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  • on my honor | zutara | modern bending au
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    It's said that Fire Lord Ozai is gracious and benevolent, inviting the young royals, nobles, and leaders of the Four Nations to attend school at the Fire Nation's most distinguished Royal Academy. Very few imagine that he has deceitful intentions. Crown Prince Zuko is wary of the new arrivals at first. Going directly...

  • Zutara Oneshots
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    A collection of my Zutara oneshots, also found on Ao3. Fire and water. Push and pull. Opposites that always attract. **The cover art is not mine; I scoured the internet so that I could find a proper source to credit to, but I couldn't find it :/// If anyone can let me know whose this is, I'd super appreciate it!

  • in my head
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    a series of my own flash fiction, featuring the fantastical ideas and stories in my head. all stories and songs are my own, and all rights are reserved. thank you for your continual support.

  • Remedy | Zelink Modern AU
    25.9K 763 8

    When Zelda's dumped yet again by her longtime boyfriend, Ganondorf Dragmire, she finally decides that enough is enough. She's done with him, once and for all. On top of the heartache and pain she feels from the loss of Ganondorf, she comes down with a terrible fever. Who better to nurse her back to health but her best...

  • Paper Love | Zelink Medieval
    10.3K 577 7

    She's fragile and delicate, but she always puts on a brave face, ready to face the world all on her own. The eyes of the world are on her, yet they don't understand the pain she bears nor can they see it. All she's ever desired is someone perfect, and she's to marry the man who embodies everything she's ever wanted...

  • Lost Girls | Zelink High School AU
    9.9K 719 14

    ***MOMENTARY HIATUS*** There was once a ballerina who lived in a music box... There was once a girl who built all these walls up around her to keep her safe... Even after both the ballerina and the girl shatter the boundaries that hold them captive, they need to remain strong... Yet somehow... With the help of family ...

  • Fighters | Zelink Dystopia
    58.2K 3.2K 29

    "Ganondorf Dragmire - the tyrant that usurped the Hyrulean throne from the Lost Royal Family seventeen years ago; the cruel dictator that has had his troops terrorize small villages and drag villagers to his arena, in the outskirts of Hyrule Castle, for roughly ten years; the twisted ruler that's forced his citizens t...

  • My Internet Love | Zelink Modern AU
    28.5K 1K 9

    Zelda, your regular high school student with two very different identities: There's Zelda Harkinian - an average high school student in orchestra with barely any friends... And then there's "Princess-Faye" - a huge fan of the Hylian Fighters movie series, an amazing artist that posts her work online and has gotten a f...

  • Being Brave | Hey | Zelink High School AU
    34K 553 11

    ***MOMENTARY HIATUS*** Castle Town is wild, and so are the gangs that inhabit it. With different conspiracies and schemes running rampant, Zelda Haiden finds herself caught up in the center of it all. She is forced to examine her life to decide what's more important: the happiness of others or her own. Just her luck...

  • Scars of a Caged Bird | Zelink Medieval
    74.7K 2.5K 22

    Link grew up his whole life believing that he was the Prince of the Gerudo. His whole life changes, however, when he is put in charge of deciding a young - very important - woman's fate. [[NOW COMPLETE]] 12/15/15 ----- 01/19/17 All rights go to Nintendo, and all rights on the plot go to me. I also own my own original...

  • Zelink Oneshots
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    Zelink Oneshots Requests and prompts are accepted! PM or comment on my requests page to do so :)))

  • Zelink Week 2017 [Drabbles and Oneshots]
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    Zelink Week 2017!!!! Drabbles and Oneshots! January 8, 2017 ------> The Beat of Your Heart January 9, 2017 -------> Discourse January 10, 2017 --------> The Breath of the Wild January 11, 2016 ----------> Hazardous January 12, 2017 ----------> With You Jan...