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  • Howls of the Crescent Warriors
    58 9 2

    A hidden face, The start of a phase. Meeting of two mates, With a twist of fate. Let the trails begin.... The last Lunar Phase gave birth to first ever king and queen of the Warriors. Their pack named the Crescent Warriors. One of the greatest in all. But after their sudden disappearance, it was unclear what to do. Bu...

  • When The Sun Goes Down - A Midnight Mafia Novel
    23.2M 970K 64

    ----- In serious need of revision! ----- Wanna-be journalist Kate Santoro would do anything for the scoop. Anything. Including finding her way into an underground club exclusive to only those in the Genovese mafia and the beautiful women they employee. What could be more perfect? She would stick to the shadows, snap...

    Completed   Mature
  • 3.2.1 • VKook
    3.7K 153 6

    "Shoot him." Him? He's young. He's handsome. He's rich. He's the heir to the biggest company in Seoul. And people would kill to be in his position. His boyfriend? He was sent to do just that. **This ff is purely fiction from my own imagination, plagiarism is strictly forbidden.

  • Found • Vkook
    257 19 10

    17 year old kim Taehyung, goes to the prestigious vampire high school " Critzen" Taehyung was only recently turned into a vampire, by someone he can't remember, and so is still new there. He is a shy but energetic teenager. He's always happy, well he always looks happy. Nobody knows about his dark past.. and he doesn...

  • last night. taegguk
    241K 20.6K 20

    kim taehyung is the big mystery that jeon jeongguk is trying to solve © zorry 2016

    Completed   Mature
  • Ask Amy (Viral, #1) ✔
    4.8M 423K 64

    BLACK MIRROR meets PRETTY LITTLE LIARS in this multimedia thriller where an anonymous advice website gets hacked and the dark origins of the site start to come to light. (shortlisted for the 2017 wattys, #1 in mystery/thriller)

  • 20 Poems to your subconscious....
    11.2K 614 20

    Poems that shout out words of truth to our subconscious.

  • Loving Jungkook.
    227K 12.9K 42

    "Dear Jeon Jungkook, I love you. " ?Love is a dangerous chess game of who can win the other heart first. Add fake dating,secrets, and you'll get what it's like loving Jungkook.? Completed •✔. Unedited • ✖️. WROTE THIS BOOK WHEN I WAS VERY YOUNG SO THIS WHOLE BOOK IS A MESS :/ Cover: @baekyoomin

    Completed   Mature
  • Bangtan Family 2 (COMPLETE)
    46.1K 1.6K 83

    Hellooo everyone this is a sequel to the funny book I wrote before; 'If BTS was a family'. For the characters of the story, well they're still the same: Yoongi oppa as the grandpa (Jin's dad), Jin oppa as the eomma, Rapmon oppa as the appa, and the rest of the members as the kids of the NamJin couple. So it's gonna be...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Secret (Watty Award Winner) | ✔️
    8.5M 355K 54

    *This story is an unedited first draft. THANK YOU, Wattpad, for the HQ Love Watty Award! Concept: A mysterious young woman flees from her troubled past only to discover it is impossible to escape THE SECRET that haunts her. *PLEASE NOTE: This story was originally inspired by the movie "Sleeping With the Enemy". ...

  • Percy Jackson Jokes!
    4.7M 238K 203

    Random Percy Jackson jokes

  • Queen of Thieves
    5.6M 312K 61

    A tale in which a thief with a double life grudgingly becomes a hero. ➳ Liana Mason has a life anyone would envy. Nobody suspects that the once orphaned girl grew up to be the city's notorious vigilante. She has been fine walking on the edge of morality for much of her life, but when an assassin arrives in her city sh...

  • Expiration Date (Books 1 and 2)
    23.5M 1.1M 173

    Now a digital pilot for SYFY The Society knows when we're going to die. They imprint it on our arms at birth. I was supposed to die yesterday. I'm the girl who's Expired. Winner of the 2020 Readers Choice Awards Cover by @Forcade

  • My Beloved Cat || VKook
    115K 5.2K 27

    Taehyung always want a housemate/friend or someone you can play with when you're bored,so his parents give him one when his birthday arrived. "A-a cat?" "His name is Jeon Jungkook"

  • MOONLIGHT OR SUNSHINE {vkook and jikook vmin}
    47 4 1

    A DEMIGOD AU Being the son of Hades and a messenger Jungkook keeps stumbling from camp to camp (Jupiter and Half blood). Things are turning bad, Olympians are becoming weak since they are shifting again from Empire States building to who knows where. This time when he reached Camp Jupiter, maidens of Artemis were th...

  • alien° || + j.jk
    144K 8.4K 22

    An ageless and nameless alien crash-lands in the mountains of Seoul. Searching for a way back home, he wanders around the city and unintentionally ends up saving a male student. The alien learns about love, friendship and what it means to be a human. *** Based on Hi! School : Love On CC: @ycwnzn [Highest Rank #392 in...

  • Red Mist (Naruto FanFic)
    304K 14.5K 21

    [Book One] "I'm proud of who I am. A thief, a lone traveler who never stops running. Just watch me, I will fight and survive, for me and by myself." Akai is not a shinobi. She's just a travelling mercenary with no destination. Okay... 'mercenary' is just the kind way to call her... She's also a thief. Merely just for...

  • insults nd sarcasm
    450K 12.8K 141

    For all those people out there ( me ) who has some certain people that they HATE a lot. This is the book for you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED: This book is just ideas of insult and sarcasm, not to really insult you. Ps: don't kill me

  • A Wonderful Fortuitous Love
    3.9M 113K 67

    "You see, Draco Malfoy, without your sarcastic replies to endure each morning and that arrogance only you could carry, I find myself somewhat missing you." Draco thought the biggest problem living for a year under the same roof as Hermione Granger was the probability of them killing each other. He never thought it wou...