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  • Remember Me!
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    Jannet was known as that shy introverted girl; some went as far as calling her rude and arrogant. Even though she looked normal on the outside, she spent her whole life struggling with facial blindness. She was a young adult and thought that maybe she had gone through that depressive phase of her teenage years, when l...

  • Shimmering Love [Renamed as Captivating Illusions]
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    [ Wattys 2018 Winner ] They were stories waiting to happen, They were tales wanting to be told; They were buds yet to blossom, They were events about to unfold. (Detailed summary and blurb inside) ___________ It took my breath away. I'm rendered speechless - ananti19 It is worth more than the 20$ I can pay for it as a...

  • The MomenT
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    Assalamalaikum my strawberries.. Here's my new book on moments. Awkward Embarrassing Irritating Annoying Face flushing Head smacking Brain hammering Etc. etc. Feel free to point out errors. Suggestions are truly welcome. Luv u ol Zii☆

  • From Behind Bars, with Love.
    220K 27.3K 50

    BEFORE BARS Hameeda just like every other teenager loved school and wanted to become a Lawyer. Everything changed when her step father approached her with a Proposal. A proposal that subjected a teenager to the cruel world of matrimonial hardship. BEHIND BARS Omar decision to wed his beautiful fiancee was shattere...

  • Scene of a Evening in December
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    I love december.. <3

  • I~Me~Myself
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    I know its not an outstanding poem ... but thiz iz me..............

  • Acceptance: A Nigerian Love Story
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    He grew up in Nigeria She grew up in Saudi Arabia She's an open book He has a closed heart She hates complicated things He doesn't even know what is complicated and what's not. She's a chatterbox and she's fascinated by the fact that he doesn't get mouth odour from his extreme silence. Or is she just too noisy t...

  • Her Choice: Love Or Death? {COMING SOON}
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    #553 in General Fiction (11/12/2016) In the serenity of the lawn outside her home, an avid painter Naina smears colours on canvas as she listens to the radio with her earphones plugged into her mobile. One fine day, the fresh voice of RJ Shyam springs to life over the radio, grabbing her attention with his mesmerizing...

  • An Intricate Web Of Love {COMING SOON}
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    That evening at a few minutes before 5pm, the four of them were on their way to the Ooty Lake. Arvind was going to be honest and express his love for Sandhya. Vasundhara was going to meet her husband who loved her so much, yet she could not remember him. Vinay was going to propose to Vasundhara, who he had met for...

  • Their Hidden Hearts {COMING SOON}
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    #599 in General Fiction (11/12/2016) When Vijay and Mithra meet, they are surprised to find that they have a mutual disinterest towards their marriage. They have their reasons against the concept of love or marriage and they respect each other's reasons. Realizing that they might not find understanding spouses like ea...

  • Love's Complicated Ways {COMING SOON}
    1.7K 148 2

    #321 in General Fiction (11/12/2016) * Sequel to Love's Strange Ways - you need to read that book first * One year into their perfect marriage, Vishal and Shreya seemed to be a perfect couple. They were happy, their marriage was filled with love and laughter and their relationship seemed to be getting better and bette...

  • Can Their Friendship Last Forever? [On Hold]
    9.8K 1K 15

    #111 in General Fiction (11/12/2016) Ajay and Priya have been best friends since childhood. As they grow up, their bond of friendship grows as well. However people around them mistake them to be a couple in love. They find their respective partners but to their dismay, their partners too suspect their friendship. For...

  • Love's Strange Ways *COMPLETED*
    132K 7.8K 28

    #34 in General Fiction (17/08/2016) An unmarried guy in his mid-twenties, Vishal leads a carefree happy-go-lucky life shuttling between his work, his social life with his friends and colleagues, and his empty apartment to which he returns at the end of every day. But unlike most other guys his age, Vishal wishes to h...

  • Seconds *COMPLETED*
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    #19 in Mystery / Thriller (11/12/2016) Daniel meets Tiara, the perfect girl; he was mesmerized by her beauty. But she had a baby in her arms and she was blind. In search of her husband Darien who had gone missing, Tiara soon lands in Daniel's house and befriends his family and his fiancée, Narissa. Darien, oh how Tia...

  • Trigger {COMING SOON}
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    Does true love actually exist? Does true love ever end? He loved her. She loved him. She realized his love. He realized her fate. He wanted to extinguish the love she had for him. She wanted to prove the love he had for her. Her heart was firm in her own love. But is it bound to be broken to a point of no return? His...

  • Book I: My Muslim Man | COMPLETED
    382K 24.5K 57

    #1 in #muslim 12 Aug, 2021 #4 in #islam 29 May, 2021 #7 in #Allah 4 May, 2021 #8 in spiritual 15,16,17 September 2016 Thanks for stopping on my story! :D No, this is not a boy marries girl, girl marries boy cliché story... I promise there's more! I've put all my thought and...

  • Who is Anisa Haque?
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    Anisa is young woman in her 20s with an insatiable love for cheesy popcorn, George Clooney and solving mysteries. When her best friend Maryam gets engaged to be married, Anisa finds her perfect world falling apart. Before she can fix it, she has to help a dysfunctional family survive through an earth shattering crisis...

  • Not Just An Ordinary Family
    105K 9K 63

    #7 in General Fiction (11/12/2016) Shiva and Shalini were the perfect couple. Unfortunately, their closest friends Narain and Anuradha would never get along with each other. Seven years later, their lives have changed drastically. Shiva and Shalini have a six year old daughter named Nila. Narain and Anuradha have st...

  • The Life Changer. #Wattys2016
    2.8K 302 23

    Ordinary people, typical life. When fate brings two DIFFERENT souls near, what's the outcome, love OR fight? Find out right here! P.S Story might have some strong language and/or mature content so age restriction 13+ is advised. ALL rights are reserved to the Author. The story is purely FICTIONAL and an outcome of IM...

  • Straight Path
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    Words of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

  • Through The Dark (Al-Ameen Family #1)- An Islamic Love Story
    359K 15.8K 31

    Safiyana Al-Ameen comes from a big family- A family of power, wealth and honour. She comes from a long line of Emirati businessmen and being the only daughter of her father's, she has a responsibility to uphold. Ayaan Zafar also comes from a big family. A family of power, wealth and honour. His father is a rich Britis...

  • Unpredictable Love
    263K 11.1K 53

    Ніgнеşт гапкеd - #1 іп simpLiciтY (20-09-2018) #7 іп sргітuaL (01-02-2018) #13 іп sргітuaL (13-06-2017) On one side there is 25 years old Aanisa Yusuf Sheikh, a successful, independent, smart, religious, and yet a beautiful girl, who lost her parents 10 years back . She now lives with her bade abbu and badi ammi(His f...

  • A Muslim's Romantic Journey
    17M 348K 82

    As a Muslim girl, marriage is one of Safia's biggest dreams. All her life she kept herself pure for her faith and her future husband. Although having never had experienced love, and occasionally doubting whether she will, Safia feels herself growing impatient being single. She then sends her family to search for 'the...

  • A Journey with the Devil Himself
    312K 25.9K 40

    Rania and Maaz. Two people who can't even stand in the same room without bickering every two seconds. But what happens when one mistake leads to both of them on an insane journey across Australia in hopes of going back home or to the destination they were supposed to be at. When more than a few complications occur t...

  • The Perks of Having a Nikah (A Muslim Love Story) *BEING EDITED*
    1.1M 32.8K 36

    Eighteen year old Yasmeen is a Muslimah enjoying her last year of high school with her two best friends. She expects her senior year to be boring and torturing like the past three years were. Especially due to the fact that she's been wearing the niqab and tormented in school for it since last year. What's a niqabi to...

  • His Muslim Maid
    1.6M 66.8K 41

    |• H i g h e s t R a n k i n g #1 in Spiritual •| They didn't agree on much. In fact, they didn't agree on anything. They fought all the time and challenged each other every day. But despite their differences, they had one important thing in common. They were crazy about each other. "I thought you said, I wasn't your...

  • Definitely Not Interested
    375K 27.5K 27

    Being a high school Muslim hijabi was already a lot to deal with but add a crazy life and it gets all too messy. Trust me Malak is a badass girl that doesn't take shit from nobody but there was only one person who got under her skin. Amir Khalid. Wherever she went they would always butt heads. She despised him and his...

  • The Billionaire and The Niqabi
    1.2M 85.6K 63

    -UNEDITED- | IBRAHIM BOOK I | Iqraam Ibrahim; a billionaire who had it all. A loving family, money, fame, an empire and was living his dream as a CEO and Racer. He felt that he was 'Content.' And that 'Content' changed to something more when he met a certain niqabi. She became his Assistant and with a little (okay al...

  • The Glimpse.
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    To Be... a glimpse of hope which love may be the only escape

  • The Hijabi & The Jock
    447K 16.9K 21

    She is at the top of her class. He is at the bottom. She is a good girl, who can be bad sometimes. He is a bad boy, who can be good sometimes. She desperately wants something. He has what she wants. Maryam Abdul agrees to tutor the infamous, egotistical Jock, Jesse Owens. So, he can stay on the soccer team and ge...