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  • Forbidden Fruits
    541 29 3

    "Just because it's forbidden doesn't mean I'm going to stop." •WARNING• |MATURE CONTENT| All characters and events in this story are FICTIONAL. Any references concerning real people is completely coincidental.

  • Serial Lover ❤️💔
    93 0 1

    Most people think that the perfect woman doesn't exist in the world , there's always a flaw that requires compromise and adjustments. The Perfect woman just wasn't out there...Or was she ? Arizona Heathe was that perfect woman. Every man that ever crossed her path would attest to it just with a glance. The perfect bod...

  • A Mutually-Assured Attraction
    537 107 40

    We accept the love we think we deserve, but with Double Temptations what we think may not be what we deserve. A headstrong CEO, trapped in the past, unable and unwilling to open her heart. A charming pro-baseball player, ready to risk it all for the woman he wants. A young Brazilian girl, trying to progress and mend h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Covers By Tune
    490 18 8

  • Running The Streets
    120K 8.4K 38

    Sammad Khatri was more than just your neighborhood dealer, he had people eating from the palm of his hands but everything wasn't as perfect as it seems. An heir to the then powerful Indian Mafia, Sammad was born to turn heads and demanded respect. But before he could make a move everything was taken from him from his...

  • Ghost
    5.1K 236 9

    They say old flames die fast. Giselle Lathen aka Gee. Shes been a problem child since her first words but always a hustler. Now fresh out of prison after serving 5 years. Shes just restarting her life but grief waits for no one. After finding her mother dead from a heroin OD and losing the one just she held for so lon...

  • The kid next door
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    Mom for the last time I'm 17. I don't need a babysitter, I'm not a little kid anymore and the boy next door is bad news and I can't stand him.

  • Ain't No Love For A Hitta (SAMPLE)
    410 23 4

    Who is Olivia "Mink" Phillips? That's what everyone is dying to know. The Brick City-bred vixen has many caught at a whim, trying to figure out if she's the suburban wife-to-be or the spitting image of her father- the notorious, Prophet Phillips. Little do they know, they'll find out soon enough. After the ultimate b...

  • Stephon's Short Stories
    149 5 16

    ~ An entire book written by yours truly , filled with my amazing imagination written into story form ~ *There will also be ideas submitted from friends // fans that I will write about so dm me if you would like me to write a story based on a topic you choose , let me know 🤞🏽💜*

  • Forever
    10.4K 385 10

    Attached: Sequel ❗️ Book # 2

  • Attached
    368K 10.8K 34

    Will her high school bully become her lover ? Must read !! Slow updates !! Very interesting !!

    595K 22.1K 60

    Reign didn't have any friends except her sister and that was barely. She had been bullied all of her life and it got worse whe she started highschool. The one boy she like never payed her attention or even noticed her. She had always dreamed of dating him but that dream was crushed when he started dating her bully. Sh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Goodbye Elijah Hayes (A Short Story)
    19K 1.2K 8

    Angela Richards is on her way home from attending a friend's Bridal Shower in Houston. When she misses her flight she ends up running into her high school sweetheart, sports agent, Elijah Hayes. Can Angela finally forgive him and close that chapter of her life? This is a short story about their encounter. © 2016 D.S...

  • THE REPAIR (Vampires)
    213 14 5

    Restoring what was once destroyed.

  • What Best Friends Do In The Dark
    1.5K 1 1

    When weed to good and thing get a little complicated

  • Stealing his heart (Dave East)
    175K 4.5K 30

    I'm not really good at this it's my first time ever doing this so read and tell me wat u think

  • The Other Woman [Completed]
    200K 9.2K 41

    Magnolia Sage Eugene. A YouTuber, Security Guard, and a fiancé. Magnolia Sage moved to Oregon with her fiancé, Silas Aaron Tate, A professional mechanical. Silas love Magnolia. Like icing on a cake, that's how they love was. But Silas had other secrets. Silas wasn't who he say he is. He had another fiancé. (Read to...

  • The Blind Eye
    232K 2.7K 6

    Zahara Jenkins came from a background of a hippie mother and father. She learned the strictness of life, but most of her life consisted of being in a total bliss and not being too aware of her surroundings- always turning a blind eye to her responsibilities. But what happens when she just can't turn a blind eye to the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Keeping Patience
    27.6K 1.1K 23

    Sequel to Losing Patience! This time, with their teenage kids.

  • A Bronx Tale
    378K 22.6K 24

    Book 3 of the Girl Next Door series. Ja'lynn and Jakobi are now all grown up.. The 3rd generation.

  • Loose Ends: The Trilogy
    11.1K 462 13

    This is the 3rd installment to Out of My League and A Test of Loyalty

  • Baby Sitter.
    87.1K 3.3K 25

    Ariana Fletcher & Da Baby.

  • Love Of my life
    25.2K 776 10

    Sequal of My brothers Best friend.

  • Imprisoned [BOOK 2]
    30.5K 1.4K 6

    ***PRIVATE CHAPTERS / MATURE CONTENT FOR MATURE READERS*** Faith Marie Smith , A very intelligent and innocent young lady until a misunderstood incident happened one late Missouri night. She was only trying to protect herself but it was taken the wrong way which now landed her into prison. Now she's in here with a in...

  • The Man She Married
    104K 5.3K 24

    Love, it makes you do crazy things. What would you do if you found out your husband was cheating on you? Would you leave or stay? A woman tries to desperately save her marriage, even if that means sacrificing her own happiness. This is...The Man She Married.

    Completed   Mature
  • Fixed (Slow Updates)
    3.2K 137 6

    "True love stories, never have endings" China Hood is a 19 year old girl, who is battling with so mush personal and family issues. She always put people before herself and never thinks of the side effects. With her Aunts new upcoming health issues. She decided to take up her aunts job, to add a little extra help arou...

  • Love Recovery: New Beginnings
    2.9K 136 11

    Songwriter Christopher Maurice Brown has been in a fatal car accident that could've been the determination of his life and career as an R&B sensation. After losing his long-term girlfriend, friends, and gigs he also lost what mattered the most, his motives his reasonings. Chris has temporarily resided in a clinical re...