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Another Like Me - Part I (CoTE x OC) ✔ by Creepsies
Another Like Me - Part I (CoTE x Creepsies
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka. The prodigal genius of the 4th Generation White Room, feared and respected among those who know the extent of his abilities. Will anyone from outsi...
A Man On A Mission || Classroom Of The Elite   by AnkitFTW
A Man On A Mission || Classroom AnkitFTW
" You are being admitted to Class-D, the worst Class of your year. " " If you successfully reach Class-A, you will get freedom for your lifetime " &q...
Identity Dance - Common Route  by UnderHocide
Identity Dance - Common Route by Homicide
Depression, anxiety, loneliness. What would happen to an individual when all these emotions pile up at once for their entire lives? Life is miserable enough, yet they so...
CounselorKoji by ForsakenPrince_
CounselorKojiby Abyssal#0175
A classroom of the elite fanfiction story that revolves around Ayanokouji Kiyotaka, who was the newly assigned school counselor of ANHS instead of being a student based...
Ayanokoji-kun? You're a Teacher now?! by TypicalXiaoMain
Ayanokoji-kun? You're a Teacher Tsugi
An AU where Ayanokoji was a former student of ANHS, classmates with Sae Chabashira. He suddenly left due to "personal" reasons, but is now coming back, and as...
Class D: Young Ayanokouji by timothy_g2
Class D: Young Ayanokoujiby Ayanokoujibro
Young Ayanokouji goes to ANHS all out but due to his age he will not be as op and this is going to be kind of fluffy with maybe some comedy if I can make it funny lmao. ...
What If Kiyotaka Showed His Abilities From The Start? by Aisuru_Hana13
What If Kiyotaka Showed His 𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓪~ 𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓷
After Sensei finished explaining things about this school, all of my classmates were ecstatic,they didn't even find it weird or suspicious that a school would give highs...
COTE: NTRKouji by Enpera-san
COTE: NTRKoujiby Kiyotacchi-kun
Oneshots of Ayanokouji Kiyotaka NTR'ing the shit out of people. Of course, it contains 🍋 ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ This book contain sensitive contents such as strong words, gratui...
Classroom of the Elite: One-Shots by Sqwauzy
Classroom of the Elite: One-Shotsby DeezNutz
Just a dump of ideas I came up with at night.
COTE: Ayanokoji As A Girl (Hiatus) by Ara_kiseki
COTE: Ayanokoji As A Girl (Hiatus)by Ara_kiseki
Congratulations you're reading my first fic! So this will basically be like what the title implies Kiyopon as a girl. There won't be much spoilers on the real novels but...
Annoyingkoji!!  by Quin-X
Annoyingkoji!! by Quin-X
What If Ayanokoji becomes annoying? Find out on how Ayanokoji interacts to other students and how he made their lives upside down. (Ayanokoji x Kushida) ||Most impres...
Re.Mission - Classroom of the Elite (OCxCoTE) by Justin_King242
Re.Mission - Classroom of the Kurapeeka 🐐
Set in an AU. Akira Kawakami, a prodigy with a hatred for the White Room has been assigned with the mission of expelling The 4th Generation's Demon. However, he wants mo...
Classroom of the Elite: Ayanokoji // The One-and-Only Lemon King by Korupt-sama
Classroom of the Elite: Elai Ayanokōji
This contains Lemon with Ayanokoji and Anime Waifus. Some will be from the original "Classroom of the Elite" whilst others will be either a crossover or an OC...
Equals: CoTE x OC by metsuuu
Equals: CoTE x OCby IAmMetsu
The White Room. A secret facility created by an unknown man who goes by the name of Professor Ayanokoji. The white room was created to shape the perfect human being, one...
Tenko x Reader [finished] by kokichispartner
Tenko x Reader [finished]by Nova :)
*They/them pronouns for Y/n* cw: bullying, Kokichi Ouma ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♧~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You're just chilling in the store, buying ramen as you spot a girl with dark-gree...
Tenko, Himiko & Angie Shrine by irlSophieFoster
Tenko, Himiko & Angie Shrineby Tenko lover
No art belongs to me Inspired by OneBigOlGay, go check him out (This was previously called Tenko Shrine, so the first 18 parts have revolved around her or a ship with he...
Chiaki Matsushita x Oc by Sparky_boy31
Chiaki Matsushita x Ocby Sparky_boy31
Reul Fire, a student that just entered to the the Koudo Ikusei school, where a war between classes would start as soon as he starts school, not only he will have friends...
Tenko x ?? by arieswuzhere
Tenko x ??by #1 amelia euler kisser
this is just Tenko x anyone you want oh and i mean anyone.
Danganronpa 1, 2, and 3 oneshots by _toxicsmoke_
Danganronpa 1, 2, and 3 oneshotsby 🦋Kas🦋
Hello! Requests are open! Fluff🌸 Angst🥀 Lime🍊 NO LEMONS!!
SaiShira trash by bisaishiras
SaiShira trashby bisaishiras
saishira trash bc im trash for it