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  • [1] New Beginnings: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and the Philosopher's Stone
    353K 13.1K 31

    [1] New Beginnings: WARNING!! Story is technically complete but I started editing literally years ago then never finished so the beginning's a little funky! Percy Jackson was adopted at the age of seven by the nastiest family in the world: the Dursleys. He met Harry Potter, the most wonderful person in the entire univ...

  • I'm Not What I Seem [COMPLETED]
    179K 4.8K 44

    My name is Clary Morgenstern. I'm sixteen years old and have been living with my dad ever since my parents divorced. After six years of moving from place to place we're back in New York. Only I'm not an innocent ten year old girl anymore. I have scars. I have my ghosts. And above all--I have my secrets. I was hoping...

  • Clace love
    56.4K 1K 25

    This is the story of Clace after COHF. What will happen when all the OTPs end up in one New York Institute? Find out here. ( I'm really bad at summaries so sorry. PS I don't own all of these characters)

  • The Mortal Instruments: The Knife of True Love
    76.2K 1.8K 22

    A drunk Jace and a broken-hearted Clary. She runs away only to go back because her life if threatened, and didn't even know it. Will she be able to stand the site of Jace after that night. Or what if someone messes her life up again then turns into a blood bath?

  • Red: A Clace Fanfic
    109K 3.2K 13

    What would happen if Jace proposed to Clary? What if Clary showed Jace Star Wars? Of course, she can't help but take Jace to feed the ducks in Hyde park. Full of fluff and ducks, this is a clace fanfic, after CoHF. Thankyou for reading!! Characters and world belong to Cassandra Clare :)

    69.5K 1.6K 15

    Clary is one of the best Shadowhunters of her generation. Suddenly three other shadow hunters appear in the area. Izzy, Alec and Jace come to the institute and Jace seems to like Clary a lot, but her dad doesn't like Jace at all and he will do anything to get Jace and the others to leave. But what if there's more magi...