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  • (Book 2) Cyber Pack (A Percy Jackson and Avengers Crossover)
    220K 9.9K 20

    Book 2 of Wolf Avenger Series Percy--the wolf dog--spent the time before 1970 wallowing for his missing friend. However days after May 29, his friend Howard Stark (and current owner of his wolf form) brought home a squirmy, fragile looking thing wrapped in blue. That thing just so happened to be Anthony Stark who Perc...

  • A Hero for Middle Earth(Percy Jackson/LOTR Crossover)
    5.1K 151 3

    Middle Earth is in trouble, big trouble. Sauron has arisen, and he's raised a huge army to conquer all of Middle Earth. There is no chance of victory for the free peoples of Middle Earth, so Olympus sends help. Middle Earth will never be the same. This is not my story! It was originally written by TheDragon12 on fanfi...

  • Percy Jackson/Lord of the rings crossover
    3.3K 35 3

    The first ever Percy Jackson lord of the rings crossover. In this Percy is in lord of the rings time. by crossoverdude.