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  • Loving Her Soul [Book 1 of Loving Her Trilogy]
    200K 4.8K 52

    Ruhee loves traveling. She can go wherever she wants and explore the world. No one tells her what to do. She decides for herself and she's been independent for two years. No parents. No friends. No pets. No permanent home. A nobody. Joachim loves partying . A medical technology student who lives alone in a big house...

  • Loving Her Again [Book 2 of Loving Her Trilogy]
    6.1K 218 7

    It doesn't feel right. Everything he does appears to be for show. His instinct is telling him that "something's not right." However, what could it be? He is unsure about where to begin. Where do I look? Even his question is unclear to him. The only thing he is certain of is that he longs for it.