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  • Tolkien reader inserts/one shots
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    So here begins my collection of Tolkien one shots! Feel free to send in requests! I will write for: *Thorin Oakenshield *Thranduil *Fili *Kili *Bofur *Dwalin *Bard *Lindir *Haldir *Legolas *The Fellowship *Eowyn *Faramir I do not own any of the Hobbit/LOTR characters. They are the property of J.R.R. Tolkien!

  • Dwarvish
    48.7K 492 22

    Khazdul words, phrases , and assortments translated into english..there is even blessings and prayers that have been translated from Khazdul into english. Ps. There is some mature usage in one beware

  • Hobbit / LotR One Shots
    440K 12K 68

    One shots featuring the characters from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings!!!!!!!!

  • A Willing Heart
    159K 6K 27

    Aleanna always thought she was just a seamstress living in a small town south of Erebor. But when Thorin Oakenshield sweeps through town searching for work after Erebor's fall, she knows it's not the first time she's seen him. Nor would it be her last. ***This story was inspired by the scenes of young Thorin working...

  • Daughter of Beorn: The Hobbit Fanfiction
    400K 15K 55

    ~ The sequel to "Daughter of Beorn" has been released! Check it out! It's called "The Skin-Changer Prophecy." ~ Gandalf looked down at the small child partially hidden behind the skin-changer's legs. Her green eyes sparkled as she tossed a small pebble at the stranger's feet before giggling. The mischevious little one...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Bow To No One
    145K 4.9K 32

    In the most unlikely of places love begins to blossom... The calloused man and the rebellious young girl. Could this be any more cliché? Perhaps if you throw a few dwarves, a hobbit, and a wizard into the mix you might find yourself in the middle of an epic romance.

  • The Last of Her Kind (hobbit fanfic)
    109K 3.9K 13

    "Once there were many... Now, there is only me." Beorn's eyes held a shadow of sorrow and loss beneath them. "I might not be so sure of that." *** The Skin-changers were once a proud people who lived in the Misty Mountains. That was before the orcs invaded. All were either killed or enslaved for sport. All but Beorn d...