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Motivated to be lazy by pl_obsidian
Motivated to be lazyby Ya hallo
Ayanokouji X Ichinose Adopted by the Sakayanagi family at a young age. Ayanokouji Kiyotaka wants nothing more than to do nothing. While those around him are frustrated w...
Kiyo x Honami by Alex_the_grt
Kiyo x Honamiby HaveDeezNuts
A story(lemon) between Ayanokouji and Ichinose after they got back from the cruise ship.
Kiyotaka Of Class B ( Year 1 ) by GiKaRa_
Kiyotaka Of Class B ( Year 1 )by GiKaRa_
Kiyo x honami ship Since Most of the good Class B Fanfics are on hiatus , And the rest are Delaying updates , I Got Bored and decided to do it myself THE BEST KIYO IN CL...
A Monster's Influence: Route B by HundredBlossoms
A Monster's Influence: Route Bby Scum Fuck Flower Boy
Ayanokouji has obtained his freedom - absolute freedom, that is. Free from his burden, he is able to relax for the first time in his life. However, it doesn't feel right...
Kiyotaka in Class B by Xeraph007
Kiyotaka in Class Bby Xeraph
This fic is something other than any ordinary fanfic about Classroom of the Elite... Be warned. Dives deeper into Ayanokouji Kiyotaka and Ichinose Honami's selves far di...
COTE - The Older Brother (COTE x OC) by Mkz274
COTE - The Older Brother (COTE x O...by Matheus
What would happen if Kiyotaka had an older brother? How would things change, if that young man decided that his younger brother should be free? This is the story of Aya...
The light of my life by Djdudeofficial
The light of my lifeby Djdudeofficial
Hey there everyone this is my first fanfic so go easy on me ..... that aside this an Ayanokoji X Ichinose fanfiction . Judging by the description you can already guess h...
Cote: Lonely Masterpiece [ON HOLD] by KaniiKo
Cote: Lonely Masterpiece [ON HOLD]by Keishiro
This is my first fanfic and will follow the ln but with my sort of twists. As a reminder MC is in Class B Have mercy on the criticism. (Slow Updates due to School) [IM...
Oneshots And What Ifs [Slow Updates] by MochiBear473
Oneshots And What Ifs [Slow Update...by Loli-of-your-life
My first..story (probably) story cover not mine i was just wondering what it feels like to write something sorry if the story is bad
Professor Ayanokoji as the Teacher of Class D by _ktaka_
Professor Ayanokoji as the Teacher...by _ktaka_
Ayanokoji's Father as the Teacher of Class D This takes place at the start of chapter 10 where the class vote was introduced. There will be three routes: Ichika ship Hon...
Disillusioned by Dall-kun
Disillusionedby Dalleux
"Can you help me feel love?" He told her. Can he feel love? Can Honami Ichinose make him fall in love with her? Can she make him feel love? Can Kiyotaka Ayanok...
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka Of Class B [On Hiatus] by ichinoseayano
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka Of Class B [On...by ichinoseayano
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka the sole survivor of the Demonic 4th Generation finishes the tasks he was given in the white room way too early. The white room facility satisfied wit...
The Demon and the 007 - a CoTE Story by KingFabia
The Demon and the 007 - a CoTE Sto...by Fabia
Disclaimer: This is a rewrite of my first CoTE fic, 007 in Class B. Discharged from his job, mystery following him, one Gabriele Fabianelli enrolls in ANHS, following on...
Classroom Of The Elite - Short Stories [On Hiatus] by ichinoseayano
Classroom Of The Elite - Short Sto...by ichinoseayano
Random One Shots And Short Stories of Kiyo with Classroom Of The Elite Waifus.
An idealist and a realist end up in the same class, what happens? by AverageEMIYAenjoyer
An idealist and a realist end up i...by The two time international br...
In the fairytale-like class of class B, there has to be the main antagonist to their unity trust, and wholesomeness. Ayanokouji gets put into class B furthermore He's mu...
This is A story about Kiyotaka Ayanokoji in Classroom of the Elite In where he is place in Class B instead of Class D and also he somewhat does not hide his abilities on...
The Love Deception || Ayanokouji X Ichinose by Exotic_Animator
The Love Deception || Ayanokouji X...by Exotic_Animator
Is Ichinose your favorite girl? Sad about the lack of Kiyotaka-Ichinose moments? Then this fanfic is for you! Takes place in 'Volume 2' when Ichinose asks Ayanokouji to...
Reaction to the anime (COTE) by Jazz0710
Reaction to the anime (COTE)by Jazz0710
The events took place after Y2V4 (The second Island Exam.) I don't own Classroom of the elite
There for Me by Hajime322
There for Meby Hajime
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka. The name alone is enough to make my heart flutter and skip beats. Our journey together didn't truly begin until the start of our second year at Tok...