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  • Not How Your Stories End
    21.8K 425 16

    He had been through so much. He had survived abandonment, pirate attacks, and life as a rebel. They weren't losing him to this. AKA: A sickfic I started over a year ago and should finally do something with Cover Art by me - check out my art blog mrntanksart on tumblr and @mrntanks on instagram

  • Hadestown
    100 4 1

    I took the Musical Hadestown and turned it into a novel/poem version. It's told more like a fairytale then a novel. I own very little of this as many of the lines, and all of the characters do not belong to me.

  • Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Future of Mandalore
    77.4K 1.4K 65

    Some Sabezra moments. It's been years since the Empire destroy Chopper base. Kanan and Ezra trained much more than before. Hera was promoted to the leader of the Phoenix squadron. Zeb is talking with Kallus all the time and Sabine was ready to fight for her clan

  • Endings are New Beginnings
    3.5K 105 3

    **MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE SERIES FINALE OF STAR WARS REBELS** Sabine has followed up some leads over the years about Ezra, but everything only ever turns up to be a wild loth cat chase. Rebuilding Lothal and fighting the Empire hasn't given her much time to do a full out search for her old friend, but after the Empire...

  • Hogwarts Rebels
    25K 1K 48

    Sabine and Ezra are the children of Hera and Kanan who adopted them when their parents were killed by a Death Eater. Zeb is known as their older brother, and he's already done his years at Hogwarts. They also have a family cat called Chopper. Sabine and Ezra find themselves facing danger, adventure and magic in their...

  • A New Chance, A New Start (SWR)
    70.9K 1.9K 28

    Modern AU! Kanan sighed as he was ready to get off his shift at the police station, when a beat up kid came in with a social worker. He sat down on the bench and sighed, "Uh, four homes in a row." He raised an eyebrow, "Is that a record or do you just really suck at your job?" The women closed her eyes in annoyance b...

  • Finding Humanity
    3.9M 242K 92

    After escaping a stalled elevator into a zombie apocalypse, Emily must learn how to trust people again or risk losing everything in this terrifying world. ***** For Emily, every day of the last two years have been a blur. She keeps her head down, t...

  • The Ghost Crew
    108K 2.1K 124

    These are one-shots that include both fanfics and just random things. There is a lot of torture. Mostly to Ezra because I love him. Read A/N in the beginning of every chapter to understand each story. There will be shipping, family bonding, torture, thoughts and predictions, and of course badass Jedi powers. Long liv...

  • The Walking Dead- The Beginning of the End Of Life
    17 2 1

    This story is about a girl that witness the beginning of the zombie apocylispe. This also a one-shot story.

  • The Walking Dead-True Love
    9 1 1

    This one-shot story shows an act of true love between Carl and Jenna. Read the one-shot to learn how.