hiyori x Kiyo...by wong ernest
(This story is set after the events in Volume 9) Hiyori encountered a peculiar book named 'The Classroom of The Elite'. From there, she discovered the story behind her...
Danganronpa V3: of the elite (Season 2 Ongoing)  by master2002gamer
Danganronpa V3: of the elite (Seas...by master 2002gamer
after the island exam in his first year of his new highschool life , our mc kiyotaka wakes up in an abandoned school He came to realize after that , that he was kidnapp...
The Little Devil of the 5th x The Fallen of the 4th by Kiyorisawabakinami
The Little Devil of the 5th x The...by Kiyorisawabakinami
As you guys can see hehe This takes place at the start of Y2V1 Ichika Amasawa along with 2 other White room students are sent to ANHS expel Ayanokouji Kiyotaka. ...
COTE: Reaction by akgszk001
COTE: Reactionby K.A.
a very normal cote reaction fanfic. Takes place after Y2 V4
COTE Re:Start - All for you VOLUME 1 by Darkberserk21
COTE Re:Start - All for you VOLUME...by Darkberserk21
This is a story that is inspired by a lot of fanfictions and this is a KiyoKei centered fanfiction as well. "For the first time since I died I knew I made regrets i...
Ayano the OVERLORD by liekoji
Ayano the OVERLORDby liekoji
-> Ayanokouji Kiyotaka dominates the school from day one. -> He can socialize well too. Plus he does not get pushed around and doesn't care if people know he's ove...
Classroom of the elite: Random Stuff by sjhhghjsgjhs
Classroom of the elite: Random Stu...by sjskhskj
As the title says, this fanfiction is going to be a bunch of random stuff put together. There will be reactions, crossovers and small talks or whatever I write. Nothing'...
White room servant by IbukiSimp
White room servantby Heander
Hayasaka Ai has worked for Kiyotaka Ayanokoji for all her life when he was in the white room, they have been inseparable. Matsuo sends Hayasaka to help Kiyotaka in this...
Classroom of the elite: random one shots by Adolf__rizzler
Classroom of the elite: random one...by Adolf Rizzler
Just some random one shots about your so loved COTE. You can read it if you want. I just want to improve my writing skills and English is not my first language, so it ca...
[Cote] When the flower blooms, the leaf dies by Blanchevide
[Cote] When the flower blooms, the...by Blachevide
Short drama fanfiction in regards to the final fate of Airi Sakura. The Ayanokoji Group, formed by pure coincidence pulled Ayanokoji and his once friends he himself has...
COTE: How Life Should Be by xxJd0txx
COTE: How Life Should Beby Jd0t
In this story Ayanokoji will fulfill his peaceful school life. He will do his best to avoid attention and trouble, however he will not take it easy if someone threatens...
Ayanokoji-kun? You're a Teacher now?! by TypicalXiaoMain
Ayanokoji-kun? You're a Teacher no...by Tsugi
An AU where Ayanokoji was a former student of ANHS, classmates with Sae Chabashira. He suddenly left due to "personal" reasons, but is now coming back, and as...
Cote one-shots by akgszk001
Cote one-shotsby K.A.
a bunch of COTE ideas and one shots I've thought of. irregular updates as this will only be updated when I have an idea.