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  • The Old Family
    263K 14.6K 33

    BOOK 4 'Tricks and Thorns, A Desert Storm...' A Sequel to the successful #DAWNseries Book 4 in the saga. Follow our favourite couple, the goddess of life and her husband, the god of death, as they traverse through an even darker and more twisted path than they've ever set foot on before. With long shadows cast by anci...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tales from the Dawn Myths
    154K 6.9K 61

    Warning- do NOT read this book if you haven't read book 1, 2 and 3 of the Dawn series. SPOILERS AHEAD From utterly amusing hunting trips to ancient and saucy Greek myths and even a dash of steamy 'what-ifs'? This is a series of one-shots centered around all our favourite Dawn characters! Strap in and whirl around Gree...

  • The Dawn of Light
    154K 10.6K 48

    (Book 5 in the #DawnSeries) A gift of light, The laden of sight... Theia, the goddess of light and daughter of Thanatos and Aurora, is unwittingly pulled into a weave of myth, monsters and magic as she travels to a dystopian earth to unravel a travesty long forgotten and ignored by the gods of Greek myth. With the hel...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thanatos: The White Dawn
    1.1M 61.8K 66

    (Book 3 in the #dawnseries) *COMPLETED* The time for the ascension is near... After months of tireless training, a handful of harrowing experiences and quite a number of unexpected surprises, Aurora Venerelli is finally reaching the end of her time as a mortal. Alongside her new found lover, the Greek god of Death, Au...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thanatos: The Blue Dawn
    1.2M 65.6K 55

    *COMPLETED* (Book #2 in the DAWN series) #19 in Fantasy Aurora Venerelli, the new goddess-to-be in Olympus, has overcome quite a few difficulties on the rocky-road to deity-ship; with an assassination attempt on her life, betrayal around every corner, haunting nightmares from a dead goddess and not to mention having...

  • Thanatos : The Red Dawn
    1.9M 94.9K 58

    ((A Wattpad featured story)) *COMPLETED* #1 in Fantasy (Book #1 in the DAWN series) #greekmythology The Red Dawn has come. Death is upon us... Or rather upon small-town girl, Aurora Venerelli and when we say 'upon', we mean right on top of her. This young beautie's life is turned upside down- or right side up- when...

    Completed   Mature