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A Man On A Mission || Classroom Of The Elite  [Completed] by AnkitFTW
A Man On A Mission || Classroom AnkitFTW
" You are being admitted to Class-D, the worst Class of your year. " " If you successfully reach Class-A, you will get freedom for your lifetime " &q...
COTE X OC by Kai-Creator
Mizuhara Kai, a teenage boy who comes from a fairly rich family has been enrolled in one of the most prestigious school of Japan, Advance Nurturing High School (ANHS). H...
Love Trials of the Introverted by UnluckyR0ll
Love Trials of the Introvertedby Unlucky Roll
[Non-Spoilers for anime-onlies. Also I've only read up to Vol 11 so please no spoilers for past that.] A romance story revolving around Suzune and Kiyotaka. You will se...
My elite romantic comedy is wrong, as I expected. by EdisonSerna
My elite romantic comedy is Edison Serna
Hikigaya Hachiman dies in the car accident on the entrance day of Sobu High School, when he wakes up he realizes that he was reincarnated in the world of Classroom of th...
The Elites. (COTE Fanfic) by DeadEyesKun
The Elites. (COTE Fanfic)by D-Rip
(Discontinued) Yes, another COTE fanfic, IDK why I do them but, that doesn't matter. Synopsis: A new special exam was announced for the second years, the details of th...
COTE: I'm just a mob! by whitebear2123
COTE: I'm just a mob!by whitebear2123
Shun Kageyama is a boy that everyone would describe him as ordinary and normal, but is he really an ordinary man?
Rizzkoji: COTE Lemons by CJDGOAT
Rizzkoji: COTE Lemonsby CJ D GOAT
Kiyotaka loves all the women from ANHS and fucks the shit out of a lot them. Some chapters happen in the same timeline, some are random I wanted to write.
Classroom Of The Elite: Horikita x Ayanokouji by SuzuneAyanokouji
Classroom Of The Elite: Horikita Suzune Horikita
This happens after the survival test in inhabited island. Horikita in this fanfic isn't like the LN version, she cares about Kiyo than anyone else. This is not my first...
Horikita Route by SimonDiasanta8
Horikita Routeby Simon Diasanta
Classroom of the Elite standard storyline but with a very heavy emphasis on Romance, specifically to our favorite ice queen. VOLUME 1 END VOLUME 2 IN THE WORKS
GOOD AND EVIL [Classroom Of The Elite x Male Reader] by SenjiMuramasa934
GOOD AND EVIL [Classroom Of The Senji Muramasa
Humans are evil, They just hide that fact and try to be as good as possible. Once those chains are released they will do anything they want, they will destroy whatever t...
I'm possessed in classroom of the elite as... kushida ?!?! by Misterloser890
I'm possessed in classroom of Misterloser890
I lost my account so I rewriting it. title says it all.
Kiyotaka as Female - English Version by CoteAverageFan
Kiyotaka as Female - English Kiyotaka Average Fan
English is not my main language so if I have any grammatical errors please let me know or if you like it is also available in Spanish A few days before entering the ANHS...
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Two Elites in Class D by MasterpieceP
Two Elites in Class Dby 夫楽帝久
Ayanokouji and his younger brother go to ANHS with the permission of their father. This is my first fanfic so I will ty my best to provide you best stories there are sma...
Classroom of the elite: Reacts by Kushi312
Classroom of the elite: Reactsby Kushi
Kiyotaka just finished with the special exam of the island and now is teleported to another world where they will be seeing it from a different perspective. What will th...
COTE: I will rule this School (On Hiatus) by Overflag
COTE: I will rule this School ( Overflag
in this route , Ayanokouji will not be holding back however he wont be using only wits, he will be using force and fear. Respected by His allies , and Feared by his enem...
Savagekouji by FlyDice
Savagekoujiby FlyDice
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka obliterated everything in the white room, and received a special invitation 1 year later. As a curious, bored, and daring savage, how would he react...
Classroom Of The Elite (Anime): Reactions by Rem_Fanatic
Classroom Of The Elite (Anime): Rem_Fanatic
Just your typical reaction fic but this only follows the anime not the Light Novel. All events that happen in the anime are same but wait something has to be different...
Granted a new life. by Yojirro
Granted a new Yojirro
A Classroom of the Elite story. He had a terrible life, but was given an second chance. Will he make the most of it? As Ichinose Hokaru... Will he be the one to warm the...
𝐎𝐛𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 | 𝐇𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐤𝐢𝐭𝐚 𝐱 𝐀𝐲𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐤𝐨𝐮𝐣𝐢 | 𝐂𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐫𝐨𝐨𝐦 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐄𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐞 by Kyouku343
𝐎𝐛𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 | 𝐇𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐤𝐢� Naza Kyouku
But as soon as I tried to walk past her desk, her mouth opened and then closed again. "...Did you say something?" "..." "...I guess not." ...
Classroom of the elite: Autonomy. by i_am_delusional
Classroom of the elite: VeteranNewGuy
"My flaws are the tools for my perfection." Dissatisfied with his state as a blank slate, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka resolves to change during his time in the Advance...