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[MTL] Hera's Modern Life ✔ by LazyPatti0_0
[MTL] Hera's Modern Life ✔by 𝓟𝓪𝓽𝓽𝓲
Note: I do not own this Novel. Please don't vote, For Offline Purposes Only. Happy Reading~♥ *** Novel Summary Suddenly I was the Goddess of the world. One month before...
How to Reform a Rake (Myths Finding Love #3) COMPLETED! by AerithSage
How to Reform a Rake (Myths Findin...by Alyssa Urbano
[Zeus x Hera] (Note: Rake is an old term for player) For thousands of years, the Queen of the Gods has put up with her philandering, arrogant, conceited and uncaring hus...
Star Wars Rebels - SabEzra [EzraxSabine One-Shots] by JayNorton
Star Wars Rebels - SabEzra [EzraxS...by Jay Norton
One-Shots between Sabine and Ezra, from Star Wars Rebels. -Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars- Cover art by: Meldy-Arts
Percy Jackson, Son of Hades by FireSpiritDeagle
Percy Jackson, Son of Hadesby FireSpiritDeagle
Instead of having a childhood with the angel like mother Sally Jackson, what if Percy had an abusive orphaned one, until found out by the only left out son of Kronos in...
Done Hurting by yan_2x
Done Hurtingby yan_2x
"Hera please let's talk about this." pleaded Zeus "No. I HATE YOU ZEUS!!" said Hera with a tone of anger and hurt Hera is done waiting to be loved a...
Broken Beyond Repair by Valton7
Broken Beyond Repairby Valeria Lankevich
"I have a wish." Percy Jackson announced to the Gods of Olympus, some nodded and some smiled and some just had a poker face *cough* Zeus *cough*. "Only as...
Pership by TidalMoon2003
Pershipby Tidal Moon2003
A collection of one-shots of romance between Percy and goddesses. Written by none other than your friendly, neighbourhood fanfic author, TidalMoon2003. ;) Review your pa...
The adopted daughter by percyOlympians657
The adopted daughterby percyOlympians657
After Hades found newborn Percy in a trash, he had grown attached to her. Treated her like royalty, he'd do anything to protect her. Percy loves her adoptive father too...
Redemption: One More Chance at Love by starkmatriarch
Redemption: One More Chance at Loveby M. Stark
Hera, the Goddess of Marriage and Queen of the Gods. She was tired of getting revenge on the mortals. Tired of her husband cheating on her. As Goddess of Marriage she is...
The New Olympian  by Primordial-Miky9
The New Olympian by Primordial- Miky9
After the war against Kronos, Percy Jackson learn things from Annabeth that will leave him betrayed... Percy becomes a god, not a minor one ... a major god ,the fifteent...
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Percy Jackson- The Cursed Hero by Darkgamer08
Percy Jackson- The Cursed Heroby Lucifer Morningstar
At the end of the battle of Manhattan, Percy kills Luke, thus destroying Kronos. But while fading , Kronos uses the last of his powers to curse the hero who ruined his...
Fading by kampsy
Fadingby Kampamba Mwamba
Queen Hera is fading and the gods are panicking
The Fates' Wish - The Greek Gods by LukeCastellan1986
The Fates' Wish - The Greek Godsby LukeCastellan1986
The gods and demigods read Percy Jackson and the greek gods Do read! PERCY JACKSON IS OWNED BY RICK RIORDAN Enjoy and comment
The Forbidden Child by Flyingthestral
The Forbidden Childby Flyingthestral
Hera's patience had broken. Disturbed at her husband's infidelity , she sires a demigod child of her own. But neither she nor the Olympians know about the prophecy kept...
Hera and Ezra One-Shots by ilovedolphins101
Hera and Ezra One-Shotsby BLUB
The title says it all!! I do not own SWR!!!
Demigods go to hogwarts by Sir_Ravenclawking
Demigods go to hogwartsby Samuel Prosser
[Completed] This takes place after the Deathly Hallows and after the Giant War. Nobody important dies, thankfully, nobody at Hogwarts is a demigod or demigoddess that...
Hades and Persephone by Aluratherogue
Hades and Persephoneby Lorna B
Highest Rankings: #1 in Demeter #6 in Myths #3 in Greek Mythology Hades always loved his sister, Demeter. And when she became pregnant he was the one support she had. Wh...
The Queen's Curse by euphyrys
The Queen's Curseby AC
The Queen's Curse by @euphyrys A Greek Mythology Story Previously known as Through Golden Blood ••• The Queen of the gods never imagined that this was the sort of life...
Star Wars Rebels -  SabEzra 2 [EzraxSabine One-Shots] by JayNorton
Star Wars Rebels - SabEzra 2 [Ezr...by Jay Norton
Second SabEzra One-Shot book. -! Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars !- Cover made by: Myself Sabine and Ezra /SabEzra Art by: Meldy Arts
Defixio by fangirllockian
Defixioby Bryn Dodson
Zeus and Hera are fighting. . . Again. . . Zeus has made it with a lady. . . Not his wife. . . Only this time, he pissed off the wrong father. . . who would later piss...