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Saiki Kusuo and The COTE by HabakiShoukoMandala1
Saiki Kusuo and The COTEby Bach Do
Saiki Kusuo goes to school But this the school called:Advance Nurturing School .
Classroom of the Hatred by briancuong08
Classroom of the Hatredby Honami's Greatest Simp🤗
Sasuke woke up after the battle in Valley of the End. Having no job and money, he later was rented by Ayanokouji's father to keep an eye on his son. Thus, Sasuke attende...
Commissionkoji by Quin-X
Commissionkojiby Quin-X
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka accepts any work as long as its for the right price. You name it stalking, information, suspension, expulsion. He will do it. Most impressive rankings...
COTE: Null Multiverse (Reaction) by NullMage579
COTE: Null Multiverse (Reaction)by BlankSage777
A Reaction Fic to all of my Fanfictions: White Room War Masterpiece And Reaper New Game + Takes place during Y2V4.5 Classroom of the Elite and its characters belong to S...
Classroom Of The Secrets [SLOW UPDATES] by agile678
Classroom Of The Secrets [SLOW Another Weeb
On one day all 2nd year student of Advanced Nurturing High School wakes up and locked in a big classroom. As they try to get out a big screen shows a message to the peop...
ScaryKouji [Discontinued]  by urat1o
ScaryKouji [Discontinued] by Kabane -kun
What if Ayanokoji always has his scary eyes and dark aura around him. Also he's in Class A cause why not? Author is quite lazy and busy so the updates won't be consisten...
Shinzou wo Sasageyo Ayanokouji by MrS_S_AA
Shinzou wo Sasageyo Ayanokoujiby MrS
CoTE X AoT crossover A new world....the same masterpiece New tools and greater enemies. A fight between a metaphorical and literal titan. Things will get messy. Want...
Ayanokoji's Life As A Streamer! by Moonlit_Poem
Ayanokoji's Life As A Streamer!by
Our beloved Ayanokoji Kiyotaka finally gets the dream of his life: freedom! But in a rather unorthodox way... He's been isekai'd! And to our world to booth! Join Ayanok...
COTE: The Quiet One Can Be Dangerous by Weebooguy
COTE: The Quiet One Can Be Weebooguy
Kagurazaka Norogumi is a unique student and slightly different from the others. Is he mentally and physically prepared to fight against the challenges that the school an...
My Reincarnation in Classroom of the Elite (Kiyotaka x OC) by lavenmoon
My Reincarnation in Classroom of lavenmoon
What defines a human? Some people are fortunate to get a happy life while some people are not. When you are numb to emotion, how to get back your emotion? Is it by money...
White room servant by IbukiSimp
White room servantby Heander
Hayasaka Ai has worked for Kiyotaka Ayanokoji for all her life when he was in the white room, they have been inseparable. Matsuo sends Hayasaka to help Kiyotaka in this...
COTE- The best detective has to study??? by MaoO0983
COTE- The best detective has to ZzzzzZ
COTE X BS Ranpo in Cote Ranpo best Character 2- #Classroomoftheelite
Another Like Me - Part I (CoTE x OC) ✔ by Creepsies
Another Like Me - Part I (CoTE x Creepsies
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka. The prodigal genius of the 4th Generation White Room, feared and respected among those who know the extent of his abilities. Will anyone from outsi...
COTE: Ayanokoji Kiyone by HyperSecure123
COTE: Ayanokoji Kiyoneby 123
Instead of only Kiyotaka, there is another masterpiece of the 4th Generation of White Room. Kiyotaka's twin sister Kiyone who looks more like their unknown mother. They...
The True Elites by Rhymar84
The True Elitesby Rhymar
Seven once-in-a-generation talents all apply to ANHS in the same year - rather than placing them all in Class A and having an extremely one-sided year of students, the s...
CLASSROOM OF THE ELITE X QUINTS: Complicated Feelings by ForsakenPrince_
What if the Nakano sisters attend ANHS instead of *what was that school again*? Witness how Ayanokouji will find ways to convince the five sisters who hates studying to...
COTE: I'm just a mob! by whitebear2123
COTE: I'm just a mob!by whitebear2123
Shun Kageyama is a boy that everyone would describe him as ordinary and normal, but is he really an ordinary man?
The Odd One Out by AnimePhysicist
The Odd One Outby Anime Physicist
In this timeline, Ayanokōji Kiyotaka, masterpiece of the White Room, attends Tokyo Advanced Nurturing High School in hopes of living the peaceful life of a normal high s...
Fated to Meet(COTE X Tomodachi Game) [FINISHED] by Jonah1119
Fated to Meet(COTE X Tomodachi Jonah Ervin
Katagiri Yuuichi is moving to the Advanced Nurturing High school where he can finally put his past behind him and live in a rather fancy Highschool. He is overwhelmed w...
The Abyssal Anomalies (Ayanokouji Kiyotaka x Genshin Impact) by GENIUSWRD
The Abyssal Anomalies ( GENIUSWRD
An Ayanokouji Kiyotaka x Genshin Impact crossover. Kiyotaka Ayanokouji is a strange and interesting individual. All that is known about him is his affiliation with the f...