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The Vault Dweller of 76 In The Dungeons by Berserkarcher
The Vault Dweller of 76 In The Dun...by Whitearcher24 Lor
Y/N from vault 76 is transported to a world of gods, magic, and mythical monster's that don't exist in his world. The nuke he sent to the cranberry plans to fight the Sc...
Fate's Blades in Orario (DANMACHI x SENJI MURAMASA) by Drunken_Crow
Fate's Blades in Orario (DANMACHI...by Unknown_Narrator
A mysterious Blacksmith from legends has returned to modern time as a not a normal Spirit that is known... He is the Heroic Spirit: Muramasa Senji. Muramasa is a Familia...
Is it right to rip in the dungeon?  by TediousBison
Is it right to rip in the dungeon? by Tedi
A little ripper finds themself in the dungeon of Orario. How will they go about the city outside and the people who inhabit it. Will the people they meet change them or...
Danmachi Grand Order by SenjuUzamaki
Danmachi Grand Orderby Dragoon 0720
This Story is a Danmachi and Fate crossover. More will be explained in the first chapter. *I took inspiration from the stories.* - The Fated Meeting from @TheWolfsFury14...
Is it wrong for slimes to be in dungeons? (revised) by NNNNNNEE
Is it wrong for slimes to be in du...by My goals are beyond your unde...
(spoiler warnings for vol 12 of the lightnovel for Tensei slime) Danmachi x TSSDK A country loses its king, and another gains a final boss. Having died in the war with...
Minecraft in Orario [Danmachi x Minecraft OC] by -Lord_of_Tuna-
Minecraft in Orario [Danmachi x Mi...by -Shadow_Monarch-
A Teenager who love playing minecraft end up transfered to World of Danmachi as Steve with the ability of Minecraft such as crafting, enchanting, brewing and more! Not o...
The Flash (Danmachi x OC) by Sora_Flashing12
The Flash (Danmachi x OC)by S0ARING
Sora Yatagami was a former member of Zeus Familia. When the Zeus Familia was wiped out by the black dragon, Sora decided to find a new Familia to join. Sora promise Zeus...
Half-elf reader x danmachi(ON HOLD) by Rox18xx5
Half-elf reader x danmachi(ON HOLD)by Roxx18
Hello i decided to write my first fanfic and the story will be danmachi. The story begins with one young half elf with light green hair arrives in orario. While in orari...
The last of them by AshanTrueDragonGod
The last of themby Deimos_Phobos
He lost everything to the damn lizard his friends, his family and his goddess he swore to avenge them and to bring his goddess the head of this damned being and he did...
Danmachi: Bell Cranel adventurer extraordinaire! by emilemil865
Danmachi: Bell Cranel adventurer e...by emil emil
Some guy reincarnates into Bell Cranell Body before he joined Hestia. what will he do? something fun hopefully.
[DanMachi/Percy Jackson] Prytaneum by bookwormjohnny2
[DanMachi/Percy Jackson] Prytaneumby bookwormjohnny2
Summary: At the end of the Second Titanomachy, Percy found Hope to be in short supply. With Kronos unstopped, his friends dead or dying, and the gods falling one by one...
Overwhelming Moon (Danmachi X OC) by HirokuEmiyo
Overwhelming Moon (Danmachi X OC)by HirokuEmiyo
A traditional isekai story, A Boy who died from a accident, Being given a second chance in a world full of wonders, His One time luck that brought him to new levels, A p...
A Survivor's life in the dungeon (A Danmachi Fanfic.) by TheManCandy
A Survivor's life in the dungeon (...by The Man Candy
Witness the journey of a man who lost everything, as he dives in the dungeon for strength and power. will he succumb to the dangers that he'll face, or will he persevere...
A hound in the dungeon by TediousBison
A hound in the dungeonby Tedi
The Great Beast. All of which are known throughout Orario. What happens when one adventurer of a familia who is all dead but him returns to Orario. A familiar hound who...
Danmachi The Trickster's First Child by YQJZJK
Danmachi The Trickster's First Chi...by SomeRandomDude
It's well known that Finn Deimne was the Goddess Loki's first child but what if she had another child before she met Finn? All characters aside from my OC's belong to Fu...
Is It Wrong For An Orca To Be In A Dungeon? by OrerionAki
Is It Wrong For An Orca To Be In A...by Kanrisha
A soul of a boy who has amnesia wakes up in the body of a Girl after meeting a deity Updates: Whenever Best Rankings: #1 in Amid- July 5, 2022 #1 in Skadi- August 15, 20...
Mage of flowers working at the pub by Rox18xx5
Mage of flowers working at the pubby Roxx18
Transported into a mysterious word, the great mage!(troll) Merlin finds himself in the world of danmachi. He saw everything from beginning, from the rise of Argonaut to...
Reincarnated In Danmachi For No Reason  by taildex
Reincarnated In Danmachi For No Re...by taildex
So a person from our world was reincarnated into the world of danmachi with some cheat abilities and some item ten years before cannon. After traveling for ten years he...
The Rabbit of the Moon Goddess by SecondOnlyreader
The Rabbit of the Moon Goddessby SecondOnlyreader
Artemis a goddess known for hating men no matter it be a child or elderly, but what if our red eyed rabbit met this man hating goddess first before Hestia what will chan...